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Kurayami Shinkou
Kurayami Shinkou
Stat Page : Here
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Clan Specialty : Ninjutsu
Village : Hoshigakure
Ryo : 20100

Work for the racks Empty Work for the racks

Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:02 am
Mission Details:

He was still sleeping, and the sun had not yet begun to crest above the horizon quite yet. He was slow to move, as he was actually sleeping for the first time in what felt like ever. The episode that he was under was now ended, and he was being left alone largely by Yuumei tonight. His mind was not full of a shadowy figure, nor was it full of ominous chanting, instead, it was blank. It was just in a calm state, perfect for an actually restful night's sleep. He didn't toss, nor turn, he just laid down flat on his back, sleeping the night away. 

As the sun finally began to rise above the horizon, the Shinkou was already somewhat awake. He was astounded by just how different he felt when he had actually got a restful night's sleep. He sat straight up and he watched the sun rise as if for the first time, being that this time it was willingly so. He threw his legs over the side of the bed and he quickly shifted his weight up onto his feet, rising from the bed and standing beside it. He was even more surprised as to just how much energy he had coursing through his body.

He walked into the bathroom and he began his morning routine, as he did every day. He walked over to the bathtub and he started the water on its coldest setting. He felt the water come up through the pipes and out of the shower head. The water rushed through his hair and onto his neck. He splashed his face a few times and he was ready to take on the day, or at least he was just about there. He grabbed the towel that was hanging on the curtain rod just to his side and he dried off his hair, face and neck.

When he was done drying himself off, he walked over to the sink and he began brushing his teeth and taking care of the rest of his personal hygiene so he could get himself out of the bathroom and he could start on the rest of the preparations that he was going to need to take to start his day off right, and hopefully he was going to be able to get himself into the training grounds so he could further his abilities and further his journey to self betterment. 

When he was done in the bathroom, he walked back into his bedroom and he put on some clothes that he was going to wear underneath the armor that he was to wear today, no matter what he would do today, he was going to make sure that he was wearing not only just his armor, but he was going to make sure to have his sword on his right hip, his quiver on his left hip, and the bow over his shoulder. He wanted to make sure he got into the habit of wearing it all, so he was always ready.

He was done getting dressed and he headed over to the kitchen so he could get himself some breakfast, ensuring that he was properly fueled for the day that was to come. He was mostly doing training day in and day out, but he was being sure to get in a healthy amount of missions as well. The way he saw it, shinobi completing missions was a cornerstone of ensuring that the village ran properly, so he always wanted to make sure that he was doing his part in keeping the village going.

He opened up his fridge and he grabbed all of the ingredients that he needed to prepare himself a breakfast that would provide him with the fuel thiat was needed for training, missions, or anything really. He threw his breakfast together rather quickly and he began to scarf it down right there in his kitchen. He didn't even want to spend any time taking it into the living room for he had a full day available for him to train and contribute to his village, and that was certainly something he wanted to make sure was his number one priority, as always.

He walked over to his front door and he threw on his armor, and he equipped himself with all of his gear and he walked out the front door and down the steps, heading toward the main road of the village. He was passing by the butcher shop that was about four buildings down from his home. The butcher from inside the shop shouted out to the Shinkou, motioning for him to go inside the building, as if he had something to say to the passerby.

Kurayami obliged and walked into the shop, to which the shopkeeper was thankful. He told the Shinkou that he had plenty of really good hides that he wanted to donate to the village, and he needed someone to deliver it over to the blacksmith, who just so happened to have a tanning rack. He didn't see anything wrong with contributing a little to the village, even if it was in a small way. He used his great strength to pick up a giant stack of the hides, probably counting in the dozens, and he began taking them all to the blacksmith that was down the road a little ways from the butcher shop.

He closed in on the blacksmith shop, and that reminded him that he was going to need to speak with the blacksmith fairly soon, as he had plenty of resources that he needed to augment his weapons and armor with, but he just hadn't had the chance to speak with a blacksmith yet. He was hoping that this would change soon, for he knew that he was going to be going into combat soon, and that was something he wanted to make sure he was ready for. He dropped off the hides and a blacksmith's assistant thanked him for shuttling them over to the blacksmith's shop, he handed him a scrap of leather and a few ryo for his troubles. The Shinkou accepted the reward and he went on about his way, heading to the training grounds for the rest of the day.

+10 AP from Mission
+10 AP from WC
+2100 Ryo
+1 Leather
+830 towards Embracing Shadows
+213 towards Verdant Mountain Gale (213/1500)
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
Stat Page : Link
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Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 230150

Work for the racks Empty Re: Work for the racks

Fri Apr 30, 2021 6:06 am
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