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Hayato Yuki
Hayato Yuki
Ryo : 21270

The Plan-B Citadel [Mission] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Plan-B Citadel [Mission]

Mon Feb 07, 2022 5:00 pm
He took a deep breath with a lot of concentration as he leapt. He felt his body well with strength. His muscles felt tighter and more powerful, and then he was submerged. The water was cold. Water that comes from the earth is usually not warm, so it was expected. Regardless, he wasn’t bothered too much. He expected worse honestly. His naturally lower body temperature left him only slightly warmer than the water around him. Without any real temperature shock it was easy for Hayato to continue in a straight line down to the cart filled with titanium. He felt a much warmer body following him closely.

Hayato finally made it to the Titanium, and realized he would only be able to carry a few chunks each time. He would grab three chunks and start swimming straight up with only his legs. He still felt faster than usual and certainly faster than Kato, who he watched swim by, when it came to swimming. He made it back to the surface and placed the titanium on the shore. Easy enough, he thought. He dove again and repeated the process. The next time came back to the surface he noticed that the other pile had five titanium chunks as opposed to his three. Interesting.

Hayato dove once again and again and again. Between the two of them they had retrieved all the titanium in the cart. Hayato was dripping wet, and the evaporation was actually starting to make him a little chill. This was physically the hardest mission he’d been on yet. He felt a bond with Kato in that respect. They’d been on many of their first experiences together. It was a shame that they hadn’t been in the same academy class; perhaps they would have been friends? Good job with that storage jutsu Kato, you were able to keep up with me despite the speed difference. He would comment on their break.

It was nice that Asahi had provided a source of heat for them at points in their swimming. Hayato didn’t think much of Asahi not swimming; he had pulled his weight guiding them. Not to mention, they needed him to even take on this mission. He considered why Hanzo wasn’t swimming, but he saw him mining up a storm cleaving fresh product from the earth. It made sense to him that simply rescuing the sunken product wasn’t enough. Hanzo had thought a step ahead of him. Good work everyone… He mentioned as he sat down for a quick break the warmth of Asahi’s blade dried his clothes faster than they would normally dry in a dark dank cold cave, but he’d rather get out to the surface.

Hanzo used his might to cleave his shirt in two and carry out all the titanium at once. Hayato was starting to think he wouldn’t need his help. Maybe his arms weren’t stung by insects after all? Hayato followed everyone out, helping to transport the ore outside as was requested. He made a mental note to visit Hanzo’s shop and Asahi at the teashop. I will visit your forge. It was good to be able to help you get it started… Hayato would say as he selected a Titanium chunk and tucked it into his Kimono. And I love tea, Asahi-san! I would certainly like to visit… His voice perked up when he heard tea. It would definitely make for a good rest for him.

I have to get back home now. I have obligations in the field today as well. He would say to the group before giving a bow. It was nice working with you all… farewell Hayato would collect his money from the same worker he had seen Asahi talk to. Luckily, since he was already out in the paddies, he didn’t have a long way to go. He started off away from the village towards his home. The amount of Ryo he made was quite a lot. It was well worth it for him to participate. Soon he’d be able to afford a large house in the village for him and his mother. Perhaps it was time to become a chunin so he could take on these types of missions more often? Promotion didn’t seem so far off considering his mission record.

As his house came into view he saw his mother tending a paddy nearby the house. She smiled and waved at him and then her face turned to shock. She probably didn’t expect to see him soaking wet in this weather. She worried too much, but Hayato appreciated her. He would explain and reassure her that it wasn’t a big deal. Hopefully she would be soothed when she knew she was okay and the amount of money he made.

[WC: 793]


1500/1500 for Shiho B-rank owl summon
442 towards lightness skill [553/1000]
38 AP

Mission rewards:
8k ryo
40 AP
1x Titanium
Kato Uchiha
Kato Uchiha
Ryo : 30070

The Plan-B Citadel [Mission] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Plan-B Citadel [Mission]

Mon Feb 07, 2022 8:56 pm
As Kato was relaxing, Asahi dropped a sword down in front of him, and it produced heat. "Thanks!" Kato said as he hopped to his feet and began to warm up. He knew very little of Asahi but he seemed like a great ninja. Made all the more nicer in Kato's eyes by his unprompted bit of help. When Hayato commented on his storage displacement technique he smiled and held back an embarrassed look on his face. "Hey, thanks, you know I wish I had the stamina you guys do but at least I can do something." A loud grunt and smashing rock hit the ground behind him as if on queue as Hanzo smashed the wall to get the titanium out. "That guy is just too strong for his own good." Kato commented to both Asahi and Hayato. 

They all went back to work and so did Kato following the same steps. He appreciated being warmed up but, he had to admit, that the second time going in seemed to be even colder than the first time. He had not fully dried off but he had gotten some sense of what it was like to be warm again so going back into the water was nearly torture. But he did not want to look lame in front of his friends so he made sure not to comment and just worked quietly without complaining. He was good at that. Not complaining. His whole life he had always had to bite his tongue. Around the other Uchiha, at the Academy, around the Konoha ninja. He was never really allowed to speak his mind so he just got used to doing things he did not quite enjoy doing. In this case, while it was difficult, he enjoyed doing it because he was surrounded by his friends. 

After a few hours of going in and out of the water they had gotten everything they needed and it was time to wrap up. Kato said his goodbyes to everyone as they all left before Hanzo came up and put his hand on his shoulder. "Hey I want to see your shop too! Super excited, maybe tonight?" He was excited about it. Hanzo had mentioned it in passing before but Kato did not know it was finished and complete. He wondered if Hanzo would let him work there. "Tea sounds great Asahi! Oh, also, here Hanzo." Kato tossed his piece of Titanium that they were able to keep to him. "Call it a Grand Opening present or something. Do people do that? Give gifts to their friends to celebrate opening shops? Well, either way, I don't need it." 

It was nice being invited places. He was not really used to it to be honest. As he made his way home, even though he was freezing, he felt joy. He had a pocket full of Ryo and plans so he could not be happier. He was looking forward to getting home and having a nice warm bath, however. He was going to need to get out and train a little more, though. With how strong Hanzo was getting he was going to have to work double hard to keep up with him. While he considered Hanzo to be one of his closest friends he did not want to get left behind by him. He wanted to be useful, not just to Hanzo, but to Tanbo as a whole. It was good to have friends like him who constantly pushed and motivated him to do better. 

WC: 588
TWC: 2097


Training Jutsu at 25% discount due to max stats

2062 words towards Fire Release: Great Fireball Shower A Rank

35 words towards Sharingan  3 Tomoe ( 3190/6000 )

8k Ryo
40 AP
1x Titanium given to Hanzo
Moyasu Nokoribi
Moyasu Nokoribi
Ryo : 71000

The Plan-B Citadel [Mission] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Plan-B Citadel [Mission]

Mon Feb 07, 2022 9:04 pm
Nice job. Approved.
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