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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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I Received What??? Empty I Received What???

Fri Nov 19, 2021 2:38 pm
The day had been a rather long one for Emilia, though it wasn’t particularly eventful. She spent her day waking up like most other folks, which she was of course thankful for, but after that there wasn’t much that went on for her. She didn’t have any missions lined up that she needed to complete, or any training planned, as it was a scheduled off day for the young genin. Thinking about that though, it seems weird that a fresh genin would have an off day when they could be spending their time doing almost anything, and it would be considered productive. This was one of the reasons that Emi enjoyed being a fresh shinobi face in Hoshigakure, it allowed her the ability to grow at an infinitely high rate.
”For the most part, today has been pretty boring. I think It would benefit me to at the very least get out and be around the city. Maybe go eat some food and just talk to the different shop keeps.”
Emi looked around her house to make sure everything was in order before she decided to leave. One thing her parents imposed on her was being sure to live as though you are always progressing your life, you always are trying to stay motivated and be ready for whatever comes your way. The way Emilia did that was by doing the little things, making her bed when she woke up, cleaning her mess right away, and remembering the things that matter. These were but a few things that Emilia put into practice to progress her life and so far, it never let her down, so it must not be a wrong thing.
”Whoops, I’m forgetting something.”
She smiled and headed towards the fridge, letting her gentle hand open the door, and then grab a drink before shutting it as she walked back to leave her humble abode. When her right foot stepped outside, Emilia let her golden eyes gaze up into the sky, noting how the sun had reached its pinnacle for the day. Her stomach rumbled slightly which made her giggle for some unknown reason, though she realized she needed to get some food in her system. Since she was going out, she might as well visit a favorite food place of hers. Emi shut the door behind her and headed off to the city square.
The day was made for a nice stroll, there was no need for the young kunoichi to speed her way through the village to get to a destination. She looked around as her feet stumbled forward slightly in a more lazy and relaxed manner. The village was busy, it was getting close to some holidays so of course folks were out a little more doing some shopping. It made Emilia happy to see that, this time of year really helped the smaller shops do well as people typically would spend a little more. She remembered how her dad always enjoyed that thought as well. ”Huh, I suppose I take after my dad a lot, never really thought about that before.”
Some of the clouds had drifted into the vision of the sun, pulling some shade over the area in which Emilia was walking. A tiny little shiver ran through her body as you could see the goosebumps rise up on her skin. It was the sudden drop in temperature that had caused this, which forced Emilia to bring her arms up and cross, rubbing up and down each tricep. ”Oh.. shoot! I forgot I had this drink..” Her body went from slightly cold to freezing as she had somehow forgotten she held a drink in her right hand and then just rubbed it on her arms while she was trying to rid herself of the goosebumps.
Emi’s eyes glanced out at a couple walking past her that began to giggle and gave her an innocent sort of look. Like they were attempting to laugh with her and not necessarily at her, which the young genin appreciated. She smiled politely at the two of them and just kept on heading towards her stop. It wasn’t much further now, of course she would need to drink this drink before getting there because they didn’t allow outside food or drinks. For some reason, when you provide your own drinks and food, they don’t want you to bring other stuff in. Emilia thought it was sort of silly as she was coming there and going to spend money regardless, but alas, it’s not her shop and certainly not her rules to make.
She let her finger swirl around the top of the can for a second before popping it open, and then proceeding to take giant gulps of this drink. Looking at the side of it, you could see the words clear as day, though the only one that mattered was ENERGY. The kunoichi had planned on chugging an entire energy drink before heading into this restaurant that she enjoyed so much. She wasn’t exactly sure how great of an idea that was, but she wasn’t going to let it go to waste… so she down it in several large gulps. It didn’t immediately hit her the way you might think it would when you do something that… intense. It didn’t take long though for her heart to feel like it was beating outside of her chest. She even lifted one of her hands to feel in that general area to make sure it actually was how it was supposed to be.
”Okay, doesn’t feel like my heart is actually on the outside of my chest. I’m good to go.”
