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Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Food Shopping Empty Food Shopping

Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:01 pm
Mission specs:

It seemed like Ichigo made quite the impression on the old lady the other day as she requested his help once more. Only the day before was it that the Drunk assisted by removing and pulling weeds from her garden. Considering he was the one who got asked for must mean he did a pretty good job and that she was happy with the result. Although he was glad to be able and aid someone, Ichigo hoped that this time he wouldn't have to get his hands dirty again, or at least not in a way similar to the first mission. Not that he minded little tasks like that, but spending a whole day on his knees and removing some plants wasn't exactly like living the dream either. 

Regardless of his feelings on lower ranked tasks like the one from the day before, the Drunk prepared to head out to the local market. It was only a couple of minutes ago where Ichigo read up on what this day's mission would have in store for him and in all honesty it didn't look all that bad. "Hm, I needed some stuff myself anyway" he thought out loud as he finished reading the details. From what it looked like it seemed as the old client needed someone to do grocery shopping for her since the social worker was busy doing something else. "First her son, now the social worker. Luck isn't on her side lately, is it?" Ichigo remembered the reason as to why she needed help with her garden and today's one seemed pretty similar.

As he arrived at the market the Drunk immediately checked the list with everything the lady needed. Comparing it to his own, making sure not to mix his with hers. Although quite funny if that would indeed happen, it would also mean he failed the mission. And if anything, that was something the man needed to avoid. Which is why he decided to gather and work on the client's list first and if time allowed it he could also do his own grocery shopping. First, the shinobi started with passing by various food stalls where he'd gather some vegetables and potatoes. Ichigo then made his way over in search for a couple of spices that would go well with the meat bought a couple of moments after. 

Making his rounds through the market there wasn't anything out of the ordinary on the list, mainly the typical ingredients one could expect. Fruit, vegetables, meat, spices to complement the food and whatnot. Slowly but surely the Drunk was able to get everything on the list, meaning he could now use the rest of the time to gather his own ingredients. Once that was finished as well, Ichigo would return to the old lady's place where he would deliver and drop everything on her list. Just like the day before she was happy to see the Drunk and made sure to thank him for his efforts. Mission completed.


(TWC: 500)
- 500 to finish Gate of Healing (500 previously trained here)
- 10 AP, max stat discount
- Mission rewards (600 ryo: 500 + 100 Genin bonus)
Satoru Jugo
Satoru Jugo
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Food Shopping Empty Re: Food Shopping

Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:35 pm
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