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Hinoishi Uchiha
Hinoishi Uchiha
Stat Page : Red Demon Flame of the Sand
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Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Tsukigakure
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Eating with the locals Empty Eating with the locals

Sun Apr 03, 2022 9:25 pm
Hinoishi had eaten breakfast alone today. Not seeing any of his siblings Hinoishi wanted to go out for some food as it was non and he was hungry again after training his shuriken jutsu skills. Hinoishi went to town next to the grove because he enjoyed the smell of the air near the pond and the fragrant sand that was blowing around sun like mist. Hinoishi went to one of the shops at opened a curtain to a local family restuarant. Hinoishi knew that he wanted ramen, he felt cold inside so he wanted to feel the spring heat and blossoming through the smelll taste and feel of a hot bowl of ramen. Hino ordered one bowl of pork miso ramen. it came with a marinated egg pork and noodles along with chives onions and lettuce all marinated in a miso base broth. Hinoishi took the drinking spoon and took a sip. the scolding hot ramen broth going down his throat burning him all the way down, Hinoishi winced in pain. Hinoishi waited for the ramen to cool off. He looked away and smiled, locals were walking around going about their life enjoying themselves and the day to day. This is what Hinoishi fights fortis is what he protects. Hinoishi turned back to the bowl of ramen and ate it rather quickly. Hino had a tendency to gobble food up quickly.

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Yusuke Sarutobi
Yusuke Sarutobi
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Eating with the locals Empty Re: Eating with the locals

Thu Jul 07, 2022 1:27 pm
Approving hinoishi exit
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