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(I.O., Ryo Senju) A night to forget Empty (I.O., Ryo Senju) A night to forget

Tue Oct 12, 2021 7:41 pm
Mission 1:

Mission 2:


Lachesis was not going trick or treating. She'd helped with rebuilding a bit, done some infrastructure work, and she assumed that the kids' parents knew her from that and as an extension didn't mind sending them out with her on the first day off in a while. They did realize she used to be a torturer, right?

...Probably not. She wasn't sure if that was still classified, and it's not like she spoke to people enough for it to be an issue. There were three of them- because of COURSE there had to be- and they looked up at her with expectant eyes. God damn it. They weren't her team, but with the rumors of dark clothed strangers wandering around at odd hours (she suspected ROOT involvement, but knew well enough to keep her damn mouth shut), letting them go on their own would be...

...Irresponsible. Ugh. She looked down at them, having not even taken off her Jounin vest, before a headband- the hair kind, not the ninja kind- was shoved into her hands. Adorned on it was a pair of cat ears. Did she really have to put this on? She could in theory transform, but the expectant looks... God fucking damn it. Fuck kids. Fuck ninjas. She wanted to become a goat herder.

"...Where'd you find this?" she spoke up after a moment, gently putting it on after a moment's consideration.

"Oh, it's my mom's! She keeps it in her drawer with-" Lachesis blanched instinctively, holding up her hand. Never mind. She didn't want to know.



They walked around the half-ruined village, getting little mints or butterscotches from whoever still had enough money to celebrate. The sight of a dead faced jounin wearing cat ears gave some of the civilians pause- not just because many of the villages high ranking members defected to join their conquerors.

After around twenty minutes, her harsh posture slowly eased as she listened to the rambling conversations of the kids with her. A few icy (hah) glares were enough to dissuade any questions about what she was doing- perhaps they assumed this was her genin team? The Onomori scratched her nose awkwardly, occasionally looking upwards to catch the sun's position. She didn't want to get them home too late, after all.

The sight of a black clothed figure out of the corner of her eye stopped her in her tracks. A quick glance around- nobody but her had seen it, apparently. She could pursue in theory, but that would leave her temporary charges defenseless...

The trail'd go cold the longer she waited, though. The sight of a stranger caught her eye- and they had a genin headband. Should they listen, she'd give them the kids' addresses and tell them to keep the kids out of trouble. After a moments' consideration, she gave them the cat eared headband- not telling where it had come from, of course- before making a rapid pursuit.

She didn't know if she had chased the stranger for hours, minutes, or even seconds, but all she found when she turned the final corner was a smattering of blood and the lingering realization that much more was going on than she was aware of.

(Tentative Exit, since i did my half of the 1k words)

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[Total WC: 535]

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For mission reward, claiming 1k ryo instead of 2k due to kiri tax, 10 ap, and 4 tickets
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(I.O., Ryo Senju) A night to forget Empty Re: (I.O., Ryo Senju) A night to forget

Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:36 am
"Ah, man..." Ryō walked through the streets with his hands intertwined behind his head, glancing at the few shops that had the strength to continue business in the dark times that plagued the village. It was admirable, in its own way, how the village did its best to continue on in spite of the hardships and misfortune that had befallen it. When he had first heard of the events that had transpired since his forced departure from the village, Ryō had felt a great swell of indignation and grief. 

Such was his attitude that he couldn't bring himself to wallow in those negative feelings for long, which was what had led him to the streets to wander aimlessly. A faint smile had been brought to his lips at the sight of some of the smaller children dressed up in various costumes, some more brilliantly and designed than others, and even some of the older kids who did what they could to find a spark of joy in the darker timers. It was equally admirable to see how many of the villagers, far too many to be healthy but far more than he had feared, had come together to provide sweets and other treats for the children of the village. 

