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Flow E rank #2 Empty Flow E rank #2

Mon Nov 23, 2020 3:43 pm

How to find a missing puppy? This was the question of the day. Where could it have gone to be honest? Cats eat puppies so this would be very bad if anything. But at last this was Flow next job and boy was he on it. He had to catch up with the others in his class after all and he did not plan on stopping no time soon. But a curious puppy was a bad thing. So he had to be fast about it and he was truly mad about it. Flow would get up and out if his bed. He would start to get ready for his day. Washing his body and teeth.  Waiting until he was dried off to start his day. Putting on his clothes he would head out. It was time to find out where the puppy had gone and after a quick stop to the owners house he would know just that. This was done within the hour of him leaving and now that he had the location and the picture of how the puppy looks he would go on to look for him. Easier said then done as it was starting to get dark out. 

He would be keen to use his Sharingan as it now gave him better sight and boy did it help him out to say the least. Flow would look on as he went to the area the puppy was said to be at last and he would smile. As he would see a lot of stray cats and puppies. But he only had time to save the one he came for. Flow would look on as he started to search the place and boy was he in a good move to say the least. As he would stumble across a den of strays. It was like a lost tribe or something as the young man never seen such things like this. But at last he could in fact see why they came to be as he looked on. He would smile as the puppy in question was right in frow he would then proceed to call the puppy by his name. " I know you lost and alone and you feel so scared but I tell you this as I say this to you. I am here to help you Mona. All I need for you to do is trust me at least for the moment. Now come with me as the rain is about to come pouring down." Flow would say this as he looked at the small beast whom he would slowly but surely look at the eyes of the puppy as he looked at Flows. Soon enough he would realize that Flow was not so bad.

Picking up the puppy he would be happy as now all he had to do was return the lost Mona home to which he did and with that it was a job well done and the ninja was all set.


Adding the 5+ stats to speed

And the 509 wc to my third tomoe unlocking it
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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Flow E rank #2 Empty Re: Flow E rank #2

Mon Nov 23, 2020 8:08 pm
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