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Sat Apr 30, 2022 3:03 pm
Search and Destroy...?

The day was nearly over, for some. Unknowing to Katsuragi a series of events that happened in the past few days paved way to chaos and discord. But you know what they always say, chaos breeds opportunity. Katsuragi was seen traversing the tattered trails, far from Tanbogakure. He finally got a chance to leave that rural place, however, he knows his time away would be brief. He met an alley that could aid him in his travels. A man in his profession would need allies if he were to make it to the top. The days of lone wolves were over. Everything was just, too connected to avoid rattling the cage to the point everyone would come knocking at your door. Then what, you versus everyone with an authority capable of anything. But, to Katsuragi’s delight, this was all progress. A foot in the right direction, with a head held high.

As he walked the path, he noticed wheel tread marls on the dirt road. The went in almost every direction. He couldnt make out how many wagons, or people traveled in this area. He notices the many sets of foot prints that accompanied the tread marks. “What the hell happened here?”, he sight veered off to the broken wagon near by. He immediately forms a single hand, activating his Mind’s Eye of Kagura jutsu. His senses expanded out and beyond, locating everything within his max range. 

Katsuragi's attire consisted of a thin black polyester jacket, which underneath he wore a solid sleeveless navy blue shirt. His belt, designer's choice, had a MK emblem as a buckle. The pants he wore were a fresh pair of black stretch jeans. His boots on his feet also being solid black of a leather material with an emblem labeled "EU", it's made of metal stitched to the tongue of the boots. His hair, still vivid, was a solid dark purple. His hair would have went in contrast with his pale skin, however, his arms torso and hands bore a mural of mostly assorted prison tattoos; all black ink in color. He himself stood at a height of 6'2 feet with a thin frame. His tools and such were all assorted evenly along his attire, given no hint to their whereabouts yet allowed him easy access with a little bit of technique.

He located a group of three, heading to his location. His fists clench upon getting this info.

He picked a hell of a day to travel out of the village, his luck. Nevertheless, Katsuragi wouldnt back down. Although alone, he was not the same as before. His arsenal of jutsu was alot more stranger then it was back then. Judging by the chakra levels, thry didnt pose that much of a threat. He then sees the trio make their way around the curve up ahead, advancing on Katsuragi’s postion. They sauntered, in a way that was familiar. Who ever they were, katsuragi knew one thing, they were affilated not with shinobi but with a crime family.

“You there, where are you from? Talk! ”, one of the trio stated. The trio were all dressed in robes, yet all carried katanas. Normally an average person would suspect them of being shinobi, understandable of course. But hang around both shinobi factions and crime lord syndicate settings, one would notice the different. It was faint, but once you figures it out, it comes as clear as day. It was like the difference between dogs and wolves. 

He holds his ground, noticing the more he stayed quiet, the more their hands got closer tobthe hilts of the blades, resting against their respective waists. Jumpy, no? 

“Nah man, just passing through. That tanbo man, life is a bit too slow there. One of the trio sucked his teeth, not believing an ounce of what Katsuragi said. 

“Ha! You from tanbo? You don’t look it...”, he said while grabbing his hilt.

“You dont sound like it either...”, another grabs his hilt.

“You know what I think..., I think this guy is a merc, hired by the Hashimotos to get us!!

“Nooo, you mean a dead merc, that made clearing out these parts easier, for us!”, the third finally grips his own hilt. 

Katsuragi then spreads his legs out a but to widen his stands, shooting forth a charged punch towards the foe in the middle of the trio. A fist sized shot of chakra was fired, heading right for the middle one. However, the two on the otherside were already on the move, flanking Katsuragi on both sides a they approached him. No matter, Katsuragi had dealt with this before. Instinctively, he raises his right leg upwards, while bring back his right arm to his side. He then slams it on the ground, causing a quake. He successfully pulls off not only halting their advancment with the shaker jutsu, but sends the two flying upwards. 

“Didn’t forget about me did you...”, the sound from the third hencemen was all too close for comfrot. However, Katsuragiwas mindful of this, due to his Mind eyes of kagura still in play. As he brought his right arm down, with a bit of slight of hand with both arms, two iron knuckles shot out from each of his sleeves. The problem solvers, and boy was there a problem to be solved. The third henchmen is within striking distance, with his sword held high above his head, the yip pointing towards the sky. Katsuragi tucked his left arm bsvk against his left side while jolting forward with his right arm once more. He strikes with enough speed to beat the downward swing. He slams the iron knuckled against the attackers chest, sending him backa few feet.

