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Here we go Again... Empty Here we go Again...

Mon Jan 31, 2022 1:06 am
Mission #1:

Mission #2:

Mission #3:

Mission #4:

It was yet another chilly day in the peaks of the Hidden Cloud Village, the air of the mountains blowing across all the occupants that were travelling along the roads to get to their jobs or shopping destinations, as the air blew in through the open window that belonged to the home of the village's fire Meijin. Smoke was coming from his chimney as the sizzle of a fire underneath pots and pans sounded throughout the spacious apartment as breakfast was cooking and the smell was certainly enough to make anyone hungry. Moyasu was in the process of seasoning the meat that he would be using for his creation as he prepared himself a bowl and stirred in a bit of rice that he had managed to find in a local store along with some eggs. He also was preparing something spectacular with chicken wings and water boiled and mixed with bonito flakes. He was trying a recipe he had heard of from somewhere yet couldn't quite put his finger on where specifically though he had wanted to try it and see how well it would taste especially as a breakfast dish. The rice had been steamed and seasoned to perfection and was being kept warm on the side in a cooker, the eggs had been cooked and scrambled to a lovely golden sheen, and the chicken broth was cooking amazingly with the smell covering the entirety of the apartment.

After a few minutes of cooking the chicken to a nice brothy mixture he poured everything into a cup through a strainer as he then took a few molds and poured the broth into them. Good thing his freezer was working as he placed the molds into it and switched everything off while stretching his body out and scratching his head. 'Another long day of missions today...' he thought as he felt his hair and realized how disheveled it felt. 'Might as well take a quick shower while the broth settles and cools. I can hardly wait to try the final result.' Excited he thus bounded into his bathroom and started the hot water of his shower before shutting the door. A few private minutes later, the sounds of water splashing and soap being scrubbed around in every nook and cranny, he stepped back out from his bathroom dressed only in a towel as he checked his rice and eggs to make certain they were still warming. The steam coming off his rice was a bit excessive as he turned the heat down for both his rice and eggs.

He then made his way to his freezer and opened it to see that the broth had become jellified as he took the molds out and placed them on his cutting board with a knife already ready and waiting for him to use for his next task. After carefully taking out the chicken broth jelly from their confines he thus picked up the knife and swiftly chopped the jelly into multiple small squares. He then mixed the jelly cubes into the now cooled eggs, making certain that they didn't melt at a point he didn't want them to just yet, he got himself a bowl and scooped in some steaming rice as he spread some of the veggies and seasoning over the top before mixing everything together with some chopsticks. 'Alright. Now to add the finishing touches.' he thought as he spread some of his golden eggs over the top of his rice. He added a bit of salt to the eggs, stirring them a bit in order to make certain the salt got into every bit of the eggs and wasn't too unbalanced, before he got more of the mixture of eggs but this time with some of the jelly mixed into them.

As the egg and jelly mixture was added to the rice bowl he watched as the jelly slowly started to melt causing the dish to transform from being strictly an egg and rice dish into something different. His mouth watered a little as the smell of brothy goodness filled his nose once more and he got himself a pair of chopsticks and plunged them into the eggs and rice. Taking a bite he found he couldn't keep himself from taking another and then another and another as he was quickly eating his masterpiece of a breakfast dish as the cool of the outdoors continued to creep into his home through the open window. 'This is fantastic. I'll definitely have to make this again sometime.' He could feel the warmth of the dish flowing into his body, the flames of his chakra being fueled by the sustenance of the delicious food, as he ate and drank a cold glass of milk alongside the food. Even though the room was filled with cold air it was quickly becoming warmer as the chakra inside his body was becoming active unconsciously and started to warm the house right up. It was turning out to be a rather cozy start to the morning.

Of course all good things must come to an end as he quickly found that he had finished the bowl and was feeling full, warm, and satisfied at what he had just experienced. 'Welp... that didn't last long. Time to go on those missions.' He put the leftovers of the food into his refrigerator before heading over to his wardrobe and opening it up to pick out his outfit for the day. He put on his usual black attire, the fabric still smelling fresh from when he had washed them the other day, before hopping over to the open window and flipping out of it as his feet hit his wall and stuck as though glued to it thanks to his chakra. He closed his window from up above it before hopping up once more and landing onto his rooftop and sitting on the edge while digging around one of his pockets for his cigarettes. He needed to have a smoke before he delved into his missions for the day.

