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Developing All-Seeing Eyes Empty Developing All-Seeing Eyes

Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:06 am
It had been a week or so since Kato had attended the military training facility to develop his jutsu or even just get a casual workout in. He had been busy with missions, not that he was complaining about the amount of workload. Kato loved being busy and waking up each day to the sight of a Mist village carrier pigeon holding a mission scroll was becoming an enjoyable part of his morning routine. Today he was not greeted with such a sight but he was expecting it. When handing in his last mission scroll he was informed by one of the villages Jounin that there were not going to be that many missions available today so it was probably best to get some training in. "No problem whatsoever, I have been itching to return to the training facility" Kato had said in response.

Shaking himself out of the memories of the previous day Kato stood up, stretched and began to work his way through his morning routine. Dynamic stretches followed by some calisthenics and finished off with a short meditation. Kato pulled the black kimono jacket that he usually wore over his shoulders, feeding him arms through the sleeves before tying his long red hair in a high ponytail. His breakfast cooked on the stove as he continued getting dressed. Eggs with spinach and tomato on seeded bread. He had the same thing almost every day but he did not tire of it, Kato was more concerned with the nutrients the meal contained than the flavour. He quickly scarfed down the meal and secured his Mist village headband around his forehead. Kato opted to leave both of his katana as well as the rest of his ninja equipment as he left his apartment and headed for the training facility, today what he was going to be training would not require them.

It was another temperate day in the Mist village. The sun was shining, there was a light breeze and the mist that covered the village was especially thin. "Excellent conditions for a lovely walk" Kato thought to himself as he marched towards the village's military training facility. As he walked his thoughts went to the technique he was going to be training once he made it to the training facility. It was a unique technique that he had never seen used himself but he had heard about it though word of mouth. It was rumoured that certain members of the Hyuuga clan could combine both of the abilities that the Byakugan granted in unison. This technique was known as the 'All-Seeing Eyes' technique, at least that was it was referred to in the tales he was told. The name made sense. The Byakugan allowed the user to see a 360 degree field of vision but this was limited to around a 100m in every direction, good for detecting dangers or targets who are close. Then there was the second ability of the Byakugan, the ability to focus the users vision and stretching it out for a mile in one specific direction. This second ability was useful for scouting ahead as well as checking for enemies approaching from a distance, however it was limited. By opting for the extra range of vision the user would forgo the 360 degree vision that the Byakugan granted. The 'All-Seeing Eyes' technique was the ultimate evolution of the Byakugan, granting the user 360 degree vision with a distance of 1 mile in every direction, at least thats what the tales said. He wondered if he would be able to master the technique as he walked, he'd mastered one rare Hyuuga art - the Gentle Blade, why should he fail at mastering this one? His mind drifted to his previous training as he marched on, Kato's previous successes in training sparking a flame of motivation within him.

With all of his daydreaming Kato had not realised that he had already made it to the village's training facility. It was the sun reflecting off one of the large windows for the square white building that housed the higher tech training equipment that pulled him out of his mind. "I'm here sooner than I expected. Looks like I was daydreaming too much once again." Kato tried to gather his thoughts and began to contemplate "What part of the training facility would be best of me to train in?" "Hmm, it probably doesn't matter too much. I don't really need any equipment, just my eyes." As the weather was good Kato decided it was a good idea to train outdoors. He quickly scanned the outdoor space, there were several of the practice fields that were currently occupied. This was no issue for Kato, all he needed was a quiet space where he could focus. There was a small grove of trees behind one of the training fields. The field was occupied by another Mist shinobi and Kato gave his comrade a courteous nod and a smile as he passed the field and made for the grove of trees. At the centre of the grove of trees was a large willow tree that Kato made his way over too, sitting at its base in a cross legged meditative position. Kato thought it was appropriate to sit at this tree, the willow was often used when describing the Hyuuga's Gentle Fist style in metaphor. There was another reason Kato chose this grove of trees, one that was connected to the technique he was learning today or at least attempting to learn. The tree the Kato sat in front of was close to a mile away from the large square building that contained the high tech training equipment. He intended to use the building as a kind of reference point for his training, if the technique involved developing 360 degree vision that stretched out for a mile in every direction it was useful to have locations as targets for his sight.

Kato sat with his spine tall and his legs folded into the lotus position, a relatively easy feat for someone blessed with the flexibility of the Hyuuga body. He calmed his mind, focused his chakra an activated his Byakugan. Veins bulged in Kato's forehead as he opened his intense pearly white eyes, the 100 meter radius around him became visible. Scanning the radius Kato noticed several things. The mist shinobi was still training on the field nearby. There were 5 birds hidden within the branches of the grove along with 3 squirrels. Kato had always been pretty adept at wielding his Byakugan, possibly due to all the time he spent hiding away from his elders growing up. He would often sneak away to groves of trees just like the grove he currently finds himself in. Kato would use his Byakugan in a similar way, observing what was around him while he relaxed beneath the boughs of a tree. It was good practice as well as being a good early warning detection system for when his elders would tire of his absence and seek out to find him.

