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Training  Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands Empty Training Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands

Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:04 am
Nasu yawned loudly as he woke up. He slowly got out of bed. It was great he had nothing specific to do today. Travin was going out on a mission so that meant no training and he had no mission to do today either. It took him 20 minute to get ready for the day because he had nothing to do. He went down stairs and decided to have some eggs for breakfast. But what kind. He could have scrambled. It's always a great option. But sunny side up eggs on toast would be nice. Or he could have gone for some hard boiled eggs and ate them while walking around. He ended up going with scrambled eggs in the end though. He got two eggs out of his fridge and put a slice of bread in the toaster. He cracked them out into a bowl and lightly seasoned the eggs while whisking them up. He then put it into a pan and started to cook them. He went and grabbed some milk out of the fridge and started to move the eggs around as well, not wanting to make an omelet. After a couple minutes the eggs were nearing their finish. Nasu poured a tiny bit of milk on them and turned off the heat. The milk would stop them from over cooking. Nasu then grabbed his toast and put it on a plate. He put his scrambled eggs on top. He then cut up some tomatoes and had them sliced and put it on top too. He then finally got to eat his breakfast. He did know he should at least do something today. Even though Travin wasn't there to teach him he could still go and learn a jutsu. Then when Travin got back they would be able right into high rank jutsu. “Hmm but what to learn. So many options.” After a bit of thinking Nasu came up with the perfect jutsu to learn. He could go with many hidden shadow snake hands. He already knew one form of it so it shouldn't be too hard to learn for him. He just had to get more snakes out. This would also allow him to do more in a fight if he had twice the snakes to attack and defend. “Okay many hidden shadow snake hands it is.” Now Nasu just had to get ready and he could head out. He put on some clothes for training and started to walk to the training facilities.

The walk wasn't too far. He could get there and still have a couple of hours to train before he got back. It was a hot day out though. Training might not be the most enjoyable thing to do. It should be fine though. And for Nasu having more jutsu ment more he could do so that was all there was to it. The mist was very light in kiri to the point where if you lived there you probably wouldn't even notice it. It always makes life better when there's little mist. Nasu just kept on walking. He heard birds chirping and flying overhead and all the shops around were open. “I guess because it's such a nice day there's a lot going on. Maybe I should stop by a shop or two while on my way.” Nasu was looking around to see if there was anything interesting but there wasn't really anything. Mainly it was just a bunch of people yelling. A lot of people were trying to bargain prices because they could. Then there were the people trying to push through the crowds to get to somewhere else. But pushing through definitely wasn't going to be easy so Nasu took the simple way out. He is a shinobi after all so he just infused some chakra into his feet and jumped to one of the roofs nearby and got passed that way. “Wow this crowd really is huge. It's gigantic. I'm glad I could get through this way or I would be here forever instead of training for this new jutsu.” When Nasu eventually got past the crowd of people he hopped back down to the ground and kept on walking to the training facilities. After a couple more minutes he finally got there.

The sweet feeling of opening doors to air conditioning. It was definitely one of the best feelings ever. Sweating from just walking outside to getting goosebumps from the cool inside you just can't explain it. Nasu started to walk around the facilities. He decided to start with some kunai throwing just because he could. He activated his sharingan and went right for it. He took out all 5 of his kunai and threw them all at once. All of their points are almost directly next to each other. The sharingan added so much to accuracy it was a bit insane. He then wondered what would happen if he tried to do it with his new sharingan but when he started to activate it he had to stop due to some really sharp pains in his eyes. One of them was even dripping blood out of it. “Well this probably isn't a good sign. The next time I see Travin I should probably tell him about it. I should warn Shikuki as well just so she doesnt make the same mistake as I am right now.” Nasu walked over to the main desk and asked for a napkin. He wiped the blood off his eye and then finally decided to go and start his training.