As he sat along the edge of the roof, lighting the end of his cigarette with a flame he conjured from the tip of his thumb, he watched down below as he usually did at all the passerby citizens of the village. Even though Kumo was known for being a pretty powerful village it had a pretty bad shortage in high ranking ninja. Hell, through Moyasu's eyes, they had an overall ninja shortage in all aspects. He had a feeling it wasn't going to be too tough for him to rise up in the ranks but he wanted to make sure he wasn't too out of practice before that happened. He would probably take on a long list of missions for today as well, even though he was going to wind up tired as he was the last time he did something as brazen, though it would serve as a way of strengthening himself even if just a little bit. Thus he got up from his seat along the edge of the roof, cigarette burning upon his lips with a small smoke trail coming off of it, before he made his slow way over to the mansion in order to speak to his superiors and get his missions for the day.

Upon making it to the mansion he spoke to his superior, a Chuunin who clearly took his job of mission coordinator too seriously, and left with a scroll containing a sizable list of pretty high-ranking mission for the ashen haired ninja to take on for the day. He unfurled it from the top to see that he was going to be taking care of one D rank mission, TWO C rank missions, and end his day with a final B rank mission! This would be his first time taking on a B rank mission which got him excited as well as nervous as he decided to start with the easy one first just to get it out of the way. It was also the mission that had a specific start time which was in only a few minutes. He thus rolled the scroll back up and sprinted his way across the village towards his mission start location: the training grounds. More than likely the people he was going to be meeting were going to be tired from their climb up to the fields so he was more than likely going to be the first one up there even if he was a little late. Just to make certain that wasn't the case he hurried as fast as he could. He wanted to lead by example after all.

Upon making it to the field he saw that he was indeed the only one there as of that moment. As he landed from up high onto the ground of the field he took out the scroll and unfurled it once again in order to read the contents of the mission once more and get a rundown of the details just to make certain he wasn't going to make mistakes. He was supposed to be training a handful of regular citizens in the ways of self defense and protection. He wasn't sure exactly how good of a teacher he was going to be due to the fact he'd never taught anyone anything before. Taking a deep breath and a drag of his cigarette he put the scroll inside his pouch once again before turning to the entrance of the field and waiting. He didn't know what to expect of his students, if they would be in shape or out of shape or both, but he knew this was going to be one of the hardest missions he ever had to take as he waited for a few minutes for his students to arrive.

He was just about to take himself another big puff from his cigarette until he heard a noise coming from behind him that made the distinct sound of a blade, or a small number of blades, piercing their way through the air towards him. He knew he didn't have time to look behind him as he quickly bent his back low and out of the way of the incoming weapon. He watched as a large shuriken, bigger than any shuriken he'd ever seen, pierced through the air like a disc of certain destruction as it flew so close to his face he watched as the tip of his cigarette was sliced apart like butter. The shuriken continued to fly after that before sticking itself into the wall of the mountain, the throw behind it having been so strong that the steel had sank easily into the stone causing small cracks to form from the entryway, as he stood up straight and took his cigarette out in disgust before hearing rushed footsteps coming at him from behind. With quick thinking he hopped out of the way as he watched a fist soaring through the air right where he had been standing belonging to the same ninja he had encountered the other day from the bar!

The ninja who had missed his punch flipped in the air a bit and landed upon his feet right next to the shuriken he had thrown, his hand closing around the steel and pulling it out of the wall with ease, as Moyasu flicked his ruined cigarette away and gave a look of confusion. The ninja having seemingly read his mind responded. "Basic 101 for all ninja: When on a mission always expect the unexpected." With that statement he charged towards Moyasu again, demonstrating a speed that was surprising to Moyasu given how bulky the ninja was, as he got into a stance and prepared himself for whatever was going to come his way for this mission. Even though he was shocked at what was happening a part of him actually relished what was happening given that this was a sparring match, he hoped at least, against a high ranking ninja of the village. A perfect opportunity for him to train and become an even stronger ninja.

