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Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
Meika TsukiOni Kamigawa
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Reminiscing by the Waterfall Empty Reminiscing by the Waterfall

Wed Jan 26, 2022 12:46 pm
A stray wisp of dark hair caught the edge of her chapped lips as the winter wind kissed the woman's pale face. The kiss wasn't the gentle kind. The wind's touch left her nose and cheeks flushed, even her fingertips were a dull pink from the bitter cold. Aching as she moved them to swipe the wisp of hair behind her ear. 

Meika remembered the very first time she came to Kumogakure. Captivated by the scenery the monstrous mountains gifted to the observer. She had left the land of Sand behind and started a new life here within the clouds. When the Kamigawa came here, she wasn't disappointed by the harsh nature of this village. She was not looking for an easier life. . .  She was just searching to start over. 

So far everything was going as they meant to. There wasn't an inch of her that regretted her decisions. This is where she belonged. 

Another burst of wind snarled at her. Meika's cold hands tugged the cloak around her shoulders even more tightly. Underneath her cloak, the woman wore the black ronin robes that she had recently purchased. The leather underneath helped a little from the cold. "Fuck!" Meika barked the curse as she continued down the path. She couldn't hold her tongue at this point. It was so damn cold! At least it wasn't unbearable. 

The determined genin knew she still needed to train. That was the reason she was out in these unlikable conditions in the first place. She knew it was a good opportunity to harden herself up. "No pain. No gain. Right?" 

Meika flickered her silver eyes across the area. They caught at the sight of a running stream. "This will do. ." She made her mind up that this was the area she needed. The gorgeous stream trickled over polished stone and flowed down a small waterfall a little further down. It was decided that she was going to move a little closer to the waterfall. Where Meika perched herself on the flat of a rock. Her legs crossed as she settled down upon its chilly surface. 

She gazed upon the water. It was a beautiful mazarine but clear enough to see the bottom, where the polished stones shone through. Daring a passerby to come and pluck them from the stream for their lovely colors. Maybe she will try to grab one before she leaves. 

The Kamigawa lowered her lashes. Closing her eyes as she performed some controlled breathing. The cold air burned her throat. Goosebumps no doubt covered her arms. Her thoughts refused to comprehend the cold. Focused more on meditating as the stream's flowing melody helped the woman relax. It seemed as if she was able to find herself the most when she was around water. Which made sense, considering that it was her main element. 

There was a sudden high-pitched yip from a fox that echoed from a distance. The wildlife stirred around her, blending into the melody that whispered from the running water. 

Inhale ~ 

Exhale ~ 

Her mind was clear as the brightest crystal. Her body was one with her surroundings. Everything was as it should be. 

Then why. . . why did she feel a trail of moisture running down the side of her cheek? A warm tear involuntarily fell from her lashes. Dampening her cold cheeks with its presence. 

Why was she crying at a time like this? She was happy. Meika was where she should be. Kumogakure was her beautiful home. What was making her sad? 

A single name echoed through her mind as if answering the question for her. 

Mizuchi ~ 

The name she once loved to hear sent a piercing pain through her chest. Her throat tightened as if trying to choke her. The memories of him came so unexpectedly. Sending her heart at a rapid rate. It felt as if someone was twisting a dagger in between her ribs. 

Meika allowed herself to hurt. She let the name echo through her mind, over and over again. 

Mizuchi . . Mizuchi ~ 

Why did he have to abandon her? No matter how often Meika tried to convince herself that everything was perfect, it wasn't. She was denying herself the love she once felt for. It still ate at her from time to time. 

The kunoichi hunched over in silent agony. Her nails dug into her sides as she grit her teeth together. "What is with this forsaken life?" Meika questioned through clenched jaws. "It seems I can never escape you, Mizuchi. When will you let me be free?" Her words ended with a bitter laugh. She was laughing at herself. At the weakness, she still harbored within. Meika could easily recall the sensation of tracing her fingers along his defined muscles, the way his dragon inked his powerful back. 

Alright. . that was enough of reliving the past. 

Meika pushed past the emotions. She pushed them away from the surface. Back into a box to be left untouched for another time. Her expression of pain faded away on command. She was back to her usual confined self. 

That was enough meditation for the day. Her phantom hues opened to a fading sun. The night was approaching and along with it brought more cold. She could feel her fingers and toes growing numb. But before she left, Meika's attention was called to the river. Her eyes lit by the casting glow of the sinking sun upon its reflecting surface. The kawaakari bewitched her at that very moment. Luring her to lean in closer to the water's edge. 

Peering from the edge the genin saw the most orphic sight. Beneath the surface of the glowing water, was two gorgeous koi fish. One was white as snow, and the other black as obsidian. They circled each other in a mating ceremony. She couldn't help but be entranced by their beauty. Meika watched them for a few moments until they finally swam away. 

It was almost time to head back. It was growing really late. She had a few more things to do before she went back home. Meika walked over to the small waterfall. Hopping over some of the rocks and wading a little in some of the shallow, freezing water. She withdrew a piece of special paper, before kneeling closer towards the waterfall. Placing the piece of paper underneath the falling water, held down by a sturdy rock. "There. .  time to go home."  - Exits -

{WC: 1,068}  - placed 1 Water Summoning Paper in the waterfall -
{Claims} 500 wc to unlearn 5 points in Vigor | 500 wc to relearn those points in speed
- (1,068/2,000) for adjusting to the transplanted Hozuki kidney from here
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Reminiscing by the Waterfall Empty Re: Reminiscing by the Waterfall

Thu Jan 27, 2022 2:42 am
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