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Baruga Ryoinsatsu
Baruga Ryoinsatsu
Stat Page : ☁️
Summoning Contract : ☁️
Familiar : ☁️
Genjutsu Ninjutsu Remove Jikūjutsu Default
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Clan Specialty : SPACE-TIME.
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 10000

Lost, Cold, and Alone (Mission) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost, Cold, and Alone (Mission)

Fri Apr 29, 2022 12:48 pm
Well, nobody was entirely perfect, so Baruga had drawn one of the short sticks in terms of actually completing the objective. Her gallivant through the nearby wilderness had been unsuccessful, and there wasn't much to be said about that. She'd simply scuffed her shoes and broke her sweat for nothing, really. Sighing, she returned to the rendezvous point at the agreed time, certain that one of her teammates would have found success.

As the team reconvened after the initial search, Baruga spotted the other woman on the team with the objective. The sight of the genin being so lovingly carried on Aroma's back was... sickeningly sweet. More sickening than sweet. Crossing her arms, Baruga snorted at the genin, who flinched at the older kunoichi's clear disdain.

"How unbecoming. I hope your mission report is nice and informative, greenhorn: we'd better see a good reason for your separation."

Clearing her throat, she pulled on the last vestiges of her chakra and summon contract, forming the familiar hand signs that she could do in her sleep by now.

"Alright, we're done here. Let's go back the easy way, yes? Hideyoshi-dono! To Kumogakure, please!"

The sky was eclipsed by smoke and flesh as she summoned the A-Rank whale from before, the one that brought the entire group to the mission area. All-in-all, they'd taken a good half of the afternoon, but nothing more than that. In truth, it was a long way's travel to do the equivalent of a chore. They could get this tracking training at the Academy, let alone as a B-Rank mission. She supposed the danger of a possibly-ninja-killing group of people could have bumped up the rank, but that didn't happen, so here she was.

Deciding to sleep off her disappointment than stew on it any further, Baruga bounded onto her whale with a chakra-amplified jump and waited for her teammates to follow, which they did.

With that, the whale elevated and swam on its way to the village, another mission completed.

(In the back of Baruga's head, she wanted... more. Somehow. Perhaps it was time to elevate beyond genin.)

WC: 351
TWC: 1525

Exit Claims
— 6000 Ryo + 100 Ryo from Genin Rank
— 30 AP
— 30 AP (From 1500 WC)
— 1298 WC to Summoning Art: Rashomon (B-Rank) (1750/1750)
— 227 WC to Summoning Art: Rashomon (A-Rank) (1977/2750)
Stat Page : Howl's Fat Stats
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Village : Missing Ninja
Ryo : 500

Lost, Cold, and Alone (Mission) - Page 2 Empty Re: Lost, Cold, and Alone (Mission)

Fri Apr 29, 2022 6:19 pm
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