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Covert Cadavers Empty Covert Cadavers

Fri May 06, 2022 10:58 am
Foot Fetish

Karro awoke in his bed and stared at his ceiling, he still wasn’t the best in the village and that fact annoyed him. So he got out of bed and went to the mirror which measuring tape next to it so he could see if he had grown at all since yesterday. He hadn’t, which made his mood so much better. “Stupid genetics, why couldn’t my parents be taller.” Karro grumbled to himself as he got ready for the day, as much as he would love to sit in his room and scheme of ways of growing taller and bigger in general he knew that if he wanted to someday become the Kage he would need to be stronger and make a name for himself so off to the mission board for him.

The mission board was housed in a building on the other side of the village from Karro’s home and it was a walk that annoyed Karro daily but it was one that he did otherwise how else would he become the best Shinobi. Arriving in the building he made his way to the E-rank missions as he had plans to knock out a bunch of them quickly today. Then tomorrow he would focus on doing missions of his rank and so on and so forth till he rose through the ranks. There were quite of missions that seemed perfect for Karro but the first one was about some possible front for the black market stealing cadavers under the guise of a massage parlor. He was suppose to go investigate and just return with any information he was able to find. “Great sounds like a stake out type mission.” Karro grumbled to himself as he took the slip and made his way to where the business was suppose to be.

It didn’t take him long to arrive there and once he had gotten to the business he passed it a few time from as many angles as possible while playing the part of a snobby kid just looking around like he owned the world. A very natural part for Karro to play if he said so himself. So far he hadn’t seen anyone enter the place but he had watched some vehicles leave the establishment from the back. That was a curious bit of information so he threw on his kid face and went into the building acting as if he had no clue what the place was. “Hey do you guys sell food in here?” Karro said to the receptionist in front. The receptionist looked at the young boy in front of him and scoffed, “No we don’t kid we do massages here no place for a kid.” The man said and looked back down at his paperwork. “Massages? Oh is this one of those places that mom always yells at dad about?” Karro said with an innocent look.
The receptionist had to hold back a laugh at that as they already could picture what type of massages the mother had been talking about, “No kid we do legitimate massages here, Your father wouldn’t like this place.” He explained as he waved the kid away. “Can I get a massage then I have this much ryo?” Karro asked putting his measly amount of ryo on the counter. “With that amount you would get a 2 minute massage but we don’t take kids as our clients little one, come back with your parents if you want one.” The receptionist said as he waved Karro out of the building.

Karro left defeated but while he had been playing his part of oblivious child holding back the snide comments he had about being called little he noticed that there wasn’t anyone else in there and the place was silent for a business on the main street. “Well isn’t that peculiar to say the least.” The young shinobi smiled. No business, no clients, no sounds of talking not even music being played while people relaxed. Just one man in the front who hardly looked like someone who chose to be a receptionist for a living. Karro needed to see what was in these vehicles and he went about that by finding a way close to the back entrance, here he waited till he saw some men come out the back holding a large bundle covered in white looking similar to a body bag. “Got ya.” Karro thought to himself as he waited for them to leave and headed back to report his findings.

Once he had let the people know about his findings he was given his Ryo and sent on his way, having provided a satisfactory report and information.

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Covert Cadavers Empty Re: Covert Cadavers

Fri May 06, 2022 3:21 pm
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