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Stat Page : Ryu
Remove Taijutsu Remove Fuuinjutsu Ninjutsu Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 0

Ryu and the Art Thief Empty Ryu and the Art Thief

Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:40 pm
D-rank mission: Art Thief

Ryuzaki sat atop of a round building in the middle of the village hidden in the clouds, his equipment splayed out around him, he was preparing for his next mission, he had recently been chasing after thieves and today was the same thing again, only this time the thief specifically target art galleries. Ryuzaki counted his equipment one last time, his weapon pouches held 10 kunai, 5 shurikens, 4 explosive tags, 2 smoke bombs and a military ration pill, these were equally split as best he could among his weapon pouch on his hip and his weapon pouch that strapped around his left leg. Ryuzaki wore his usual clothes, sandals, arm and leg wrappings, black long shorts that covered his knees, a black, plain t-shirt, and, over the top of it a black jacket that held his Nara clan symbol on the back. Strapped onto his jacket were the sheaths for his two tanto's that formed an X on his back, he had decided not to bring his katana today, as in recent missions he had been chasing after thieves, and a long sword was not necessary. 

Ryuzaki had been given the location of the safe house for the art thief, he now sat on building opposite the building, he would watch for a while to see if he could see any movement. After several hours Ryu had seen no movement in or out of the safehouse, he decided that he would make entry to the house and see if anyone was inside. Ryu dropped from his building and as quickly and quietly as he could he made his way across the outer land of the building, he hopped a fence and made it to the building, putting his back up against the woodwork. Ryuzaki brought his hands together and pushed chakra from his core, through his body and into the soles of his feet. He turned and began to walk up the wall of the building, taking his time once again to try and make as little noise as possible, a creek here and there, but no obvious noise did he make. Ryuzaki made his way onto the roof, where he found a hatch to enter into the building, it was unlocked, it also looked to be cut out of the roof and was not there originally, Ryuzaki thought it was probably hastily constructed as an escape hatch, ironically now it would be used for the opposite reason. Opening the hatch Ryu dropped into the attic of the building, wherein he found many paintings and sculptures, the intel received from the admin building on the mission scroll appeared accurate. There were too many painting and sculptures for Ryuzaki to take now, he would need to come back multiple times, or get a cart, or better still get the village guard to help him. So, for now, he would concentrate on apprehending the suspect and then the time for collecting the stolen goods would not be a rush, it would be difficult to retrieve the artworks now while trying to keep his covert nature.

Ryuzaki made his way to another hatch that led from the attic down into the top story of the house, as he dropped down he was met with the face of a man standing in front of him. The facial features of the man met the description of his target, the most evident thing on Ryuzaki's person was the village headband that caught the light. Ryuzaki moved first, he shot forward and made to grab the man by the colour, his air grasped nothing but air, his adversary dropped and rolled past him, he then made for the hatch above and went to make exit from the building. Ryuzaki turned on his heels and made back up into the hatch and after his target, he had to smash through the hatch that led onto the roof. As he stood on the edge fo the building he saw his target running across the open ground towards the building he had originally used to stake out the house. Ryuzaki made after him, the chase was on, Ryuzaki followed him up and down the buildings and into the streets. The man he chased was slightly slower than Ryuzaki so he slowly gained on him as they ran through the streets. Ryuzaki had come to the conclusions that thieves were rarely fighters, every time he happened upon his targets on these missions they always ran and never fought. Ryuzaki ran along the top of a building that ran along the street, he then saw his chance and hurled a prepared kunai into the path of the running man, it stopped him in his tracks. In the momentary pause of the chase Ryuzaki pounced onto his target, leaping from the building and crashed down onto the back of the man, grabbing onto one shoulder and the other arm at the same time, he had the man pinned. Ryuzaki bound the man with the rope he had in his pouch for these exact moments. Ryuzaki then started to walk his target to the local jailhouse that stood near the admin building. After he received his payment for the mission he went to the village guardhouse and requisitioning a couple of guards to help him deposit the artworks back to the people they belonged to, it took the rest of the day to give all the works back o their owners. Luckily the man had been hoarding the works to sell all at once instead of selling them off as he stole them, so they were able to give back a lot of the stolen goods. Ryuzaki made his way to his favourite dining establishment and took in some barbeque. After he had eaten he went to various stores and bought some supplies for his home and also replenished his ninja tools. Ryu then made his way back to his home, when he got there he also began the cleaning and maintenance of his equipment.

WC: 1002
Claiming: +1000 Ryo, +3 Ap, +10 Vigor, 900 words to Bukijutsu: Quickdraw 1000/1000, 100/1000 Block
Stat Page : Uchiha, Zaine
Remove Remove Weaponry Ninjutsu Space Time Default
Wind Earth Fire Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 26900

Ryu and the Art Thief Empty Re: Ryu and the Art Thief

Tue Nov 24, 2020 3:48 pm
Approved claims!
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