He quickly activated his chakra as the ninja rushed him, hot flames starting to coat his body and make the air around him swirl from his latent power, as the ninja halted his advances due to feeling the heat of the flames. He smiled as he was clearly impressed from the display before using his wrist to flick the shuriken in his hand into a twirling whirlwind. He rotated it at such speed that wind was howling from it as though it was a windmill as he pointed it towards Moyasu and the flames were being blown away with the gust of the shuriken! Taking the opportunity of the wind Moyasu started to really concentrate on his flames, the power of his chakra sparking farther and farther, as his chakra coating grew in size and heat. "I will not be so easily blown out I'm afraid." With that the air became even denser with heat as he felt his legs grow stronger from concentrating his chakra into them. With a burst of speed he moved out of the way of the gust and was immediately behind his sparring partner as he delivered a punch to his face that actually had a lot of impact behind it. His muscles were charged due to the chakra coursing through them strengthening his body and making his blows powerful enough to blow away the Jounin who did a few flips in order to land on his feet before wiping the spot he'd been punched.

The ninja didn't think the Genin had the strength in him given how scrawny his build was but that punch actually hurt as he rotated his neck around in order to get the kinks out from within his traps and shoulders before he got back up to his feet and prepared his shuriken for a throw. Moyasu was right ahead of him as he brought a hand up and snapped his fingers causing a small ball of fire to appear in front of him. The Jounin watched as Moyasu then brought his hand over to the ball and flicked it with a rather carefree attitude. This caused the tiny ball to suddenly become massive in size as it quickly crossed the gap between the two towards the Jounin who had to hop up into the air in order to avoid it! As the fireball passed underneath him, however, he watched as off the top of it smaller fireballs started to shoot upwards towards him. He did his best dodging them all, his body swerving every which way it could in order to allow them all to pass him harmlessly, as he dodged the final small fireball with a twirl of his body only to find that all the flickering small flames had been gathering to form a second large ball of fire that was descending upon him from up high!

'This guy's got some talent... and his fire style is more than a little amazing. I know the reports told me he was a Meijin but this is ridiculous.' With a twirl of his shuriken, chakra being channeled into the blades, he gave a mighty toss as the shuriken sheared the fireball in half causing the ninja to be safe once again as he gave a final twirl and landed gracefully upon the scorched ground a few meters away from Moyasu. He reached up and caught the shuriken he had tossed earlier while glaring in Moyasu's direction wondering what this Genin would do next. "I wasn't expecting such skill. I must admit that I'm impressed. Keep that kind of fire within you going and you'll become a Chuunin in no time. Perhaps even a Jounin. Though you still have quite a ways to go." He curled the blades back up and placed the shuriken onto a clip along his waist as Moyasu watched with caution. "I'll go to your superiors and tell them that you accomplished your citizen training mission with flying colors. Keep yourself going strong, Moyasu, and make us proud." With that the Jounin that Moyasu had just remembered to have the name Kinzoku vanished into a puff of smoke as Moyasu relaxed his chakra and allowed the flames that had been surrounding him to die down. The air once again took to the chill of the mountain's surroundings as Moyasu shook his hand due to the adrenaline leaving his body and the soreness from his earlier punch overtaking his fist.

He panted a little bit as he soothed his hand free of the pain that had been wracking it, his breath slow and methodical in order to prevent himself from becoming too tired, as he took out his scroll and once again unfurled it in order to show his list of missions once more. "Well that was weird... but at least I get to cross one mission off the list." He took a pen and scratched a line straight through his D rank mission before looking at the rest of the missions listed. "One down... three to go." With a deep breath he put the scroll back into his pouch and stretched out his body while taking out a fresh cigarette and lighting it by flicking a flame up from the tip of his thumb. Taking another sweet and long drag from his cigarette he smiled wide at the compliment that he had received from a Jounin of the Cloud Village and hopped down from atop the training field down to the village streets as he landed atop one of the building's rooftops. He then started hopping along them towards his next mission location as he walked slowly due to the fact that none of his other missions had a time stamp so he could go as slowly as he liked in order to take care of the missions in question.

