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Stat Page : Yomiko
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Village : Konohagakure
Ryo : 19700

The Sneaky Cat [E-rank] Empty The Sneaky Cat [E-rank]

Fri Jun 11, 2021 12:50 pm

Yomiko looked around in awe at the rather large establishment that the older man had. It was hard to believe that such big properties were even available in what seemed to be the very cramped Konohagakure. But, apparently, towards the outskirts of the village there were more and more larger homes until those homes turned into estates. Who would even need such a big place? Not that it even mattered in the long run, she wasn’t here to gawk at the size of the place or to go sightseeing around it. She was here for a mission, believe it or not. Even if, much like her last one, it was a bit demeaning in a way. 

His cat has gone missing and I need to find it. Great. On these grounds?

Shaking her head, Yomiko rang the doorbell to the large estate. She almost expected a butler or some sort of servant hand to answer the door. Instead, an elderly man came to the door and answered, smiling at her as he ushered her inside and began leading her to the back of his home. Yomiko started off distracted by the sheer simplicity that the inside seemed to have. Again, she was almost expecting extravagant jewels, tapestries, or some other sort of fancy décor. Not this rather wholesome affair. 

“My lovely kitty Chrysanthemum, Chrissy, is running around my back yard somewhere. She’s a feisty old gal and doesn’t want to come inside. Oh how I need to get her ready for her appointment. Please,” he started, turning to face Yomiko with the most dire of looks on his face, as if it were life and death before continuing, “Bring my Chrissy back to me!”

He ushered Yomiko out back where his ‘yard’ was before going back inside to let her do her thing. She looked around awestruck. Yard? It was more like an entire estate! Or at least, that’s how it looked at first glance like this. As if on cue, a very light orange, almost blonde even, cat came strolling out of the bushes. Almost yellow, almost the color of the flower. Yomiko crouched down, “Pss, pss, pss, Chrissy?”

The cat immediately stopped what she was doing and looked at Yomiko, staring what could have easily been daggers at her before trotting, not even running, but trotting away like she was taunting the young shinobi. Grumbling under her breath, Yomiko casually walked after the cat. She knew that if she ran after her, it would only likely spook the ornery creature and have her run as well. She kept up well enough with the cat. She continued to saunter and trot ahead, occasionally looking back and picking up her pace before slowing down again. This continued on for what felt like hours when really it must have only been about twenty or thirty minutes at most. At least she was getting a good amount of power walking in, right?

Finally, she was able to sort of coax Chrissy into turning and going towards where Yomiko had noted a dead end in the yard could be used to trap the poor girl. It took a bit of extra time to do it, but eventually the cat cornered herself and Yomiko wasted no time in rushing the poor thing and ripping her up and into her arms. Of course the cat did NOT like that and continued to try and get out of Yomiko’s arms while she hurried back to the house. It’s as if her owner had been watching her the entire time and knew she was coming. The door opened as she got close to the back porch area and inside she went, dropping the cat down to avoid the continuous yet subtle attack she was enduring. 

“Chrissy!!!! You naughty girl!” The cat seemed to be definitely spooked by the loud show of affection from her actual owner, running away and around the corner with a thud following. Yomiko followed after the owner to peer around to see what the thud was---he had set up her carrier cage in front of what looked like tubing to a kitty playground she likely used to go all about the house. Her escape route turned into her jail. Cringing, Yomiko almost felt bad for the poor thing. “Thank you so much for corralling my dear Chrysanthemum back to me. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have an appointment to keep.”

Exiting with Yomiko, he left her to her own devices out front of his house as he started down the road to presumably walk the whole way to the veterinarian’s office. From the way he was hustling, he seemed like he could have gotten her all on his own and didn’t even need Yomiko’s help. Sighing to herself after having that realization, she shook her head and started the trek back to report on her successful completion of the ‘mission’.

-TWC 820; Claiming 1100 Ryou (1000 base reward for E rank and 100 Ryou for Genin completion of E rank), 5 AP per E-rank mission rewards, and +8 stat points via 800 WC towards Speed. 500WC towards learning Temporary Paralysis and 250WC towards learning Genjutsu Release

Last edited by Yomiko on Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:30 pm; edited 1 time in total
Stat Page : Ryu
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

The Sneaky Cat [E-rank] Empty Re: The Sneaky Cat [E-rank]

Fri Jun 11, 2021 1:12 pm
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