Emilia giggled softly as her hand raised high enough to swipe the drape to the side so she could enter with ease. To her surprise upon entering, it wasn’t quite as busy as she expected it to be, at least not compared to the number of people that had been out walking around. Emi had waved at the hostess as she walked in and headed towards her normal spot at what most folk would call the “bar” area. Most of the time she tried to sit in the same chair, which was towards the end near a wall that allowed her visual access to just about everything. She didn’t like people behind her, where she had no actual control over a situation, if something happened of course.
”I will take my usual, please. Oh, and a some sake as well.” Her eyes squinted with a little bit of hope as she smiled at A. That was the nickname she had given the restaurant owner who she had met a while ago, mostly because she didn’t feel pronouncing his entire name, though it seems to have brought on a nice friendship between the two.
”One steak and rice with vegetables coming right up. Keep dreaming on that sake, Emi.” The tall man looked down at her and gave small smile, letting her know he got the joke. He headed back towards the register, not noticing at first that one of the works had slid a small shot glass of sake over towards Emi. The young kunoichi let her eyes rest upon Ay until he looked over at her, at which time she would tilt her head back and down the drink with ease. Letting the glass follow her hand down onto the bar as she gave him a little wink and smile.
”Are you serious? Did you really just give her a shot of sake!?” The owner was clearly upset with the worker, then turning his eyes over to Emi to let her know just how upset he was that she would take the shot when he himself wouldn’t give it to her. Mostly he was disappointed and would now have to reprimand a worker, something he didn’t enjoy doing. As Ay went over to a little area and pulled out a slip, the two pranksters outed themselves, admitting that it was only water in the glass, and they were pulling a prank on him.
Laughter would ensue from the trio as Ay admitted that the two of them had certainly pulled a fast one over on him. Each of them would apologize for their part in the prank and try and comfort Ay by telling him how much they cared for him and how they could never do something like that. Of course, Emilia’s food was ready after the three of them had shared their moment and she would begin to chow down on the deliciousness that was in front of her. As the young girl’s lips covered the last bite of food, she closed her eyes to savor the flavor of the last bit of steak she would have for the day.
”Your food truly is delicious, Ay. Thank you so much for making it for all of us.” Emilia smiled at him and waved as she left her money on the counter and made her exit. With her belly now full, she would begin to visit some small time shops. Not that she was looking for anything, but since she was in the area, she may as well have a look around.
The first shop wasn’t but just a few paces away from the restaurant, so it only took a few seconds for Emi to enter. This particular shop was pretty full of items, though nothing really stood out as Emilia took the time to walk around. It was mostly little trinkets and even some clothing items that looked interesting enough, though Emilia wasn’t going to be trading her current clothing line for anything in this particular store. She decided she had seen most of what they had, and she would carry herself over to the next store, nodding and smiling to the shop keep as she left.
Emilia shoes clicked and clacked against the ground as her feet pushed forward to the next little store. This particular store had different potions or medicines, as Emi liked to call them. It was also very different on the inside than what you would expect from the outside. For what was sold in this particular store, the feel inside matched quite well. It was sort of dark, with different bottles all over the main room that was full of different things. The back room was more of a house than an actual shop which was interesting to Emilia. She wouldn’t stay here long as she didn’t require any of these things currently.
”Have a wonderful day!”
She smiled and waved bye to the shop keep as she took her leave. Standing outside the doorway soaking up the warm weather while the sun beat down on her face. Her eyes were forced to shut briefly as they readjusted to the brightness of the outside world. There was one more shop that she was interested in visiting today before she headed back to her house, it was another place she had never visited but always curious about. Triple B is what she called it in her head, though the actual name was a little more… creepy, Books, Body Parts, and Beyond. The Body Parts portion of the name is what was a little creepy to Emilia.
She took her first step inside after opening the door to the shop, noticing a rather nice main area that had places for people to sit. A radio sat on the main desk, playing a particular sports match where Emilia couldn’t’ figure out who the teams were. Not that she necessarily cared for the sports match, that wasn’t really her thing. ”Huh, this place is pretty big on the outside, but I don’t see any other areas in here, they must be hidden, because this can’t certainly be it.”
