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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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A Helpful Soul Empty A Helpful Soul

Tue Nov 16, 2021 5:09 pm
”What should I do today? The weather certainly hasn’t been up to par, at least for training. Though I suppose it’s not terrible right now. Maybe I will carry myself over to the training grounds and see what I can get accomplished today.”
Emilia had been going stir crazy in her house the entire day while it stormed, she was at a loss for what to actually try and do since she didn’t have any missions going on. The one thing she could think of was training, which is what she needed to do, but she was hesitant to go out in the bad weather. Luckily though, the rain had stopped recently and provided a little break, so she decided to head out the house after grabbing her little notebook and headed down to the training ground area. She hoped there would be some people down there that she could connect with and meet. Her social network had really been lacking lately and she wasn’t familiar with a ton of the shinobi in the village.
As the tall but slender kunoichi made her way down the street, her black hair flowed back as the wind caught it underneath. She donned her regular attire that included long black leggings and a grey and black turtle neck top that was sleeveless. Her arms covered in black material, though her left arm was covered more-so than her right. The reason for this was the scars she had on her left arm from when she was a little girl, and they were living in Kumogakure. Emilia doesn’t remember much about the incidents, just the fact that she doesn’t like them, and so she tries to keep them covered at all costs.
As the young genin closed in on the training grounds, her golden eyes gazed across her paths, reminiscing on her recent training adventure that was held by the Hogokage. Emilia thought it was spectacular that he would be there to do that for the ninja of his village, it showed a true dedication to wanting to help people grow in their path and become better ninja for the village. Of course, it didn’t automatically make them strong, but they would have more tools at their disposal to work on that, and that’s where the value came in.
As Emi approached the entrance to the training ground, she had yet to spot anyone there – which was a little disappointing, but wouldn’t dissuade her from learning new things today. In fact, she had already planned to work on quite a few water jutsu, as well as learn what was called an advanced element by combining her lightning and water elements. There was also the ability to learn some things from her clan that were secret techniques, of course that stuff she wanted to keep private and wouldn’t let just anyone see. After a minute or two of wandering around the grounds, she settled on a spot that was near some water that she could use as a source for her new water techniques.
”This spot looks as good as any, I think I will sit right here and meditate for a bit before beginning my training.”
Emilia set her notebook on the ground beside her and crossed her legs, plaching the backs of her hands on her inner knee to produce a meditation state pose. The kunoichi breathed slowly in… holding her breath for a few moments, then letting it out in a calm manner. Emilia was superstitious and this was how she pretty much began any sort of training she did. It allowed her to think and get into the flow of what she was trying to accomplish. Just a few more breaths to go and then she would be ready to go for her water jutsu training…

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A Helpful Soul Empty Re: A Helpful Soul

Fri Nov 19, 2021 2:38 pm
It was quite the fair day in the land of Hoshigakure no Sato; not exceedingly cold as though to force those who desired to enjoy the outside to retreat to the shelter of their homes, but not scorching hot either that turned everyone into deep-fried meat by just stepping out of their house. It was the perfect balance of warm and cold that many people relished - including Enishi Kurosawa. The past few months have been quite the eventful time for the newly promoted understudy; from the beginning of the Chuunin Exams to the fearsome and rigorous Written Exam, to the Bell Test where participants who passed the Written Exams would have to face against high ranked shinobi hailing from the Land of Haven and to cap it all off, a fierce and bloodthirsty Tournament Bracket where only the strongest would survive. Many fought and many lost to achieve the title of Chuunin, and more subtly, the title of "The Strongest Genin in the World" obfuscated by the allure of gaining a new rank and being able to showcase one's potential in front of hundreds and thousands of onlookers. Ultimately, Enishi passed the Written Exam with high scores, defeated Arashi Tekiatsu - one of Hoshi's most famous Jounin -  in the Bell Test, narrowly bested his rival - Zeo Kamigawa, and was so close to tasting victory - only to be gouged by the Arrow of Crushing Hope that was Gin Akimichi. Recovery was quite a stagnant time for the young Sage, forcing Enishi who was still in dour spirits to learn how to move his body again after being paralyzed from head to toe by Gin's poisonous arrow - the shinobi equivalent of physical therapy. At least the nurses were somewhat hot...