However, his sense would go off, alerting him that one of the trio was towards his right 45 degrees. “Ha! So you’re a righty, I guess we will take that arm of yours!”, he is seen running towards him with speed. The sword was held as if it were a lance, ready to pierce katsuragi in the mid section. On a dime, full of frustration, he transforms both his arms into mochi. The substance engulfed both his arms, taking on a bigger size, but also floeing extra chakra into to toughen it to take the assult. Which it did.

As he collided katsuragi, he not only noticed that his foe was much weaker as he hinself bare moved and inch, but also noticed he was alone. The rest of the trio was back a few meters, observing what had happened. The merc turned out to not be so much of an easy prey to handle. 

“Incho! Get back here! We’re leaving! Lucky for his lone foe, he didnt make contact with the mochi so he was stuck. He eventually managed to escape with the rest of the group. Katsuragi watched as the katana stuck in his atm slowly drooped to the ground with a bit of mochi substance. His arms reverted back to normal, with Katsuragi wondering how the fight would go if it lasted a bit longer. 

“Damn, these boys know how to fight. And who the fuck is Hashimoto too?”, Katsuragi then decided to follow them. He runs towards the group, keeping a bit of distance in between to avoid tipping then off. They fucked with the wrong hustler from quarter town!

Katsuragi was now well on his way, hot on his previous attacker’s trail. His chase has taken a bit more timw then expected. He had no clue where they were going, or even where he was goin either. Their base? Backup? Who knew, but his rage consumed him, his need for payback was all too great to ignore. He sure was glad he had his mind eye of kagura technique. Without it, he’d be lost in the unknown parts of the rice country. He wasnt even on the dirt road any more, so following foot prints would have been off the table. 

Coming along a path, atill following the chakra signatures, he comes to a brief hault! A trail about half a meter long is made from his feet digging into the earth. He was suprised he didnt make a trench; but that was the least of his problems now. He now stands, cauht off guard by two individuals, armed and ready. Their chakra signatures non exsistant.

“You see! I told you they were around here..., a few of them made it out of the attack”, the brute on the left said. He stands tall, armored as if he was a gladiator, with a symbol on his visiable bare left shoulder. He holds a bludgeon weapon in his right hand by the hilt, resting the business end in top of his right shoulder. Katsuragi is confused how he didnt pick them up?

“Confused, you little Zukumiki punk? We suppressed our chakra so we could find you. Although, if I had my way, i’d sent the dogs after you. Buuut, you cant always get what you want~ Plus, Tino over here doesnt like dogs, so I didnt want to hear his bitchin”, he finishes with a laugh, his bulky friend leers over to him with a deadpan face. The dog lover was dressed in robes, similar to the trio Katsuragi met in his last encounter. The only difference was the insigna, which matched the brute’s own.

Katsuragi’s arms tensed, from shoulders to fists. Zukumiki, hashimoto..., it all became clear now. He was caught in between a gang war, and what was worse, Kasuragi had no backup. “Ight, chill. I aint no Zukumiki or a Hashimoko...”

“Hashimoto..., and yeah, you dont sound like it.  Or look it...”, the dog lover retorted. Katsuragi rolls his eyes, he’d already been through this roast. These country folk were being to wear down what little patience he had. He needed to get out if here.

“Look, Im just here to give those punks up the way some payback. They jumped me!” 

“Ya ya, and how were you going to find them? Much less track them? You a tracker?”, the dig lover asked. The brute took note of this too. It would explain how one lone person would be traveling around this area, at his speed.

“Wait...”, the brute was beginning to think that maybe he ran into members of the Zukumiki, which would explain how he knew about them. But grew weary upon further thoughts about him being a merc for higher. Outside help to help turn the tied.

