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Flow E rank #3 Empty Flow E rank #3

Mon Nov 23, 2020 10:10 pm

It was all for clout ia what he would like to Say. But the thing is today is just another day for him. Or so he thought. Speaking of oddity in the village. Flow would see a dog barking in front of the gate. This was odd as the dog was not trying to attack anyone. But more or so trying to get thier attention. He would look on as the dog was barking and barking and to be honest it was getting under his skin. To make a long story short he had had enough of damn dogs. But still to say the least. 

He would look on and smile as he decided to walk and see what was up with the dog. Looking on the dog was trying to alert him. Did it want to play or something? Couldnt he but still it was time to find out as Flow looked on he would his hand out as the dog bark at him then turned around and started to run. As Flow in fact went after it. He would be on his trail as the dog kept looking back to see if Flow was still there following him. 

To which Flow was and boy was he getting excited to see what was up with this mut. He would look on and smile as he saw the mut again and again as it kept looking back at him. To which the dog would run into the woods to which Flow would soon follow it. It would be about twenty minutes as the two finally made it. To where the dog wanted Flow to go. He would look around and see that it was an abandon area and he could hear someone yelling for help. This would have him thinking just what is that noise. Soon enough he would follow the sound of the cried for help. Looking on he would notice a well and slowly but surely. Would make his way over to it.

Looking down it he would see the well had a young boy in it and thank the heavens it was not a deep well. As he looked on he would smile at the boy as this was just to funny. He was o ly smiling because he knew the boy was not in amy real danger. As he looked he would wave at the boy. Who was stuck in the well and so it began as Glow would jump down there and land right next to the boy. It was surely a moment he would remember. As he looked on he would smile to himself. As he grabbed hold of the boy he would jump up with him. Then he would take the bly and and get him out of the well. Only a true ninja would be able to pull something like this over with a bystander with him. This was as real as ot would get and with that a job well done.


Putting the +5 stats to speed

And 500wc to the summon contract
Gogyou Bushuugi
Gogyou Bushuugi
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Flow E rank #3 Empty Re: Flow E rank #3

Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:36 am
Mission and claims are approved.
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