The thought slipped past her mind just as soon as it had entered into it. She had witnessed pretty much all she cared too currently and so she would soon make her exit from this shop as well. She hadn’t seen the shop keep when she entered, so she wasn’t able to give a proper goodbye this time. The bell above the door rang as she opened it to leave, once again forced to shut her eyes from the brightness of the sun that had been hidden from her sight previously. To Emi’s surprise, most of the day had already passed by and it was almost dinner time by now.  She let her feet turn her towards the direction that headed back home, keeping a more moderate pace than what she had when she first came out to the city square.
”I’m glad I came out today, it was fun seeing things that I had not yet seen in the city square. If I ever need any sort of books or even some different medicines, I know where to go now.”
The young kunoichi had finally made it back to her house, where she was greeted by a strange package that was on her doorstep. By this time, the sun had dipped low where the night sky was beginning to come through. Emi walked close to it and could see a special label that was placed on the box, ”HUMAN ORGANS”. This caught Emilia by surprise as for one, she wasn’t expecting any sort of package, and for two – she certainly wouldn’t expect a package that had human organs it in. Regardless of this, the box was addressed to an Emi and so she swooped it up quickly but very gently and walked inside.
Emilia grabbed the handle of one of her kunai and then slid it past the red tape, giving her the ability to open up the box. The first thing she saw though looked to be a letter, a letter that only had the name “Emi” on it. Now, most folks didn’t necessarily call her by Emi as she always introduced herself as Emilia. The young genin began to wonder if this package was actually meant for her or not, though she had already cut it open and it was on her doorstep, so she didn’t see the harm in reading the letter and taking a little more in depth look at what was inside.
Letter to Emi:
As the young kunoichi finished reading the letter, her thoughts immediately went to her name not being Emi Ren. She also felt that was a rather ridiculous name and didn’t sound very pleasing to be honest with you. They must have got the two girls mixed up somehow, not that it mattered to Emilia. She was going to keep it as she wasn’t aware of any Emi Ren with-in the village. She let her hands drift down into the container and pull out a bottle which looked to have some sort of liquid inside of it and what she presumed was the liver. Emi went ahead and placed it in the fridge, she figured that would be the best spot for it for right now.
As she walked back towards the container, she got anxious to see what this dojutsu wielding eye looked like. Similar to the liver, the eye was encased in a glass jar that contained some sort of liquid that Emilia was unfamiliar with. She didn’t practice in the medical arts, so her knowing anything about this stuff would be non-sensical. As the young genin pulled the eye out, her eye’s widened at the physical appearance of it. The sclera portion of the eye was blood red in color, the pupil of course was black and there seemed to be a horizontal purple line inside.
”Wow, this not what I expected, though to be fair, I didn’t really know what to expect. Also, what a coincidence that I walked into the Triple B store today and now I get this letter telling me to go there for more information about this eye. The world certainly works in mysterious ways.”
The kunoichi set the eye in the middle of her kitchen table, making it out to be a center piece for the time being. She planned to make another trip to the Triple B shop tomorrow with the eye in hand. She figured since it was in the letter that they could help, she would take the eye with her in case they had any sort of information on it. The box that had contained the two organs would be broken down by the young genin so it didn’t take up anymore room in her house. She also went ahead and took off any labels on the box as well as any information that may lead to her. She ripped up the labels into tiny pieces so it wouldn’t be easy for someone to rummage the trash and put it together.
Emi picked up the flattened box and opened her front door, she walked out to where she kept the trash and the recyclables and put the box into the recycle bin. She was usually pretty good about doing that, even though the recycle and trash ended up going to same place, it just made her feel good to remember to do it. The young genin went back inside to begin making her dinner and then lay down for the night. She now was going to have a busy day tomorrow and she didn’t want to sleep in and miss half the day. She shut her front door and turned the lock, doing her best to make sure no one could come inside.
”What a weird ass ending to this day.”

Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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I Received What??? Empty Re: I Received What???

Thu Nov 25, 2021 3:01 am
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