The next one seemed to have based itself around a rumor of a cave that was nearby in one of the village's mountain peaks. He looked at the specific peak of the mountain in question that the mission was pointing him towards as he walked along the rooftops while enjoying his cigarette all the while. The cold air blowing around him, cooling his body from his earlier sparring session, was proving to make his cigarette all the more attractive as he continued to smoke and plan about how he was going to go about his day such as what he was intending to eat right after handling this mission. He didn't know exactly what this scroll was supposed to contain but it didn't really matter as he didn't have any intention of letting his curiosity get the better of him. As soon as he acquired the scroll, if he was going to find the scroll in the first place, he was going to package it in his pouch and turn it in to his superiors as soon as he was finished with the rest of his missions. He watched as the trail of smoke he was leaving behind floated up into the sky before he hopped up high onto the mountain wall that he had been watching. It was time to find a cave and infiltrate it.

"Alright. The mission details state there's a chance these caves might have some creepy rabid critters inside. I'll go in with my blast furnace. That oughta keep any bats that don't want to get burned away." He walked up the side of the mountain, his fine tuned chakra keeping his feet stuck to the side of the stone structure with ease, as he made his way to the peak as his chakra activated in order to keep himself warm against the slowly growing colder air. The cigarette was certainly helping him out as he walked upwards and the slow passing clouds as well due to the many patterns they showed which served to help him psychologically. He soon came upon a small entrance to a cave just shy of reaching the top of the mountain as he stepped inside and saw that the cave actually dipped into a hole that fell deep inside the center of the mountain. "Oh this'll be fun." Taking the fact in stride he thus hopped down into the darkness, his fiery chakra lighting his way down, as he could feel a chill within the cave that made him believe there was something sinister within it's walls.

As he fell deeper into the hole he formed a few hand seals before waving a hand around, fire gathering into his palm, and tossing a large ball of fire down into the hole of the mountain. The hole was deep... very deep. However he noticed he didn't have to go all the way to the bottom of the hole to reach his destination as the light of the fireball showed a hole that he could jump into that lead into the side of the mountain. Using his chakra that he spread into his feet he thus hopped over into the hole from the mass of his fireball as he landed safely onto the edge and watched as the fireball continued to fall down the hole before fizzling out leaving him in his own dimly lit darkness. As the ball of fire gave out he could hear the sounds of movement all along the hold he had fallen in and deeper into the cave from the entrance he stood by which gave him a little bit of the creeps but, again, he felt that the heat his body was constantly exuding would keep him safe from anything such as bats or the like.

He walked into the cave and heard the chirping of what seemed to be bats get louder and louder the deeper he went inside as he allowed more of his chakra to flow out of him causing the heat surrounding his body to grow hotter and brighter. "I won't let a couple bats stop me from accomplishing my mission." He thus walked as he put out his cigarette due to the low oxygen within the cave. The air was growing thinner and if he knew what was good for him he was going to have to find something in those caves to take with him or this was all going to prove to be a wild goose chase. He looked around and could indeed see that there were bats all around him, handing from the ceiling of the caves as well as some brave ones trying to get through his fire but failing, as he soon noticed an opening that led outside of the mountain. And by that exit was a pedestal that looked as though it was a small shrine for a single item crafted by wood.

He opened the small doors of the makeshift shrine and inside he saw a crimson scroll. He just knew that this was the one he was looking for as he grabbed it, put it inside his pouch, and hopped out through the cave exit and sticking to the side of the mountain in order to walk along the side of it back towards the village. "Well that was pretty easy." he said to himself as he walked along the mountain side with his hands in his pockets and he watched the sky and smiled in relief due to seeing light and the clouds once again. "Time to grab something to eat and celebrate." With that thought he took off jogging towards the village, his legs propelling him quickly along the face of the mountain, as he flipped up and lands once again atop the roof of a building with his chakra slowly ebbing away and with it the heat his body was still radiating. After standing there for a few minutes, allowing his body to relax and regain stamina due to consistently using his chakra a moment earlier, before he hopped down onto the bustling street and making his way to one of his favorite restaurants of the village.

