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Defend the Bath House - Page 2 Empty Re: Defend the Bath House

Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:23 pm
Anzo braced himself as he quickly readied his stance in response to the enraged assassin recovering and charging towards him, pulling a kunai out of his belt pouch in a reverse grip. His arm had only gotten halfway to its designated position, held upright and pointing forwards from his shoulder, when the approaching enemy abruptly stopped in his path and dropped to his knees. He then noticed the gruesome hole that had formed in his chest, from which a redness began to seep outwards into the man's clothes. Anzo's eyes narrowed in perplexity. It then occurred to him what had happened as he turned to face Fu, seeing her return her katana to its sheath, yet he had no idea what sort of technique she had just pulled off. Being honest with himself he was a little surprised she had just decided to execute the man when he thought they could easily restrain him, but he played it off. The dead man leaking blood right in front of him was also rather unnerving. She spoke and he responded to her with a strained chuckle. He had lost a bit of the laidback demeanour he had before but it wasn't too obvious. His chuckle was him laughing off the fact that couldn't really perform a jutsu that fast with the ability to kill even if he wanted to, but with the rate he was progressing he expected it to come soon. 

He was quickly interrupted by his client running up to embrace him, clearly overjoyed that he was in one piece. A smile lit up Anzo's face when he heard that he would be getting free baths, and he wormed his way out of the owner's grip.

'No problem. I guess I'll be seeing you again very soon then.'

He then spun around to speak to his teammate again.

'So, that jutsu you used-'

He quickly noticed that she had slipped away and he cut himself and his intrigue off. Anzo changed his mind, deciding against spending a bit of time at the baths with his newfound privilege instead opting to go home to grab some lunch with his older brother. He made his way out the door, down the steps and back onto the network of streets. 


WC = 374
TWC = 1670

800WC for Hiding in the Water, now 1000/1000WC (Previous)
870/1500WC for Water Wall
6100 Ryo (Reward + 100 bonus)
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Roy Goka
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Defend the Bath House - Page 2 Empty Re: Defend the Bath House

Wed Mar 03, 2021 6:36 pm
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