Because of the events of the past few months and to cap it all off with the death of his adopted father, Enishi desired for some time to himself...time to actually reflect on where his path in life was headed. This period of reflection would be best attained in the Training Grounds, founded in the Water Gardens of Hoshigakure where he would be currently residing, meditating on the isolated Gazebo right next to a lake...well, it wouldn't be accurate to call it meditation, but more so, he was practicing controlling the flow of his Nature Energy, a daily practice of the Kurosawa heir in hopes of controlling his berserker curse. After he was purified by the sword of Vanear, his chakra system was altered into a type of odd energy that was more akin to water fused with Nature Energy so as a result of that...his meditations made water from the lake spiral around him like a cyclone whilst he was meditating. However, his trance soon broke in a sudden splash of water as he heard someone else entering the area. Weird; it was pretty uncommon to see someone on this day of the week, so naturally, the understudy was interested in seeing who it was.

Looking down on the hill that held the Gazebo and lake, he saw a girl - who seemed to be - or maybe two years younger than him, meditating on her side of the Training Grounds. Well, this was pretty interesting; did she just graduate from the Academy? She appeared to be one of the newer Genin judging by her potent yet unrefined chakra signature, which means that she was most likely pretty new to training. "Guess I'll help her out," The understudy absentmindedly thought; he was a Chuunin, so it was pretty much his part of his job to help out Genin - plus, it brought him some sort of happiness to see others getting stronger. Heh, it would be funny to surprise her out of the blue given that she most likely wouldn't have seen the understudy, plus, it would create a pretty badass entrance! (or make him look like a creep which he didn't consider) Quietly whistling a few times, the Sage of Pleiades would activate the Hiding in the Camouflage technique to render himself invisible for the time being; he just began dabbling in Sensory techniques the past month but he made great progress those types of jutsu. Thus, the Jugo would turn invisible and quickly advance with tiptoeing steps towards the meditating girl. 

In a few moments, he would appear right in front of her, dispelling the Hiding in a Camouflage technique in a burst of a blue chakra surge and a gleaming smirk.


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Emilia Kaneko
Emilia Kaneko
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Village : Hoshigakure
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A Helpful Soul Empty Re: A Helpful Soul

Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:57 pm
Inhale… one, two, three… exhale. The rhythmic breathing of the young kunoichi genin was soothing to say the very least. If you weren’t so focused on training and melding chakra, you would likely put yourself to sleep with the mesmerizing pace. Emi had started out by focusing on her water element nature, attempting to gather a bit from the lake that was near her and hold it in her hand. She really just wanted to get better control over it as she was fairly new to it and the only technique she knew was Hidden Mist jutsu. It was a great support or utility technique, but it didn’t off much from an offensive standpoint or even an elemental advantage.
After a few moments of working on her control with the water, Emilia switched up the gameplan and added lightning into the mix. A big goal of hers in this training today was to learn control over both elements at the same time and find a unique way to make both elements work well together. While the young kunoichi let the water swirl fiercely but calmly in her left hand, she gathered her lightning chakra into her right, focusing it where you could hear the chirping of the sparks as it surrounded her hand. Her right opened to peak down at her hands to see what they looked like, so far she was only able to have a feeling of what it was like.  
”Huh!?” Emilia forcibly opened both eyes wide as she jumped back and lost complete control over the lightning and water chakra that she was holding within the palm of her hand. A boy, who looked a few years older than her appeared in front of her suddenly, scaring the literal bajeezus out of Emi. Her golden eyes looked upward towards the boys face who gave off a smirk as if he had been proud of his sneak attack just now. He clearly could see that she was in the middle of training, did he have any regard for her sense of privacy or was he just someone that wished to interrupt for no reason?
”Ya know, I was in the middle of training and trying to harmonize myself with my chakra. Then you come up here all willy nilly and scare me… on purpose might I add. What even led you over here in the first place? I didn’t come bother you while you were training did I? The answer is clearly no.”
Emilia was letting the boy have it, though in all fairness, she didn’t even see the boy training in the grounds because of how focused she was on this thing. Not that she would have disturbed him had she known. In her rambling about being scared, the young kunoichi missed the fact that this fella was a Hoshi ninja and one of more seniority than herself. It would be interesting to see his response to how Emilia has first interacted with him. The only thing she cared about in this moment was training and learning some new water jutsu and maybe something else a little more advanced.
”You disrupted my training. All I want to do is learn some water jutsu and potentially learn something that combines my lightning and water elements. Is that too damn much to ask?”
The fired up genin began panting a little hard as she had somehow exhausted herself by not taking a breath while letting this boy in front of her have it. Instead of training ninjutsu she may have needed to focus more on stamina and learning to breath properly. It was a little pathetic to be quite honest, surely it would make this boy in front of her see how weak and annoying she was.

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