He entered the sweet aroma induced area, his senses overcame by the smell of delicious food of different varieties, as he went into a hotpot restaurant as it had been a while since he had some good hotpot meat. He sat down at a booth and order a prime beef hotpot with a spicy tomato soup base. He waited patiently as the pot was filled with the hot soup and a plate of thinly sliced beef slabs was placed in front of him. Taking a pair of chopsticks he picked up one of the beef slabs and dipped it into the base right away to get it cooking. "Ingredients like this are hard to come by around these parts... This oughta be really good." It only took a few seconds for the meat to cook in the soup as he pulled it out and saw the brown sheen that coated the meat that he was looking for. Popping it into his mouth he chewed and was actually taken aback by how good it was; the flavors melded perfectly with each other and before he knew it he was cooking and eating without stop.

After a few minutes of eating his fill he took notes of what he had just eaten and how he himself could possibly make it better when he eventually made it himself with his own take. He then left ryo on the table that was meant to cover his bill as well as a tip for the friendly serving staff. 'Time to do another mission now that I'm all full and ready to go.' He walked out of the restaurant onto the street as he walked among the small crowd towards the training grounds for his next mission objective. It was time to do a little hunting as this next mission was going to entail taking care of some bears that were often used for training in the training grounds. The mission details stated that the bears were getting used to human contact and were hanging around them too closely. It was going to be his job to secure any bears he came across without becoming lethal as the bears were used for training and thus wouldn't do much of a good job if they were dead. He had no doubt he was probably going to be involved in a fight either way.

After making it to the training grounds he looked around at the cages that the bears were often kept in and noticed that all but one were occupied. He noticed that the gate was swung wide open and that large tracks were coming out from within and heading towards where he had just entered from. He knelt down and observed the tracks, his fingers grazing along the ground as the dust stuck to his fingertips, as he could tell from how large the tracks were that he was dealing with a large grizzly bear. He stood back up to his feet and immediately took off at a run as the fact there was a large grizzly on the loose was dangerous for everyone involved. He had to get the situation under control or there was the possibility that lives would be lost at the village's ninjas hands. He didn't want a negative view to spread along the village that the ninjas couldn't even keep their bears under control to the point that they were able to come out onto the street at their own leisure.

Upon hopping up onto a few mountain sides and running everywhere he could he soon heard a roar come from a nearby street that was unoccupied as he hopped down onto a rooftop and saw that the bear was nosing through a trash can seemingly trying to get itself something to eat. As he observed the bear from up high Moyasu tried to think up a way to take it down or control it in a way that wouldn't hurt it or kill it. 'If only I knew a bit of Genjutsu...' he though to himself as he continued to watch the bear sniff itself out some food. "I could take control of it's senses and confuse it into following me... Or I could scare it.' The thought crossed his mind as he blinked a few times and activated his chakra in one of his eyes. The maroon color of his Ketsuryugan appeared inside his right eye and he came up with strategies inside his mind about how best to use it in the situation. "Hmm... It's looking for food... So maybe..."

With that he hopped down from his spot on the roof and gracefully landed atop the bear, causing it to stir and pull it's head from outside the trash can, as Moyasu placed a hand upon the small of the bear's back before hopping back up and flipping over onto the rooftop. The bear looked around, trying to find out what had touched it, as Moyasu watched it look left and right in confusion before it's eyes settled on something in the road: a fresh dead rabbit. The smell coming from it allured the bear over as it chomped down upon the rabbit before it's eyes fell upon another further up the road. Moyasu followed the bear from up high, his Ketsuryugan hard at work in guiding the bear the way he wanted it to be guided, as the bear continued eating illusory dead rabbits all the way up to the training field and back into it's cage. Moyasu had made certain that there was a nice pile of rabbits for the bear to focus on in the cage giving him the opportunity to come up to the cage door and swing it closed to lock the bear up. The bear roared as it realized it had been tricked and tried to break out of the cage but the lock proved too sturdy to do so.

