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Yuurei Uchiha
Yuurei Uchiha
Stat Page : Link
Remove Weaponry Space Time Default
Earth Water Lightning Default
Clan Specialty : Genjutsu
Village : Sunagakure
Ryo : 85700

The Contract Being Formed (Solo) Empty The Contract Being Formed (Solo)

Sat Jul 04, 2020 12:23 am
This village had changed from all of the past things that it used to be. The person in charge was no longer a native from this country, which was understandable as this place was destroyed to be forgotten for all eternity until he came along. This made things different for the village, and it also allowed someone like Yuurei to learn a lot of things. He had learned how to make weapons stronger, but he wasn’t done there. He wanted to learn about summoning now; his eyes weren’t invincible and they had their limitation, so he had to think about other ways that could go around that. Of course, it was what brought him to the library as always. He needed to learn and the one thing that he remembered fairly well was summoning.

He had gotten a book to read more about animals as summoning was usually meant for bringing animals of sorts into their dimension. It was an interesting way of doing things, but he knew that every ninja could do it if they only took the time to search for an animal willing to make a contract with you. The Uchiha had a lot of books in front of him at this point as he was reading about different books. He wanted a general knowledge of certain creatures before deciding on what animal he wanted to contract with. Still, he knew that it wouldn’t be that easy, but he would do his best to find what he wanted. Yuurei’s searches had gone for hours and even days, he had found many interesting animals that could work with him, but in the end, none of them sat right with him.

The Genin would come upon snakes and he would read about a bunch of different snakes. They started to fascinate him as he was reading more about them and all the different abilities that snakes were capable of having. It was interesting as there were different types of snakes, which brought him to look up the next thing. He wanted to know about snake summoning; he had decided that snakes were the ones that he would make a contract with as it would make sense. They would be able to see things that his eyes could not when he could not see things. It was interesting, and while learning more about the snake summoning he was reading more about the Ryuchi Snakes. Their abilities interested in many ways, and he found out that they were a summoning animal for a long time.

He read about their locations, and when he noticed that it was rare for them to find them in Sunagakure, it would bother him more than anything. He knew right then and there that it was probably hard to find them due to the climate he was living in. Still, things changed since this book was written and that much he knew. The village’s climate wasn’t as crazy as it used to be as the sandstorms that people were annoyed of no longer posed a problem to them. The village’s temperature was also better than before as well so maybe he could find a Ryuchi Snake slithering around here. There was one placed where he figured he could find one. He would close the book in front of him as he would look up to the ceiling of the library.

“I guess today I will be hunting for snakes. It would be a great addition to be able to be more versatile. This would also help me in fights.” He said to himself as he looked at all the books that he needed to put away.

The Uchiha had pushed himself back along with his chair as he would get up. He would place the seat back where it belonged as he would grab the books that he was reading all day. The librarian would only smile at him as he watched him be a responsible person with the books that she had seen him read today and even weeks before. It wouldn’t take him long, but he would be able to put all the books away as if he never touched them before. The young boy would bow to the librarian as he would leave the place as he was heading towards The Grove. It was the place where he could find the snake he was looking for, or at least he figured it would be the best place to find it.

Yuurei’s action would lead him to the rooftops of the village as he was heading towards his destination. It wasn’t hard to go get to this place as he had been here before and when he got there he could smell the difference in the air as the oxygen was much fresher here. It wasn’t just that, but it also seemed like there were was nobody around here. His landed was nice and soft as he looked around trying to figure out where to start. The Genin figured he would go into the area and see if he could pick up anything when he entered the facility. When he got into the forest like the area he would look around to see all the trees that had surrounded him.

It was amazing to see the beauty that the Kage had brought to the village, but he wondered how long it would last if he didn’t get stronger. Yuurei’s attention moved straight towards his left, as he would see something move within the brushes in that direction. He would move over towards it, but he would see that there was nothing there, but some small foxes playing around. He would sigh when he saw this because he knew that it wasn’t what he was looking for.

“Why would they be here right? Well, it doesn’t hurt to look and who knows something or somewhat my answer my prayers.” He spoke to himself as he continued to search through the Grove.

The young lad would roam around the Grove as he was searching for something that wouldn’t be easy to find. He needed to understand this was something that couldn’t be found without it finding him. Still, nonetheless, he wouldn’t give up. He would take his moves to the trees as he was looking from the high ground. His eyes trying their best to find out what they were looking for. He had gone from traveling on the ground to traveling from tree to tree as he was trying to find out what he was doing wrong. There were a few times he would jump towards another tree as he would hear noises coming from behind him.

When he looked over to the tree he had jumped away from he would see that there were birds coming out of them and he had disturbed their sleep. He would sigh as he was alone in this place and he didn’t know the danger that was within this place. It didn’t matter to him though as he figured that he would try his best to find what he wanted.

Hours would go by as he traveled throughout the grove, and there was nothing he could find. He learned about the snakes and their ability to speak to someone through their mind. He figured that if he had found the snake he was looking for, he would be able to see it them without a problem. Yuurei would land on the ground as he would stop traveling through the Grove from the trees and when he was now on the floor, he would hear something rushing straight towards him. His head tilting in the direction of the sound, his eyes would see a boar rushing straight at him. His eyes widen as he would instinctively dodge to the right as he would do his best to avoid the tackle that was coming straight towards him.