After a short while had passed and Kato felt that he had identified all of the creatures within the 100 meter radius around him he began to focus his Byakugan vision towards the high tech building. As he stretched and focused his vision toward the large white building he kept part on his mind focused on the 360 degree aspect of the Byakugan, paying close attention to how it is affected as he transitions into the Byakugan's long-range vision ability. As his vision stretched beyond the 100 meter radius he noticed the vision behind him narrowing, the perfect 360 degree circle was breaking down, the shape of his visual field was morphing from a sphere with him at its centre to a column stretching out with Kato as its origin. By the time his vision had reached the large square building he had lost sight of what was behind him, the only thing to inform him that things had not changed was the rustle of leaves from the trees he knew that held the woodland animals. 

Kato closed his eyes once again and began to think, using the information that he had just gained from his Byakugan to form theories on how to achieve the All-Seeing Eyes. He knew that if he were to achieve the skill he would need to keep the Byakugan's 360 degree vision but he struggled to see how he could expand the radius of the circle, each time he attempted to peer past the 100 meter boundary the shape of his visual field would begin to morph and the circle would break down. Pondering the conundrum he faced Kato sat and thought for a while but after some time without the spark of inspiration he decided to stand and take a stroll amongst the grove of tree's where he was sat. As he meandered his way through the tree's he encountered a little gathering of water, it appeared as though a small puddle had formed from water dripping down the leaves of a tree. The puddle was still as Kato walked past it then he noticed something that caught his eye, a drop of water hit the puddle at its centre. This caused a circle to ripple out from the point where it made contact with the puddle, then another two drops possibly from higher branches as these drops entered the puddle at a greater speed and caused two more circles to ripple across the puddle, each one bigger than the last. Watching this little display of nature gave Kato inspiration and with a kind of 'Eureka!' moment he formed a theory on how to successfully pull off the technique. 

Kato often found that using metaphor and mental imagery helped him achieve his jutsu, it had definitely worked when he was learning to harness lightning chakra. That time he had pictured a storm cloud building with energy that compressed against itself until he felt the spark of the lightning chakra. For this technique the metaphor and application was completely different. When observing the puddle and the effects of the droplets hitting its surface the image reminded Kato of when he first activates his Byakugan, the initial expanding oh his visual field is similar to the circular ripple that was made when the water droplet hit the puddle. That's what first brought his attention to the puddle but he theory formed only after watching the other two droplets. They had impacted the puddle at a greater speed and as a result caused a circular ripple with a radius much larger than the initial droplet created, this is where Kato's theory was formed. He pictured the initial activation of his Byakugan as the first droplet of water, the usual amount of chakra used to reach the Byakugan's activation threshold granting the 100 meter radius of vision. In theory as he was the centre point for the spherical field of vision it was like he was the droplet of water and the speed 'he hit the water' was represented by the amount of chakra emitted. Therefore if he increased the amount of chakra he released into his Byakugan he would increase the radius of his spherical vision. That was his theory but at this point it was still all hypothetical, he needed to test his theory if he was to discover if it was correct or not.

Kato finished his meander through the grove and returned to the willow tree where he had started the training. He adopted the lotus position once again and activated his Byakugan. He felt the veins in his temples bulge and his vision expand like the initial water droplet. Kato then began focusing his breathing, using the meditative state that it produced to help focus and gather his chakra. His eyes remained open, his vision focused on the 360 degree field. As his chakra began to build at Kato's centre he channelled it up towards his Byakugan eyes. Whilst channelling the chakra he pictured the larger drops that had hit the puddle, they had provided more energy to expand the ripple they created, an important concept an one that Kato hoped would solve the issue that he faced when aiming to peer past the 100 meter radius. Kato formed a handseal to help channel and focus his chakra then he released a large burst of chakra up and into his Byakugan. The veins on his temples bulged once more, this time with more intensity. Kato felt his vision expand past the 100 meter radius but the shape of his visual field remained. Encouraged by the progress that he was witnessing Kato poured more chakra into his Byakugan and just like he predicted, the radius kept expanding but retained its shape. Kato kept channelling chakra into his Byakugan until his vision expanded to encompass the large high tech building roughly a mile away. He had done it, he'd figured out out the secret. Like a lot of the techniques that are available to those of the Hyuuga bloodline this one had required a unique perspective and a subtle approach, he was realising this more and more with each Hyuuga technique he learnt. Out of curiosity Kato stood up and began to walk while his vision was 'All-Seeing' but as soon as he began to take a few steps the radius dramatically reduced back down to the 100 meters. "I see. This jutsu is not one I can perform on the move, I need to be still so that I can focus properly and channel the required chakra to my Byakugan." Happy that he had gotten a handle on the technique Kato spent the rest of the day practicing it. He found various different locations within the training facility and expanded his vision so that it achieved the All-Seeing one mine radius around him. By the end of the day he was exhausted, he had used so much chakra but he had mastered a new skill. As the sun was setting Kato decided that was all for today and so returned to his apartment, made some food and then crashed out, recovering his energy for the next day.

[Using 2000 WC to learn Chakra Infusion]
[Using remaining 370 WC toward learning Flying Swallow {370/1500}]
[Using 2370 WC to train 28 stats for Kato - 20 vigor, 4 speed, 4 chakra] (2370+20%= 2844)
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Developing All-Seeing Eyes Empty Re: Developing All-Seeing Eyes

Fri Nov 20, 2020 5:27 pm
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