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Holy Hands Training Empty Holy Hands Training

Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:29 pm
Just before taking off to the sand village, Ganki made arrange to have someone watch over his assets in tanzaku Town. He needed to make sure that he would still be making money, as Sakura Corp came first before anything else. He causally walks into his closet, as he was still in his penthouse, which overlooked everything in the town. A loft such as this did not come cheap, nor was it easy to come by, by means of availability. However, enough of that, as he stood in the closet with his face directed towards the mirror, he contemplated on what to wear, to Suna. Sunagakure was the land of searing hot sand; the answer was quite obvious to what to wear.  He looked for all of his shorts and short sleeved button down shirts, the colors were of many. Last time he went, well, Ganki stared into the mirror. The tan that he received from the hot sun last time he went there, was still as bright as day. It was however a good look, because in the cloud village, barely anyone had a tan. It was new, due to the cold weather. After he packed his bags, full of the appropriate clothing, he sealed it with his knowledge of fuinjutsu within his seal bands, which he hand wrapped around his wrists. After that, he packs his things and made his way out the door, of his apartment, lucky for him, he didn’t have any pets or animals, so the thought of his penthouse would stay out of his mind in his adventure back to the sand village. Well, it wasn’t really adventure, for Ganki could just teleport to his location of desire, and then again, walking was fun ever once in a while. Nah, walking was for Ganki was a thing of the past, he could be anywhere at all times. He reaches the door, which he checks for it to be locked, didn’t want any thieves coming in, thought the amount of crime here was low, and with Ganki’s yakuza henchmen, why bother really. Ganki looked at his arms, viewing the many assorted tattoos, history and experience, all of it. The gripping jade dragon that swirled along his right arm, reminded him of the time when he had to execute a traitor. Ganki was no thug, but the thought of the traitor really ticked him off. That thought then also triggers the scene of the fall of the cloud village, the village Ganki once resided in. Soon, Ganki would have his revenge, and take back what was his, his home, everything. That meeting with kira was no mere coincidence, it was fate itself. Ganki just had to choose whether to listen to fate, and let it guide him to victory. He sighed a bit, while looking back at his living room behind him. All this, Ganki would have to put to the side, no more. The life of bliss, and comfort, it all had to wait, Ganki would have to fight to get what he wanted. Looking back, eyeing the counter, Ganki caught the medicine container that stood there. It reminded him of the nurse that Ganki met a while ago, he figured why not visit her for a bit before he set off. He also tagged that hospital too, in case he needed to return. Ganki instantly teleported to the hospital, ending up right behind the back entrance, where Ganki would enter, to see Kyoa, the nurse who Ganki used to date for a while.

