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Suimin Spar Training Empty Suimin Spar Training

Tue Feb 23, 2021 1:15 pm
He wakes up extra early and hops in the shower he takes a nice long bath in warm water and just sits there for a while enjoying the feeling of warmth that came from his bath and wrapped his body and a soothing embrace. He often enjoyed that he lives alone because more often than not he got to have moments like this where he got to have peace, quiet, and tranquility. It was beautiful he just wished he could do it everyday. After he’s done he starts to brush his teeth making sure to get every spot in his mouth, he uses the bathroom, and gets dressed wearing the same thing he wears everyday. He gets the milk, and orange juice from his fridge and cereal that rested on top of his fridge. He sets it all out on the table and before he prepares his breakfast. After finishing his breakfast he grabs the rest of his things for the day and proceeds to head out but not without saying goodbye. He turns to the photo he has of his brother he keeps by the door and says “Hey I won’t be gone for a long time. I’ll be alright, I shouldn’t get hurt or go too far. So there is no need to come with me. I'll be back before you know it alright. Love you.” He heads out of his house making sure to lock his door behind him. He doesn’t have much of value but he doesn’t want to risk anything he does own getting stolen. As he's walking out he notices a letter on his doorstep.

~Head to the Training Grounds~

Suimin started to head to the Training grounds. upon arrival he sat down on top of one of the logs waiting.
Noboru Kaito
Noboru Kaito
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Village : Kumogakure
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Suimin Spar Training Empty Re: Suimin Spar Training

Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:51 pm
The snows abated, and gave way to the mountains to express their harsh visage. A reminder that the world is cruel and uncaring, but if you look for it, you can find respite within it. Such as the reminder of life in the Kumogakure, for those who had decided so long ago to make the inner face of the circular mountain range their home, their hidden ninja village.

Miyazaki observed the early signs of activity within the inclining streets of Kumogakure; being old had it's advantages, as he didn't require as many hours of sleep as the younger generations. He drank his warm cup of black coffee, his silver eyes fluttering about with the outside motions of shadows, as the sun had yet to breach the peaks that surrounded them. Yesterday, he had sent out a message to the board requesting the presence of one of his students for a sparring session, a means of quality control for those who had graduated. Within a couple hours, the meeting would take place.

Now at the training ground, he awaited the arrival of Saumin Uchiha, a young man with plenty of promise. The arena was one of the many circular platforms that connected the stairways that lead to observation platforms at the summits of the mountains, one which today would be his and the student's. Twenty meters in diameter it was, with vast rockface in all directions which could prove fatal to traverse even with Surface Walking Technique due to the loose rocks that could result in fatal landslides for the unaware. Once he did break his leg in one such stunt; a valuable and painful lesson he would never forget.

When Saumin arrived, Miyazaki was awaiting for him with his back two meters away from the stairway that led to the higher platforms, dressed in his sharp pants and shoes, with a button up blue shirt under a bourbon vest. "Welcome, Saumin. Hope you're not too tired from the climb?"
His tone was jovial, and his silver eyes peered from beneath the spectacles tucked over his ears and under locks of silver hair. "Today, we're going to spar. Nothing too serious, to be sure, but enough for us to need ice packs for bruises. Feel free to use everything you got, if I die as a result, I'll have deserved it. Once I feel like I've seen enough, I'll tap the floor three times. If you feel you can't go on, tap the floor three times. Are these rules understood?"

As he spoke, he unbuttoned the wrist buttons of the shirt, folding it up his arm to allow for better usage of his hands in combat. "When you're ready, come at me."
Miyazaki Otani, Academy Teacher
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