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Ryu and the Thief Empty Ryu and the Thief

Sun Nov 22, 2020 5:03 pm
D-rank mission: Thief in the Village 

The sun had been up for several hours by the time Ryuzaki had completed his training, he had recently been working on his ninjutsu, trying not to learn more techniques but improve his understanding of the techniques he already knew and improve his mastery of them and generally over chakra control. Ryu made his way back into his house and prepared to head into the village. Ryuzaki donned his usual attire, a pair of ninja tabi that covered bandages that wound around his feet and up his legs until they went under a pair of long shorts that stopped just below the knee, and met a pair of compression shorts. Strapped around his left leg was a long weapon pouch that housed half his kunai and shuriken, on his back right hip he wore a cloth weapon pouch that housed the rest of his kunai, shuriken, explosive tags, smoke bombs and military ration pills. A belt wound around his waist, not to keep his shorts in place but to hold the hanging scabbard of his masters family heirloom, a katana. Ryuzaki wore a black, short-sleeved t-shirt, from just below his shoulders more bandages wound around his arms and his hands, doubling as hand wrapping for close-quarters combat. On Ryu's back two holsters crossed each other, both housing a tanto, their hilts pointing out and down from his back, so they could easily be drawn, his weaponry was mostly designed so that in the case of combat he could draw them while his enemy was caught in the shadow imitation jutsu, and if they had similar weapons they would not also draw them. Around his neck he wore a simple silver chain, hanging from it was a simple gold ring with the Nara clan symbol etched into it, the only sign that he ever belonged to the clan. 

Ryu now started to head for the village, he was particularly armed now that he had acquired his master's katana, but he wanted to come fully prepared as lately he had been given higher-ranked missions. Ryu made his way into the admin building and received his mission scroll for the day, he had an awkward social encounter with the clerk as per usual and then exited the building and unfurled the scroll. Reading its content he was apparently being tasked with finding a local thief who had been stealing from the village civilians, there was a description of him and an intel evaluation of his patterns and where he had been fencing his goods, but they had not got round to sending a ninja after him to apprehend him. Ryuzaki thought on how he would go about catching the man, he did not need to catch him in the act, so he thought the best way was to catch him where he was certain he would go, and that was the fence. Ryuzaki made his way to the area indicated in the intel report and began a stakeout.

Ryuzaki waited for several hours until the sun disappeared beneath the horizon and the light from the sun swapped with the reflections of the moon. He watched as several deals happened, all of them with thieves like the one he was after, but not the man identically, he wondered if other genin were after these men or even if another day he would be back to perform the exact same mission again and catch one of them, but that was a problem for another day. The man fitting the description of his target entered the building, Ryu dropped from his perch and made his way to the building in question, he stopped a few paces from the door, he could make an entry using his explosive tags, but he didn't want to harm anyone that was too close to the door.

Ryuzaki pushed off his back feet and threw his front leg up, it impacted with the door and the door splintered and broke inwards, Ryuzaki landed on his feet and quickly took in the situation before him, there were two men, the target of his mission and the fence he was selling too. Ryuzaki acted first and shot forward, his left palm striking out at the man's chest in an open-handed strike, he used his full force, sending the man flying back into the wall behind him and knocking him out. Ryuzaki twisted to his left and brought his right hand up and over his shoulder and attempted a powerful overhand swing at his target, the man skillfully slipped the punch, but he was still within Ryu's range. Ryu grabbed the mans right shoulder and brought his knee up attempting to hit him in the upper body, but the man brought up a crossguard and managed to avoid the damage. The man struggled against Ryu's grip but could not break free, he appeared to be able to match him in speed but not in strength. Ryu stepped forward with his left leg and moved his right leg behind the man's right leg, he had him positioned to trip, he then pushed his weight forward and the man toppled backwards, Ryu dropped down to the floor with his target, refusing to let go of his grip, he had a feeling the man was more fo a runner than a fighter and would prefer not to have to chase him through the streets. Ryuzaki moved his knee on top of the man and held him still "If you move I will be forced to knock you out". Ryuzaki warned the man, he then took the wire he held in his pack so he could hogtie the man. After he had both men subdued and restrained he then send for the village guard, they came and took away both men, and began to catalogue the stolen goods in the place, hopefully, some of them would find there way back to their owners. Ryu made his way back to the admin building and received his payment and then went off to find some food.

WC: 1006
Claiming +1000 Ryo, +3AP, +10 Strength, Eight inner gates 1600/2500
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Ryu and the Thief Empty Re: Ryu and the Thief

Mon Nov 23, 2020 11:08 am
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