He went to one of the outside training fields. It wasn't one of the big ones just enough to try out some new jutsu. It was just a bit bigger than the sparring room Nasu and Travin are normally in. It would just be less destructive because he was outside just in case something went wrong. “Okay time to start with the basics.” Nasu hasn't used the normal hidden shadow snake hands in a while so he thought starting with that would be the best way to go. “Rat-Tiger-Dragon.” 5 snakes came right out of Nasu’ sleeves. He had the snakes attack a nearby tree with their bite. It took no time at all and they just fully bit it down. He then had them pull back into a defense position. It would be a good thing to practice for a fight. Nasu did this a couple times. He wanted to make sure he really had this jutsu down. It would allow the next step to be a lot simpler. The only difference is a couple more snakes and one more added hand sign. “Well I might as well just go for it and see what happens. Rat-Tiger-Dragon-Snake. What!” Only 5 snakes had come out of his right arm like normal. “I can't even pull out one more snake. I know I did the hand signs correctly. Ugh at this rate things are gonna take a while. Okay again. Rat-Tiger-Dragon-Snake.” This time 5 came sliding out of Nasu’s right sleeve and this time you could see a tail coming out of the other selves. It was only 1 and it really was only the tail of 1. Nasu didn't stop though. He kept on going at it, hopping eventually. It would work. He tried infusing more chara each time or focusing more on making the portals for the Snakes to come out of but after about 2 hours he only managed to get two out on the left side. Nasu thought that the best way to use this jutsu would be under pressure. So Nasu went back inside. He got some water and a cool hand towel. He laid down for a minute before getting up to start. He walked to the sparing end of the training hall and went to the sparring ring room. It's just like any other sparing room but it's an open room so anyone can join. They put two people in for a 1 on 1 fight and someone would make it out while the other was normally knocked out for a couple of minutes. Nasu was pretty excited though because maybe he would get to do what Travin normally does to him and paralyze someone.

When Nasu walked in he noticed that most of these people weren't even ninjas. They just wanted to fight. How they managed to get in Nasu didn't know but it wasn't going to be the end of the world. There was already someone in the ring running a 5-0 streak. They didn't like the others who only punched this person actually used jutsu. It was exactly who Nasu wanted to fight. After the fight was finished Nasu jumped over the heads of others right into the center of the room. The fighters had about 15 by 15 meters to fight in while other people were holding the edges to make sure you didn't run. “Hey im Nasu. I can see you're pretty good at this so I'm excited to fight you. I will warn you in advance though I'm not going to hold back. I'm also a shinobi and a part of the Uchiha clan. Do you accept this fight?" They were not backing off at all. That made Nasu nothing but excited. If they wanted this it was fine by him. The other person in the ring was a guy. He punches a lot as well as uses some fire based jutsu. Nothing Nasu couldn't handle. The person came charging right at Nasu but Nasu easily doged him with his superior speed. Next came a fireball jutsu from this guy. Nasu dogged it two and activated his sharingan. “You're really not gonna win this fight.” It didn't seem like the man cared though as he came charging right back at Nasu. With another easy doge Nasu could already see what was going to happen next. This guy was trying to throw out another fireball jutsu. Nasu could see him starting to make hand signs before the first one was even made. Nasu decided he was gonna counter this with his own jutsu. Nasu used the phoenix flower jutsu, sending three at the fireball and three at the man. The guy got hit but wasn't planning on being done yet. This guy also knew the phoenix flower jutsu and started to get ready to use that against Nasu. “Well this is it. It's time to go for this jutsu. Rat-Tiger-Dragon-Snake.” 5 snakes came out from each of Nasu’s arms. They all formed a shield in front of him. Evry phoenix flower just hit the snakes who could easily defend against them. Nasu then sent them at full throttle right at this guy. They raped themselves around him and sunk their teeth into him. They used their paralyzing bite to leave him there. They then vanished in a puff of smoke. “Well you're gonna be stuck paralyzed for a bit but it will eventually wear off. Thanks for this fight though you allowed me to learn a new jutsu.” Nasu then left the room and started on his journey walking home. He stopped for a walk on the beach just to clear his mind. He sat down on a doc with his feet in the water just staring out into the ocean. “Well today was a good day. I got my new jutsu down and I can show that to Travin when he gets back. It definitely took time though. I thought it would be over and done with quickly. Especially since I already knew the base form. It is what it is though.”

Nasu sat there watching the sun set. He then walked home. It was dark by the time he had gotten back to his house. His parents welcomed him home and Nasu told him he was going to sleep. He was knocked out after training. He then laid in bed until he was finally asleep knowing that he at least got a bit of training done.

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Training  Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands Empty Re: Training Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands

Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:18 am
Training  Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands Gonkfi19
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