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Isemori Uchiha
Isemori Uchiha
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Mon Dec 27, 2021 5:12 pm
Ise had woken up early the next day, eager to make his way to the training grounds that morning. Ever since he had been assigned to Team Summer, he had been thinking about Emilia and Yuuma, as well as the others. He wondered why he hadn’t heard from them. In fact, the most recent encounter Ise had with Yuuma Sensei was when he had given him his gift, which was a couple days ago. However, as Ise, Itsuki and his mother were eating breakfast together, a letter had come in the mail, addressed to Ise by Yuuma himself. It had told him to head to the training grounds for some training. It didn’t state whether or not the others would be joining them. So, after the young Uchiha read the letter, he quickly scarfed down his breakfast, grabbed his winter clan jacket, and headed towards the water gardens.

“I wonder what Yuuma Sensei has in mind for training? I’m hoping it’s some awesome ninjutsu!” Ise thought to himself as he ran down the streets, cutting corners through alleyways here and there, to make the trip faster. The young Uchiha had also wondered if Emilia and the others were on their way there now, or if they had already arrived. However, as Ise had gotten gradually closer towards the garden, he didn’t spot any of his teammates. Then as he had finally entered the gardens, the only person he had seen was Yuuma Sensei, standing there patiently. From the looks of things, Yuuma had only summoned Ise for training. “I’m here, Yuuma Sensei! Sorry if I kept you waiting too long,” The young Uchiha said, not really sure on whether or not he had in fact been waiting for a long period of time. Ise was terrible when it came to ascertaining time.

“So, what’s up? I got your letter! You said that this was some sort of training?” Ise had asked him, his anticipation getting the better of him. Then again, Ise was always filled with that type of energy. Ise couldn’t help but wonder what his sensei had in store for him. Ise would also occasionally glance around, hoping to see Emilia, or at least one of the others, however, despite how hard he tried, he didn’t see any of them except Yuuma as well as the silhouette of his own shadow that clung to the ground beneath his feet.

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