After a few glaces towards his brute partner, the dog lover cuts in. “We’re waiting, what are you thinking we should do? We should ta-

“Take him with us...”, despite his size he didnt quite the classic brute stereotype. He actually thought out a plan on how to deal with this. Taking in Katsuragi would yeild a postive result in the end either way. If he was working for the zukumiki, they could torture him for information. The setup they were based from was not too far from here. If Katsuragi really wanted to help, they could hire him to track down the rest if the refugees who ran from the fight. On the other hand, if the trio was indeed in fact zukumiki or hashimoto, they could hold Katsuragi responsible either way.

“If you can, track, the trio who attacked you we would very much like that. We need to know what they know. Might even make it worth your while too with a bit of coin”, the brute gestured towards Katsuragi to follow them.

Katsuragi’s mind’s eye of kagura was still active, he could see the fading chakra signatures. Was there a limited range to his technique. Katsuragi wasnt all too familiar with all his techniques; some but not all. He feared losing them due to the hold up, and in a heated passion, he summoned a considerable amount of chakra within his gut, only to expell out a thick cloud of mists which almost immediately covered the area in a blinding smog. 

The duo panicked, trying to make out everything, as well to try and find Katsuragi. But they were unsuccessful, katsuragi managed to make it out and keep the trio within his radar. He hit a road bump, but managed to recover. He was now hot on trail to get some much needed revenge. The coughs of the duo faded out upon the distance made between them and katsuragi. “Fuck all that, I gotta go!”, he yelled.

Moments later, hot on the trail once again, he noticed the chakra IDs getting closer. It was the trio, and some. One after another, he noticed othet IDs light up on his radar. Was this, their camp? He slows down, finally coming to a complete stop. Now, in a kneeled position, he carfully makes his way towards the souce of it all. Peaking through a hedge, roughly his size, he see’s quite a few of them. ‘Fuck! If I had made it to then earlier they wouldnt have gotten this far and made it back to base’

Their camp seemed mobile friendly, no large tents, or sturdy lodges. Just a few thugs and some artillery. He examines the fireworks, wondering what they were going to do with it. The men seemed as if they were restless, on the run. Thinking back to what th brute and the dog lover said, maybe these people were in fact involved in the shoot out. But none of that was important now, he was still in rampage mode but stuck all the same. There were way too many people to fight all by himself, he doubt he could even take out the trio before dealing with the rest. He shakes his gead with frustration. What was he to do...

He takes a few steps back, his breathing was getting heavier. His jutsu he used to track the trio all the way here, the fight againt the trio, and all the running was starting to take it’s toll. He first deactivated the jutsu, returning his senses to normal. He felt a bit better, but still fealt unease about the situation. He then looked around, till the noise from the chatting men stopped. He takes a peak through the bush once again. There was a well dressed man, three piece violet suit to be exact. Katsuragi kind of liked the swag, but didnt much care for wearing suits himself. He was a leather jacket man.

“Alright listen up, the assault on the Hashimoto warehouse went up in flames. I’ll admit, the planning was a bit off. Some of you weren’t doing your jobs. Some of you punks were even caught waiting behind the bushes just to see what was gonna happen. BUT, from a cup half full point of view. Dismay, is good”, katsuragi widened his eyes while listening. Some back up would have been nice right about now. 

“It’s as they always say, from chaos comes opportunity. The Hashimoto family wont get their shipment of drugs with all these heat. They can’t do business and fight a war at the same time, they just cant. So yeah we lost a bit  of men, but, we started something that we will finish. They dont belong here! The Zukumiki Family will destroy them and send them packin!”, the crowd erupts in a roar. What little of then remained didnt matter, their inner flame of determination rekindled. They were now on a war path.

“Dont worry...”, the man in the violet suit grips hus custom katanna in his right hand, raising both hands. He reveals his new information before the mass, joyest of the wonderful news. “We are expanding! We’ve made connects with suppliers in the black market, we have big time legit business owners from Tanzaku Town ready fund us just for the sake if having a hand in the criminal underworld, and we even have a contact in the leaf ready to set us up with intel. Hell can you imagine that, our own scripter! We finally can get the jump on the contracts before any of the shinobi. Of course for the right price, but lets face it we all are for sale...”, he erupts in a evil laugh. “Man, when the boss hears the news of what i’ve done, ill be given a higher position”, it was as if katsuragi said before. The difference between shinobi and criminal’s were vague, but in the end wolves arent the same as dogs.