Moments later, after entering the hospital, Ganki searched the halls and rooms, carefully, trying to not cause a scene. However, it didn’t take long for Ganki to get stopped by a few other nurses along the way, asking why he was here, roaming about with no supervision. Ganki replied that he had came here to see someone, a nurse that they should already know. Once he mentioned the name Kyoa, one of the three nurses gasp a bit, telling Ganki long after, that she was in medical surgery. Ganki’s eyebrows rose, thinking that she was hurt in some sort of accident, however, the other nurses explained to him quickly, that she was In no real danger, and sked him if he could have a seat in the waiting room, making sure that she would be notified of Ganki’s presence.   The two didn’t really last long in a relationship, because of the line of work Kyoa was in, however, they ended things off on a good note, and are considered friends even. Abiding by the nurses’ wishes, Ganki followed them as they guided him to the front office, where he would wait for Kyoa. He sat down on the wooden bench, eyeing the secretary, waiting for her to call his name, or to see Kyoa walk through the doors. It would be a long wait, but Ganki had to stay, he needed to say good bye before anything else. Later on, moments gone by as slow as a snail, he hears a set of foot sets walking up close to him. His head was in his laps, his back arched over nearly falling asleep in the chair. He hears his name; he instantly looks up to see her. He now stood up on his two feet, smiling at her, she did the same. Ganki asked how she was doing, with her casually responding like the good little friend they are. She then looked star struck for a moment, before asking him to come with her to the back, Ganki smiled. “Not that…”, she said quickly, grabbing his hand and taking him to the back room. Once the two arrived in the back room, Ganki looked around, only to see a man laying o the table, Ganki asked what was wrong. Kyoa said that he was suffering from a rare disease called, Chivenculeritis, a rare problem when one’s chakra veins become swollen, due to the amount of chakra being produced from the body. He goes on to explain how his body was producing so much chakra, that the man’s veins were swollen, and might burst if not treated. As of now, there was no medical practice for it, until now. Ganki told her how he wasn’t a medical ninja, and that she needed to contact someone who could, but that couldn’t save Ganki. Kyoa knew that he was a shinobi, or used to be, due to his refined chakra. Imagine, a CEO of a huge company, a shinobi at heart. He said that all he needed to do was to absorb the chakra from his body, and so that his veins could be at ease. Ganki nodded his head, He didn’t know one clue about medical techniques, she responded with a laugh. “All you have to do, is focus on the source of chakra within someone’s body, and bind it with yours. Only then , will you find true peace~ HAHAH, look at me sounding like some sensei”, she said, laughing. Ganki told her that the imagery of It was very enjoyable, they both laughed. “Seriously, you can do this, come one tattoo man”, she walked along to the other side of the table, taking the man’s pulse, who was put under by a few drugs, Ganki followed her, now facing her from the opposite side of the table, from her. He grabbed his right arm, as he fully grasped the left arm. The two synced their chakra together, with the man. She was absorbing the extra amount of chakra, as Ganki barely absorbed any. He nodded his head side to side, asked just how he would know if it would work, looking directly at her. She mouthed the words “look down”, with no sound, looking at the glowing hands that Ganki had. Ganki looked down, and saw nothing, thinking that he had done something. ”You just love to play games, don’t you”, he said in a monotone. She laughed, “oh come on, you just have to try. Do it moneybags”, Ganki continued to focus, like she said, feeling out for the man’s excess chakra. Moments later, after praying for a sign, he noticed something strange, happening, within himself. it was almost the same type of feeling he had during his time in the mountains, when he first unlocked the sage mode. The energy within, fueling him, except now, the energy that filled within him was a far cry to what energy he felt while using the sage mode. The nature energy was impressive. He looks down towards the body, seeing his hands beginning to glow, Kyoa yelled in excitement of Ganki using the technique. Ganki continued to sap the power from the body, till the nurse told him to stop. This ability was amazing, the things he could do with this, could actually, increase his jutsu, more specifically, his sealing abilities. Ganki had already came up with a million and one ideas on what he could do with this new ability. Finally, Kyoa told Ganki to9 stop, as the man was nearly drained. Ganki stopped, looking back at Kyoa with a smile, he actually was able to do it, was he a medical ninja?
Kyoa stated that, as if she was reading his mind, that Ganki was not a medical ninja, until he could actually heal people, and pass the exam too. He knew she was just trying to make herself look good, but it was something that made her cute in a sense. “What now?  I mean, wont this happen again?”, Ganki asked. “Nah, this sort of thing only happens when you shinobi try to take the sort cut out of training to boost your chakra reserves. What people do is that they train to the can no longer go, then have someone transfer their own chakra into to them. At first, it wont do any harm, but down the road this method will mess up your body, tricking it into producing even more chakra than your body can handle. Without giving your body time to rest, and restore your chakra when you sleep, you run the risk of developing this, see”, she said, pointing to the body. Ganki nodded as he understood what she was saying, what ever happened to training the old fashion way. Kyoa walked up closer to Ganki, “So I know u didn’t just come to say hi, what’s up?”, Ganki directed his eyes into hers, “im gonna be gone for a while, like for a really long time. I don’t know when, or even if ill be coming back”, he said. The girl dropped her head, reliving the moments the two had shared, “promise you will come back?”, Ganki shrugged, “that’s the thing, I don’t know”, Ganki moved in and kissed her on the lips, and walked away, Kyoa said her last words to him “Don’t spend too long away from me, moneybags, you stil owe me a boat…”, Ganki laughed as walked away from the room. A boat, she still remembered that bet he and her made.  After walking out, he teleported back into his penthouse, positioning himself right in front of the medicine bottle, that he was supposed to refill, for his anxiety attacks, oh well, he had a goal which he would need to see through, the restoration of the cloud village. Ganki took a deep breath in, and vanished from the penthouse, now arriving in the apartment he held in the Sunagakure. Silence, he said, looking at his sword that was still stuck into the ground, he tried not to look at it, but in the end, all he could do was look at it. He extended his hand, his reach to the sword was getting closer and closer, till he was just inches away from it, but finally, he simply, stopped. It wasn’t time yet, he had much to do before retrieving the sword of that Anbu who once served the cloud. He walked out of the apartment room, heading towards the Kazekage tower, where he would meet Koroshi and finally put his mind at ease.

((Wc: 2015, learning  Chakra Absorption, and getting 20 ap.))
Akihana Akari
Akihana Akari
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Holy Hands Training Empty Re: Holy Hands Training

Tue Jan 19, 2016 7:31 pm
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