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Hiroki Shimada
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Mysterious Figure Empty Mysterious Figure

Wed Oct 20, 2021 10:50 am

After the exhausting yet exhilarating events of Hiroki's training the other day, the Kumo ninja made the conscious decision to take somewhat of a break. While he didn't wanna fully push the stop button on trainings and missions and such, he still decided to take on a easier mission. It would end up being a bore most likely. But hey. Sometimes it was just easier that way, as much as he hated to admit it. He needed a slight reprieve from the chaotic nonsense of higher level missions. He also just needed some time alone.

Which is exactly why the black and white haired teen took on the mission that he did; he was sent into the village of Kumogakure to investigate the reports of a cloaked figure which has been deemed suspicious by the Lord Raikage. Was this figure actually suspicious though? Who knew. Hiroki would certainly find out soon, and hopefully who it was as well.

It was around twilight hours, the moon wasn't fully shining bright in the sky yet, but the sun hadn't completely set. Leaving the land in a state between darkness and daylight. This was certainly the best time to be going about this mission as it would allow for some cover in the off chance that combat should arise. However, this thought was a double edged sword and Roki knew that. While he would get to utilize this period to his advantage, any enemies would be able to as well. So long as they were smart enough, that is.

Strolling along the peaks of the village, the lone wolf made his way to where most of the reports had been coming from. He was going off the ideology that someone in the area must know more details about this. So, upon getting there, he did a quick investigation of the area, specifically looking for anyone or anything which might give a clue to the whereabouts of the person Hiroki was after. The results of doing so provided some assistance, but nothing fully; he found a torn piece of clothing that was covered in blood. The color of the cloth matched that of the description to the hood being worn, but unfortunately there was no way to fully determine if this was actually from the hooded figure or someone with the same colored clothes. Also, in this same string of unluckiness, there was the blood on it, but no trail unfortunately. It would look like this was going to be harder than expected.

Soft eyes peering around, they stumbled upon another lone person, a drunkard from what it had seemed. Although he doubted that they would be able to assist in giving decent information, Hiroki decided more info was better than none. Quietly approaching the man, the shinobi spoke towards him with a hushed tone "Excuse me sir, have you seen or heard anything about a cloaked figure recently? About 5'10, wearing this color cloth, no gender has been determined." While saying this, he held out the piece of cloth which was just found on the ground a moment before. The drunkard, clearly taken aback by being suddenly asked this, responded with his own slurred speech "Well, youuu shee, I wazh jusht aboot to ashk youu if you know wh-" *hiccup* "-ere I could geht ah drinkie." And the drunkard proceeded to giggle a bit. "But to ansher yoursh, I did shee-a man in a hoood not too long-" *hiccup* "-ago, with anothur women. They went in there." Pointing south, the man's finger was directed towards an old building about 10 meters away. Just after saying this, he then fell over, seemingly too intoxicated to do anything else. It's a good thing Roki managed to get some info out of him before the alcohol made the man pass out. Worse comes to worse, Hiroki would just come back later to make sure the drunk wasn't seriously injured, but he had a mission to complete now, so he set out towards the building immediately.

Getting there was simple, but the genin had feared this next part might be harder. He didn't know if the figure was still inside. And the woman the drunk talked about. Were they an ally of the other person? Scaling the outside of the building, Roki knew it was best to enter from the second floor. It would make it easier to catch the people inside off guard that way. Very slowly and cautiously, he made his way in through a window. Entering a dark room, there was no light or noise coming from inside. Which was quite strange, considering the information given. Could Hiroki have been lured into an ambush? He pulled out a kunai in the off chance his suspicions were right.

Taking a few steps forward, the floor boards creaked under every foot fall due to old age and general poor conditioning of the place. Well, it looked like he wouldn't be able to be fully quiet now. Certainly if someone were still inside, they would have heard it. So, the Kumo lad decided to hell with it. He pulled a Leroy Jenkins, charging through the door. It was a balcony area overlooking the first floor; and down below was a grotesque scene. Marked in blood along the floor was a strange symbol which he hadn't seen before. In the center of it was a lifeless female body. The bloodied remains of it at least. The legs had been completely hacked off, and there was a large cavity within their chest. Although he didn't want to, Hiroki jumped down to get a closer look at the corpse. This revealed something huge. The woman's heart was missing. Certainly the work of a cultist. There was no other evidence or trace of the man who had done so though. With nothing else to do, and not wanting to stay here any longer, the 18 year old made his leave, going back to report his findings. Hopefully it would be enough information to find out more on the culprit.

WC: 1,003
Mission WC completed
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Stat Claims: 10, 5 to Vigor, 1 to Chakra, and 4 to Speed
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Mysterious Figure Empty Re: Mysterious Figure

Wed Oct 20, 2021 5:58 pm
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