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Yuuma Fujiwara
Yuuma Fujiwara
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Taking Stock Empty Taking Stock

Fri Dec 24, 2021 4:00 pm
The festivals were still going on in Hoshigakure, thankfully. Whatever that strange Yoi had wanted, at least he wasn't kidnapping Yuuma's villagers in the depth of night and placing them in some manner of unspeakable horror. It was likely that the somewhat obtuse man with the fox ears and fluffy tail likely had some other devious intentions, though for all the sleuthing Yuuma had done on the matter, the man just seemed to need some help. Back in the village proper, Yuuma was cleaning out his shop and preparing to take a bit of a hiatus; the season was shifting, and with his newfound responsibility in leading a team, it would mean there were plenty of ways to keep himself busy in the face of no real work. Sighing to himself, he'd make his way over to the single counter in the front area of Starfall Remedies and went around behind it to replace the broom in the cramped cupboard closet that was tucked just on the other side of the desk. The space wasn't even big enough to fit a person in, it hardly had enough space for the janitorial equipment it currently held.

Yuuma's eyes would lift to the empty perch that sat on the far wall just next to a shelf full of fuzzy owl plushes. A sadness lingered in his gaze for a time before Yuuma would whisk a hand through his hair and douse the lights in the main room before making his back and vanishing into the studio living space he had in the back.

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