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Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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One Hand Washes The Other - Page 2 Empty Re: One Hand Washes The Other

Mon Dec 06, 2021 9:54 am
His speech seemed to have left the duo speechless, as expected. With the wire on their court, Enyo asked Anaphiel if he wished for an anesthetic technique to ease the process. Quite affable and commendable of the lass to want to help her fellow ninja. “No anesthetic”, barked the redhead. “It would defeat the point”, he added, his dark eye fluttering between the two. And then, she did.

The absolute mad woman, she actually fucking did it.

She didn’t even garrotte the wrist, she just clamped onto it with her fingers and gripped the hand off. For a hot second, terror washed over Noboru’s face as he witness this, and all that was left afterwards was surprise, which he tried to bring down as best as he could to mild bemusement. “Leave the hand on my desk, you can have it back when you proved yourself to me. Though, I must admit, that shit was a little scary.” He would nod a couple times as he spoke the last sentence. No point in hiding it from either of them.

But, the small glory she reaped from her act she immediately wasted in goading Anaphiel. “Alright, that’s enough, Enyo. You’re dismissed. Go get that treated before you bleed out. And no replacing it, I’ll know if you do.”

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Enyo Gushiken
Enyo Gushiken
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One Hand Washes The Other - Page 2 Empty Re: One Hand Washes The Other

Thu Dec 09, 2021 3:56 pm
Just like that, it was done. Her left hand was severed from the wrist. She stood as she motioned to the desk, acknowledging the momentary fear that burdened the face of her lord. She took no real pleasure in his terror, it was an order from a man that she respected as her leader. She would have much rather place fear into the heart of her adversaries over him. But she would be remiss if she did not admit that his reaction to her actions were somewhat satisfying. His words would fan the flames of her subtly stroked ego as she would smile softly. “Forgive me, that wasn’t my intentions in the slightest, m’lord.” Sitting the severed hand on the desk, the stump wrapped in bandages as she glanced over to Anaphiel who seem to be still pondering his punishment. 

She was dismissed, for that she was pleased. But she wondered how long it would take someone that was suppose to be her commanding officer to lead by example? Yet, it would seem that she, AGAIN, would have to be the leading display. First it was when she stepped in to save Anaphiel and Nova from a mission that was proving to be too much for him. Second was now, where she had to demonstrate to him what the command issued by their Raikage looked like. Though he looked to lack the physical strength to do as she did, so perhaps not following in her footsteps in that regard, but using the wire with just enough force should do the trick for him…maybe?

She would look to her lord. “Fine, I’m off to meet with Ichigo. I’ll inform him of what transpired here and of the punishment. Best to do that than for him to question me about my hand.” She would motion to the door, opening and closing it behind her. The wound properly bandaged enough. Though the blood stain was soaking through. 

She would walk the village as a living example of the Raikage’s kindness. Her fate could have been much worse now that she thought about it. He could have had her locked away, or slain for that matter. What he spoke within their meeting made sense. Her actions were rash, she learned that firsthand. She didn’t consider how that may have implicated her innocence in the long run. And she will do better to allow the same mistake to happen in one lifetime. 

“What exactly am I going to do about hand seals now?” She asked to herself, exiting the Kage manor as she tread the streets of Kumo on her way back to the hospital that she was assistant of. Once she entered she was greeted by Saiya. Immediately the nurse gasped in horror as she hurried to Enyo’s side. “Lady Enyo, your hand! Are you alright?” Enyo, with her stern expression and nonchalant nature would walk past the nurse without batting a eye to the injury. “Have the patients been visited at every hour like I asked?” Saiya, shook at the question and blatant disregard for her own injuries of Enyo. She nodded her head and held up her clipboard. “Yes, Lady Enyo, they have. Inventory was also restocked.” She added. 

Enyo smiled softly. “Excellent. The less that Ichigo has to worry about, the better he is to tend to his other duties. This hospital will it be a burden to him, not while I’m around.” She stated. She would then use her right hand to beckon Saiya to follow her. She did just that. “Please fetch him for me. I’ll need him to tend to the bleeding. I wouldn’t want my blood to stain the tile. That would be hypocritical of me.” She ended with as she turned down the hall towards their shared office. Saiya breaking from her as she went to fetch the Dr. 

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One Hand Washes The Other - Page 2 Empty Re: One Hand Washes The Other

Thu Dec 09, 2021 11:00 pm
Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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The son,
The daughter
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One Hand Washes The Other - Page 2 Empty Re: One Hand Washes The Other

Fri Dec 17, 2021 12:58 pm
The hardy woman proved to be more than a burnt pretty face, to be sure. Not only did she complete the self-inflicted task as commanded with brutal efficiency, she even apologized to Noboru for the manner in which she went about it. He had expected a medical aid to perform the task with more finesse, but he had forgotten she was in actuality a Drummer, more known for their brawn than brain. He couldn’t be mad at her for this, not really. Had it been him in this situation, he might’ve actually been more careful out of fear of angering a superior; she had no such petty limitations holding her back. He would have to watch her career with great curiosity; she had the makings of greatness within, if only she could be guided to bear greatness without.

Gushiken informed Nobo of her intentions, and he was pleased she would take the initiative to tell what transpired to Ichigo personally. It showed strength of character in the same measure as squeezing her hand off her wrist showed strength of body. Yet, he didn’t let this show, and he allowed her to leave without saying another word to her. His eyes, instead, fixed on Anaphiel. He approached the couch, staying by his desk. “It is now or never, my friend”, he said calmly, Enyo out of earshot at this point, just the two men in the room. Noboru unclipped the sake bottle from his belt. “If you’re hesitant about this, I’ll make it easier for you”, he said as he uncorked the bottle and a stream of sake dashed upwards, igniting on contact with the air. “But I must warn you, if I make this easier for you, your life afterwards is going to be very, very hard…”
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One Hand Washes The Other - Page 2 Empty Re: One Hand Washes The Other

Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:42 pm
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