Moyasu felt a little bad for the bear. It was just looking for something to eat thus Moyasu took the time to hop up into the overhead animal care supply room and got some freshly killed rabbits before tossing them into the cage. "Sorry, buddy, for tricking you. Hope these make up for it." With that he walked back while watching the bear eat it's meal before hopping down from the grounds down into the streets before landing atop another rooftop as he took out his mission scroll and opened it to scratch out yet another mission from the list. "Three down... one to go." Now it was time to take on the hardest mission out of his list as he looked at the details and read them in his head. 'During a mission outside of the village, one of our genin was separated from their mission group. Presumably, they are somewhere in the mountains, roughing it on their own like a true Kumo-nin. It would build character to make them figure out their own way home, but apparently leaving kids to die out in the mountains is 'a waste of valuable Academy resources', so you should probably go track them down and make sure they're okay.'

With that being read he put the scroll back into his pouch and brought his hands up to form a cross like sign before a plume of smoke surrounded his body and two more Moyasus appeared as he nodded to them and they vanished in bursts of speed. He would follow their lead and go down from the mountain peaks down to the surrounding forests as he rushed along the roads looking for any sign of ninja activity along the way. Hopping over the branches of a few trees he landed along the pond that was a bit further out and away from the village as he looked down and noticed that the lake was brimming with trout once again. He had been fishing out here for a majority of his fish dishes and was worried that he might have cleaned the lake out. It was a relief as he looked into the water and saw that the trout had repopulated the lake once more. 'I'll have to come by and fish here again one day.' he thought to himself as he watched them for a little bit longer before he looked up to the sky at the passing clouds. It was starting to get stormy.

Suddenly he was caught off guard by the sound of whooshing steel cutting through air yet again as he looked around and saw the blade of a katana swinging around towards his head. He ducked as the blade passed over his head harmlessly but he then saw a foot coming around towards his head which caused him to have no choice but to bring his arms up and block it. It didn't work out well, however, as the strength of the kick was far more than his arms could handle and he was sent flying back across the lake in a tumble. The water did little to soften his body's tumble as he flipped over and planted his feet down onto the wet surface, the trout he had been watching swimming in a frenzy to get away from the disturbance now surrounding them, as he focused his chakra into the soles of his feet and kept himself afloat atop the murky substance. He rubbed his arms with a tsk of frustration, the pain slowly ebbing away from his forearms, as he was getting tired of being blindsided by attacks today.

Looking up he noticed a young ninja, wearing a headband that belonged to the Cloud Village, as Moyasu guessed that this must've been the Genin he was looking for. A sword wielding type at that. He didn't know many ninja of the village who were sword users but that was more than likely because he didn't know many ninja to begin with. He stood up straight as the ninja prepared for another strike with his sword before suddenly vanishing in a burst of speed so fast Moyasu wasn't able to track it. Within moments he heard the ringing of steel once more as he looked to his right and saw the blade swinging around at a rapid pace. He barely had time to duck back and out of the way as he saw the ninja was contorting his body so that he was aiming a kick up high towards his head once again. This time Moyasu was ready as he focused his chakra within his body outwards which caused an explosion of fire chakra to expel in all directions from him. This would catch the attacking ninja off guard causing him to bring his arms up in a block this time as the force of the fiery blast wave would cause him to be blown back.

Any fire that managed to get caught on the young ninja's body would be put out instantly due to his body being forced through the watery waves of the lake. Just like Moyasu, however, he would soon flip himself back atop his feet and stand up straight while holding his blade at the ready. 'Damn... This ninja doesn't waste any time. Let me see if I can't talk him out of this.' With that thought he reached into his pouch and pulled out his headband showing it to the ninja as the symbol for the cloud village glinted. This didn't seem to faze the ninja as he still kept his sword up and his stare icy in Moyasu's direction. "My name is Moyasu Nokoribi. I'm a Genin from the Cloud. I've come looking for a Genin that got separated from a group he was commencing a mission with. You wouldn't happen to be that Genin, would you?" When he spoke it was in a friendly tone as he was hoping showing himself as someone who wasn't hostile would gain trust even if just a little bit. He didn't get the results he was expecting.

