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Making Deals Empty Making Deals

Fri Aug 27, 2021 6:45 pm
A DollaR Short:

The summer days were starting to wane in the nameless minor country Takamora currently resided in. Years ago he had left a similar backwater country that no one who existed outside of it even knew or cared for its presence. Tak had been brought up in the fighting pits of a slave colony, he was very capable in hand-to-hand combat but he had kept himself out of such trouble in recent years. Tak preferred to make his money in a more civilized manner, he could be compared to a witch or a healer of older civilizations. Tak used medical ninjutsu to create salves and potions of anything he could come up with and was a master of chemistry.

Tak tried to keep to himself as much as he could but there were certain substances that were monopolized by local gangs, as they had particular effects that help villagers relax or relieve stress. Although Tak used them as part of a concoction for other things he still had to go through these channels to get them. 

Approaching an alleyway where he usually met his connection Tak slipped one of his weapons into his hand and secured it within the cuff of his jacket. If he were to need it he would be able to access the weapon if needed. Tak approached a man who half hid behind a dumpster, his foot and back leaning up against a wall. As Tak approached the man he clocked a few more individuals attempting to hide ready to jump out on anyone who tried to bring more nefarious acts to this current nefarious act.

"Yo, Takey boi. You got the money? we got the stuff" The man called out in a light but mocking tone. Tak pushed off the condescension of the man, knowing he could gut them all in a few seconds if he needed to "The usual" Tak said almost as a sneer out of the side of his scarred mouth. Tak extended his hand with a few rolls of cash in it and handed it over to the man. He pocketed it and then pushed off against the wall "So we have a little problem here, there's a guy we need you to collect some money from, then you will get your stuff, plus a cut." Tak tensed at the notion "I'm not here for your tasks, I'll take my stuff and be on my way." Tak said in a sure tone. "No I'm sorry but your money has been accounted for unless you take on this task for us I'm afraid the supply won't be freed up". 

Tak loosened his group on the kunai and allowed it to fall into his palm. His heart began to race as he thought about taking his money back by force, However, that would do no good for him in the long run. "Fine" Tak said as he turned away from the group and walked out of the alley. He then made his way to the man that owed them the money. Tak knew who it was as they had the conversation in their last drug deal. Tak waited outside the man's work, after a few hours the man appeared and began to travel away from his work presumably towards his home. Tak followed him until he turned to a point where the man was isolated. Tak closed the distance between them grabbed the man from behind and shoved him against the wall, the kunai up against the man's throat. "I believe you have something for the Hardy Boys, it's due". The man paid up, fearing for his life, Tak then returned them only to the gang and got his but and his product.

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Making Deals Empty Re: Making Deals

Sat Aug 28, 2021 8:02 am
Don't Shoot the Messenger:

Tak returned to his makeshift camp with his substances from his recent mission and back-alley deal. The money itself was not something he had planned to get on his trip, but it was always welcome since he had certain things that he had to buy and had no other choice. Tak was raised on basically protein slob and had all but burnt out his taste buds so food was of nothing more than maintaining his life. The only thing that he enjoyed when it came to food and drink now were things with a certain texture, this made his food bill quite small every week, and a lot of it he could hunt or gather himself. He would however enjoy various alcohol that a lot of the time he would brew himself.

Tak stored his new stock of chemicals and other substances for his work and then prepared to go and check his traps and other areas to gather the other things he needed for daily life. Tak was on the outskirts of a town, about 4 miles away from its walls and borders. Tak journeyed along a road for a2 of those miles and then veered off into the woods and looked for his traps that he had set up in an area that deer frequented.

Luckily Tak had caught one such deer in one of his eloquent traps. Fortunately for the deer, it had been impaled properly and killed quickly. Tak had no wish for an animal of this type to suffer, but he did need its raw materials. An unfortunate combination of events, where he did not wish to kill animals but needed to survive in his current way of life. Tak removed the deer from the trap and began to field dress it. Removing its skin and doing various other things to prepare the meat for transport. As Tak had completed the field dressing a bush nearby rustled and out of ti a man appeared, his breath very ragged. Tak span on his heels and brought his dressing knife up. The man instantly put his hands up and shake them furiously at Tak "Nono leave me alone, I've just got away from those people, here take this" The man threw a purse of Ryo at Tak and then instantly ran off into the bush again.

Tak raised an eyebrow as he used his bloodied knife to open the purse and noticed there was a 1000 ryo inside. "Not like I have time for your business" Tak said to himself as he pocketed the money and left the container on the floor. Tak finished preparing the deer for transport and then made his way back to his encampment, this time he stayed off the road. He knew that there would probably be people looking for the man he had seen and he had no interest in getting involved. It was probably the Hardy boys he was running from as they had their noses in many different nefarious acts.

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