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Ashitaka Senju
Ashitaka Senju
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Mon Aug 16, 2021 10:45 am


While he would have preferred to have paid the man outright, to better understand the concepts behind the monetary system, Ashitaka was content to trade one labor for another. So it was that he found himself with the unenviable task of making a meat delivery across town to the Inuzuka clan's homestead. In the good old days, this might have been a mere inconvenience, but that was back when most of the city was reasonably well-fed and therefore the average citizen wasn't a liability to his well-being or that of his cargo. Those days had passed.

So it was that the young shinobi found himself hauling around a meat cooler that would have burdened an ox cart as he crossed the ruined village in a path that appeared to meander but was in fact headed in a very specific direction. He was in a hurry though, since he planned to compete the journey and return soon enough to enjoy his meal before one of the stores preparing it for him was robbed. Because of this, it was inevitable that those of ill intent would succeed in tracking him down and intercepting his delivery. The bandits, academy washouts from the look of them, brandished weapons comprised of miscellaneous objects that could be used for weapons if one was stupid and/or desperate enough, and he knew these punks were both. Not that he believed the threat of either the implements or their wielders should be underestimated. They were all poorly trained, which meant that their movements would be as unpredictable as they were sloppy.

They tried to surround him, but he both refused to stop moving and began taking paths that forced their gang into bottlenecks which inhibited tactical movement (for the inept). They didn't have anyone who was agile enough to account for his sudden changes in direction, fast enough to get ahead of him, and sturdy enough to avoid being simply bowled over by the borderline superhuman and his burgeoning burden. Eventually, however, he ended up taking a wrong turn due to not being familiar with the streets in the area and found himself facing down a dead end with high walls on three sides and the exit soon occupied by his pursuers.

"Hah... gotchu..." the presumed leader of the gang wheezed, but he didn't appear to be in a condition to act on any threats, and he was the most sound of the bunch. Ashitaka looked the lot of them over then cocked his head quizzically, clearly in far better shape than they were despite the load they were carrying. It was strange that they thought they could fight him like this, and he made no secret of his belief to that effect.

"You have nothing." Ashitaka retorted softly but coldly, then turned directly away from the gang and started walking toward the wall at the far end of the alley they'd followed him into. When he reached said wall, he simply... placed the heel of his toes against it and started walking straight up the wall. His would-be assailants watched him in confusion and horror, now aware that they'd just tried to mug a ninja. With no further difficulties, he regained his bearings and proceeded on to his destination via the village's rooftops. He was happy to meet his adoptive family again, but he really wanted that ramen right now.

[Mission Complete: 656/500 words. Claiming 1000 Ryo (50%/500 go to Kiri, new total doubled by Beloved Presence). 5 points going to Speed and 1 to Strength. New totals are 70/52 respectively. Training "Elemental Arrows" E-rank 500/500, D-rank 322/1000. Claiming 5 AP. Total Bonus AP: 5]

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Give a Dog a Bone (E-Rank) Empty Re: Give a Dog a Bone (E-Rank)

Thu Aug 26, 2021 6:44 am
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