"I know you're from the Cloud. I know you're on a mission to come and find me. The thing is I don't want to go back." Another gust of speed and he disappeared from Moyasu's vision once again as Moyasu looked around expecting some sort of attack but this time none came his way. He took the opportunity to place the headband back into his pouch but before he could plan his next move he watched as the water churned and he was suddenly surrounded by water that shifted all around him. The form of the water transformed into what seemed to be the head of a dragon, it's jaws closing in upon him, as he had no choice but to focus his chakra into his feet and jump up out of the way of it's mouth. He managed to closely miss it's watery teeth but he looked down to see that the dragon had started rising up from the lake and was chasing him with it's mouth agape ready to swallow him whole!

'I think I read about this technique in my jutsu encyclopedia. I can't hope to combat it's power with fire. I'll just have to dodge.' he thought as he focused his fiery chakra into his hand, forming hand seals with the other, before he pointed his palm away causing fire to erupt from his palm. The fire would cause his body to propel out of the way of the dragon, his body soaring through the air as the water would barely miss him, as he flipped his body backwards and landed on the water below just at the dragon started to shift it's body around and aim itself directly back at him once more! It wasn't enough that he had to handle the dragon but he then saw the Genin running back towards him with his sword drawn as his feet were surfing across the churning water towards him! 'Shit. This is getting ridiculous.' With a surge of his chakra he focused all his energy into his body and into his eyes as he tried his best to keep his reflexes sharp for the ninja's blade. With the surge of his chakra flames would start surrounding his body as he gave a twirl of his hand causing small fireballs to circle around him rapidly.

The ninja stopped in his tracks as he felt the heat coming off of Moyasu's body, the water dragon coming around and heading in a straight line towards the both of them, before he would hop up with chakra focusing into the soles of his feet and he landed atop the head of the dragon. Moyasu smiled as he did the same, his feet landing atop the back of the dragon causing steam to rise due to his chakra striking against it, as he got out a kunai and got into a fighting stance that he had trained with during his weapons training in the academy. If he couldn't take this guy on without a fight than he would have to take him with one as he kept his eyes on the young yet clearly skilled ninja ready for battle. The two would face each other atop the dragon, it's form circling the lake while washing over the surrounding trees and taking them with it at every lap, as Moyasu took in deep and steady breaths while wondering how best to proceed.

"Look I don't know why you don't want to come back to the village but you can't just leave the village whenever you like. They will hunt you down and execute you for desertion." he said over the sounds of the crashing waves of the water dragon. "Don't make this mistake." The ninja scoffed as he twirled the katana around and dipped it into the water of his still swirling dragon.

"I'm not making any mistakes. Once I kill you that will get rid of any loose ends that could possibly rat out my intentions. Either you fight me for real or I will have your head." With that he charged towards Moyasu by dipping down into the stream of the dragon and soaring towards Moyasu underwater like a bullet! The ashen haired ninja watched through the water as he could see the ninja forming hand seals as tiny whirlpools formed in the body of the dragon before shooting out geysers towards his body. He used his chakra to skate back in order to avoid the whirlpools but the ninja was expecting him to do so as he popped up behind with his sword at the ready.

With a swift turn of his body Moyasu brought his leg around, aimed at the Genin's legs, as he tripped him up and gave a kick towards his midsection while he was still in midair. The Genin tumbled along the surface of his dragon before diving down once again into the water and zooming his way towards Moyasu. 'This kid is really good with water style. Why haven't I met this kid yet?' he thought as he brought his kunai up just in time to catch the katana that came down and nearly sliced one of his eyes in two. With another flex of his fire chakra he fired a second wave that washed over the ninja and pushed him away in order to tumble once again along the water's surface but this time Moyasu followed. The ninja flipped over and charged once more as the two would become involved with a flying clash of blades, sparks consistently flying from the steel of their kunai and katana combo, as Moyasu's stamina was proving to be the higher of the two. In terms of speed, however, he was completely outclassed as the blade of the katana continued to get dangerously close to him.

