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Holiday Rhyme Empty Holiday Rhyme

Sat Dec 19, 2020 9:26 pm
Walking through the village there seemed to be a bustle. People bartering with merchants for that holiday hustle. Bells and whistles rang throughout the halls, trees with tinsel and ornamental balls. The fires all stoked with coal and wood, children asking Santa if this year they were good.

Shelves lined with toys from left to right. The newest models of sled a wonderful sight. Dolls in their humble home's, put there by pointy eared gnomes. They moved and worked with grace, a wicked smile stuck on their face. With a jig and jive, it was always fun when they watched their leader arrive. A man large and clad in red, a pointy hat at the top of his head.

He handed out gifts and jolly, giving lumps of coal to kids for the follie. A rough rugged rock for their misdeeds, he would wave and laugh from his Reindeer steeds. He would yell Ho Ho Ho and away he would go. Back to his home a palace of snow. 

People in the lane aghast with wonder, other kids laughing at others for their blunder. To get just a rock instead of a gift. Siblings fighting because of the rift. Was Santa a curse or a present, if he caused so much resentment?
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