A feeling of deep unease suddenly struck him and Ryō was helpless to do anything other than stop cold in the middle of the road. It was a dark feeling, but almost indescribable. He turned to look around to find the source when abruptly he found himself standing in front of a rare sight; a Jōnin of the Leaf. Far too many had abandoned the village, but not all, and Ryō took some small measure of comfort from that fact.  

That comfort wasn't very warm, however, next to the cold gaze he found himself under. One of the first lessons drilled into those who attended the Ninja Academy of the Leaf was to listen to the words and orders of any Jōnin that ever gave them; it was not a lesson that Ryō had forgotten, even after so many years away from the village and many more from the Academy. He listened as she rattled off a quick string of addresses, fortunately, a cluster near his own tiny apartment, and gave him a shortlist of instructions before handing him a ridiculous pair of... No, surely he hadn't received a pair of cat ears, of all things, from a Jōnin. Yet no matter how many times he blinked, they remained in his hands.

By the time he looked up from the cat ears, the Jōnin was gone. Almost immediately the children besieged him with questions and demands, sensing a weaker target than their former guardian. Ryō did his best to corral them and keep them in line as they made their way back to their homes. When they passed a street vendor pedaling some street food, one of the children fell behind and stared longingly at the cart as the man passed. Something in how she looked broke Ryō's heart. Having to see such an up-close-and-personal view of the hardships that many suffered under pulled at something in his core that demanded action. Dipping into his own pocket to retrieve some of the spare coins he had been given by his family prior to leaving, Ryō immediately felt the purchase was worth it when the little girl bit into the treat and expressed delight.

Of course, the other children demanded a treat as well, and Ryō's poor wallet was considerably lighter as he got the last of the home, but he felt good about all of it. There was reason to hope.




The sun had finally set as Ryō waved goodbye to the last of the children and he stood alone on the street corner. Not many shops were still open past dark, but here and there their lights could be seen and the occasional civilian or ninja could be spotted on the streets. There was much he still didn't know about the status of the village or how the people still within it had changed over the last few years. He could take the time to go meet some faces, relax a little and enjoy himself. He had earned it, right?

Unfortunately, the part of him that had seen him enroll in the Academy and become a shinobi had other notions on what to do. That uneasy feeling from early hadn't dissipated and Ryō felt some sort of compulsion to try and investigate if only a little. Checking to make sure no civilians were nearby that might have been panicked to see one of the Leaf shinobi abruptly dart to the rooftops, Ryō took to the air. The air was crisp and held a faint chill that wasn't entirely unpleasant. In better times, it would have wafted along with the scent of sweets and other pleasantness. Now it just seemed empty and carried a tension that made Ryō check that he had his kunai and shuriken with him.

Leaping from rooftop to rooftop, Ryō scanned the village and looked for signs, any signs, that something was amiss. No matter where he looked though, he couldn't find anything to support the nagging concern in the back of his mind that something was amiss. Before he could give up entirely, a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye propelled Ryō to follow afterward before he even registered his own reaction. 

Landing in one of the many alleyways of the village, Ryō found himself standing across from the Jōnin whom he had taken the children from earlier in the day. He followed her gaze to a spattering of blood across one of the walls and he felt himself blanch at the sight. As much as he wanted to believe that it was from something more innocent like a brawl, he knew better; the angle the blood splashed against the wall wasn't the sort that you'd get from a fistfight that didn't include weapons. 

"... What the hell is going on?" Ryō managed to ask as he looked up at the Jōnin, an uncomfortable pit of dread settling in his stomach as he realized how much trouble the village truly was in. 


WC: 1,035
TWC: 1,570

Rewards: Claiming mission rewards [1,000 ryo after Kiri tax, 10 AP, 4 tickets], as well as 10 stats into Vigor and spending 1,000 WC to pick up Flickering Lantern, Genjutsu Release, and Body Flicker.
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(I.O., Ryo Senju) A night to forget Empty Re: (I.O., Ryo Senju) A night to forget

Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:54 pm
Is approved.
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