This would cause Moyasu to activate his chakra more as it exploded in a flash of power which caused fire to erupt everywhere in their surroundings as the kid ninja hopped back in order to avoid it. Blade at the ready, water droplets sprinkling off of it due to the rush of wind the flying dragon was providing, Moyasu could feel his chakra channeling up into his eyes and legs as he could feel himself becoming faster and better at reading movements. "Time to end this. I'm taking you back to the village even if you don't want to go back. I won't stand by and let someone kill themselves." With a great burst of speed and power Moyasu thus hopped forth and started swinging his kunai around at the kid's blade, knocking it out of the way, while using his knowledge of pressure points to press certain parts of the kid's body in order to make him more relaxed in both his chakra nature and physical properties. After hitting about five of them the kid fell unconscious in his arms, the water dragon falling to the ground with a final wailing roar, as Moyasu caught his opponent in his arms and laid him on the ground as he slept calmly.

'Well that was anticlimactic.' With a deep breath Moyasu would relax his chakra, the fires surrounding him dying down and disappearing into the air, as he could feel his clones disappearing from their searches and coming back into him restoring his chakra. 'I wonder why he was so adamant about leaving the village? Hopefully we'll be able to get him some help.' With that he picked the boy back up and started rushing along the road towards the mountains, the roads guiding him towards the village and the gates, as he made his way to the hospital all as onlooker people watched with confusion and concern. Upon dropping the ninja off at the hospital Moyasu left and quickly made his way to the mansion in order to get out of the rain that had just started to fall and drench the streets with water. He turned in the scroll, giving them a thumbs up that his missions were completed, before going back outside and heading to a nearby cafe to have a celebratory snack and coffee.

As he sat down into the seat that he would probably be sitting for the next half hour to full hour he looked outside from behind the flaps of the entrance to the rain that continued to fall and listened to the rain as it calmed his mind and caused him to feel relaxed. Due to the emptiness of the cafe he could hear the rain clearly as they prepared his coffee and snack and he took the opportunity to sit back in his chair and look at the ceiling while thinking about what he would do for tomorrow. 'I can feel it...' he thought quietly as he stretched his arms and neck in order to get the kinks that had developed in them out. 'I'm getting closer and closer to more strength. I'm nowhere near strong enough as I am just yet. That might change after a few more missions though. Just have to keep my nose to the grindstone.' With that thought he closed his eyes and listened to the rain outside for a few minutes before someone finally came over and gave him what he had ordered. He would take a few minutes to drink and enjoy his time in there before he left the cafe in order to make a beeline towards his apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, his rain-soaked clothes dripping along his floor which caused him to immediately run towards his laundry basket and dump the clothes into it, he walked over into his bathroom and turned on the hot water as he then enjoyed himself a nice end of the day shower. He decided to let his body soak in the shower for a few minutes in order to wash away the cold murkiness that was the water dragon he had encountered earlier as the warm pellets of water would soak into his skin along with the soap he used. After a few minutes he cut his water off, dried himself off, and with a towel wrapped around his waist made his way to the fridge in order to look inside the fridge for a bottle of water he would drink before changing into his nightwear and turning in for the night. Upon getting what he desired he twisted the cap off the top and took in some big gulps of water before turning towards his bed and noticing something odd.

On the bed there was a note left with his name placed along the top as he looked over to the window and saw that it was left slightly open as water from the rain was making it's way inside. He went over to fully close and lock it as he walked over to the note and unfurled it in order to read what it had to say. The handwriting was gruff in nature and written with a strong hand as he couldn't help but feel he already know who was writing it. He skimmed through the words for a bit before placing the letter on his nightstand and scratching his head nervously. 'Sounds fun... But I'll worry about it tomorrow.' He thus walked over to his wardrobe and took himself out a light T-shirt and a pair of shorts as he put them both on and climbed into the covers of his very comfortable bed. He looked up at the ceiling for a little while, relishing in his accomplishments for the day, before closing his eyes and drifting to sleep.

WC 8,003


Claiming: Mission rewards; 16k ryo and 80 AP.
Techs: Demon Lanterns (1,312 wc; 25% disc; B rank), Searing Migraine (1,125 wc; B rank), Smokescreen Gale (1,125 wc), Temp Paralysis (725 wc; upgrading to C and B rank), Pheasant Hunter (1,312 wc; B rank), Debuff Bolt (1,125 wc; D, C, and B rank), and Crimson Earth Spider (1,200 wc).
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