Katsuragi, taking in all this information, he rethinks his motive. This was what he wanted, not to join a gang, but to make connections. Enough connections to set him up nice and pretty in the underworld. With a connect like this, he could get all the product he’d ever need. 


Katsuragi’s body froze, the could of the crossbow being cocked back was all too familiar to him. Single shot, short frame, and it was aimed at the back of his head. “Get up, now...”, doing as he told he was rushed towards the Zukumiki speaker. As he was guided around the hedge, his hands were held up high. His captor making sure his hands were in his sight at all times. “Look boss, we got us a peeper. He must be with the hashimoto family. But he looks, strange. He doesnt look like he’s from Tanbogakure. Hell, I dont even know anyone who dresses like this” The man in violet turns towards Katsuragi, his attire catching his attention.

“Hmm, well my friend, that’s cause you dont get out... but yeah he doesnt look it” the man in violet said while adjusting his own tie 

“Yeah, I get that alot...”

“Doesnt sound like it too. You sound like the folk in Tanzaku Town. Yep! The accent is pretty thick. Oh why oh why is a citizen of quarter town out here in these parts?”

He stands still, with both his hands still in the air. “Because..., I wanna make money. I move product, sell it, I do it all. The racket you guys are in, yall are in level one. I could take your game to a whole new level...”

“Ha, you Tanzaku folk are all the same, just love making deals. I think, once we both sit down and have a nice little chat of just whobthe fuck you are, I might have the perfect way you can help the Zakumiki...”, but suddenly the infamous trio from before interjects just as the man behind katsuragi lowers his crossbow down to his own waist.

“But boss, that’s the man who attacked us before!”, they said in unison. “Well, that’s a pity...”, 

Katsuragi’s heart races, knowing full well if something wasnt done right now, he’d be killed on the spot. Moving his arms down, he uses slieght of hand, to place a kunai in his hand. The kunsi was attached with a explodive tag that was lit the moment he grabbed the hilt of the kunai. He then flung it towards the crowd, naturally the crowd moved, due tobthe fact tgat what was near them were the assortments of fireworks. The kunai stuck itself into one, only to blow up the fireworks. One by one, they launched into the sky, lighting up the area with brilliant colors. 

“What the..., oh I see”, the man in violet scurries off without word. Moments later, the scene was in chaos. The men tried to control the eeupting fireworks by disconnecting the fuses, but amongst the chaos another party took advantage of the opportunity.

“Hashimoto!”, yelled one of the Zukumiki. The scene was rushed with members of the Hashimoto family. Katsuragi, running off to the side to avoid the attack, noticed the duo from before. The two could fight, one by one they slaughtered the zukumiki members. It was a blood bath.

After most of the commotion died down, Katsuragi soon found himself at the mercy of the duo once again. “Well well well! Look here, it’s the guy from before. Im guessing it was you who set off those fireworks?” 

“I didnt like the mist you caused back there, we were roaming blind for quite some time”, he stands tall infront of katsuragi. His arms crossed over his chest with a pissed off demeanor. Katauragi nodded first, admitting to the first claim, “yeah, I guess i needed some back up. I was wrong. But, what I found out, yall gonna wanna hear this. This, Zukumiki family they are expanding. They got more turf, more reach, and new connections in the fire country”, he pauses to give the duo time to take this in.

“Damn, we figured they were up to something. We got enemies there man. It’s where the Hashimoto family came from. It makes sense, the enemy of you enemy is your friend right?”

The brute nodded, “well, you still standing here means you want something. What is it?”

Katsuragi stepped up the brute, “I want, you to pay me! You know, for leading you here to the spot. And second, I wanna meet your boss...”

The dog lover was taken back a bit, “wait what, you wanna join the family? You dont seem the type to follow orders”, the brute even agreed with this. What could this guy be up to, he wondered. He knew for sure he wouldnt be able to join tbe family, too much of a wild card from first impressions. But, it didnt mean he wouldnt want to hear what yhe little runt would have to say. Waiting to hear a response, he gathers the funds from his own collection. They would have never found the group without running into Katsuragi.

“Naw, im the type that’s about making money”, Katsuragi stated bluntly.

Word Count: 3621, Action Points: 30 + 72(due to maxed stats bonus), 9000 ryo
1500 wc for this
1000 wc for this
500 wc for this
500 wc for this(For B rank version)
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