His body rolled on the ground as he would look at the creature that had stopped running as it turned around to look at Yuurei.

“Well, I didn’t find a snake, but I found a boar. I’m assuming you don’t like me being around this place?” He asked, but he wouldn’t get an answer from the animal as it started running towards Yuurei again.

His eyes widen when he saw this and he knew that he couldn’t allow this creature to take him out. He wasn’t going to stop being a ninja because of this creature. His eyes would change their colors as he knew what he was going to use to fight off against this creature. As it got close to him he would be able to see the attack coming when it was close enough. His right hand would grab onto a Kunai within his weapon pouch as he would dodge again and when he did that, the young boy would start running towards the boar as he would try to take out of its misery as fast as he could. When he got near the boar he would thrust his kunai straight into the boar, but it wouldn’t do anything at all.

Instead, Yuurei would be flung into the air as if he was nothing. He would hit the ground as he would bounce a few feet away from the boar as he would gasp for air because of the impact and he would look at the animal. It was eyeing Yuurei down as if it were waiting to make a move. He would cough out blood as he would get up slowly and chuckle because he really needed to get stronger.

“Well, that sucked, but I’m not going out without a fight you asshole. What did I ever do to you to deserve this bullshit?” He asked as he got up as his legs were trembling.

The boar of course didn’t answer him as he was looking into the eyes of Yuurei. He was wishing that he had that genjutsu thing that Uchihas had with their eyes, but that was something he didn’t have access to. He cracked his neck as he knew that he couldn’t get stuck stabbing this boar. The Genin would run straight to the creature this time as the boar would charge to Yuurei. When he saw that he was close he would slash the creature with the Kunai as he had cut him for a good amount. It wouldn’t mean anything as the boar would screech in pain before it would kick its leg up and Yuurei would be sent flying into the air. He would twist his body as he landed on the ground on his feet skidding on the ground as he looked angry at the boar.

“You’re going to have to die.” He said to the boar as it would turn around and start running straight towards Yuurei.

That was when something had come out of the brushes, or at least it was in the direction of where there were brushes. It was quick and it would close the gap between the two fighting each other as it would look straight into the boar’s eyes. The boar would see that it was now the prey and it would turn around as it would run away from the two that it was facing. Yuurei would chuckle as he was saved by another animal. This animal was coiling around on top of itself as its head turned to Yuurei. That was when it would see the snake’s tongue as it was speaking to Yuurei.

“You’re a brave person for fighting a father boar in these parts. They are stronger than the other animals and you had disturbed its sleeping ground. That is why it attacked you. May I ask what you seek boy?” He asked Yuurei as he could see the Sharingan in his eyes as he moved away from his eyes.

“I was looking into the Grove to see if I could find the Ryuchi Snake here or at least a snake that knew of them. I was going to form a contract with them or at least prove myself that I am capable to form one with them.” He said to the snake.

It would hiss a bit as it would hear Yuurei and those eyes had brought back memories.

“I see, so you are looking to form a contract with us. That is interesting, I didn’t think an Uchiha would come looking for us, we usually go looking for you. I was hoping to find you here anyways, and then I had the chance to see you fight. It was a nice fight, but to take control of me you will need to get stronger.” He paused for a second as he stared at Yuurei.

“Still, forming a contract with you will not hurt.” He said this as he took his tail wrapped it around a scroll that it was carrying on its person and would place it on the ground as it would open it up.

There it would show the names of a few people that he wouldn’t know, and honestly, he didn’t care.

“You do know what to do right?” He asked Yuurei wondering what he would say.

Yuurei knew that he had to sign his name in blood to form this contract and he would just smile at him.

“Yup, I do. All I have to do is sign this scroll and we are good to go. The name is Yuurei Uchiha.” He said to the snake as it would hiss at the surname.

Yuurei would bite his finger as he would start to bleed as he ripped a piece of his skin off. The young boy would write his name on the scroll and when he was done a circle would appear on his name and amongst the circle, he could see there were symbols everywhere. The snake would wrap the scroll closed again as it would put it back on its person as it looked at Yuurei.

“Train, get stronger and you will be able to use us in combat. We will help you until you don’t need us, but I hope that never comes true Yuurei. I will be on my way as I have contracted enough people for the day.” He would say this and the snake would disappear from his sight.

Yuurei would nod as he had accomplished what he needed to do.

“I guess it’s time I go home. As for that boar, I would like to fight it again one day. Maybe when I get a bit stronger than I am right now.” He said to himself as he would turn around as he would have to figure a way out of here.

Yuurei would jump onto a tree and climb all the way up to the top and once on top he would be able to find a direction on where he needed to go to get out of this place and back to his house. He wondered if Gin would become stronger like he has been trying too.

WC: 2511
Claiming 15 Stats for Chakra and 10 Stats for Strength
Claiming the Summoning Contract with Ryuchi Snakes 2000/2000, The Body is a Weapon 2500/2500, and the remaining 280 for Water Release: Water Whip 280/1000
Ichigo Sato
Ichigo Sato
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Remove Taijutsu Remove Weaponry Remove Remove Sensory Default
Wind Earth Water Lightning Fire Default
Village : Kumogakure
Ryo : 230150

The Contract Being Formed (Solo) Empty Re: The Contract Being Formed (Solo)

Mon Jul 06, 2020 10:08 pm
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