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Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan Empty Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan

Thu Apr 23, 2020 9:07 am
Yamakura felt today was going to be a great day... She slept well last night, had the BEST breakfast ever with her oldest brother and twin sister... and now she was off to start her day in the grounds! She wished her second eldest brother was at home though... He had been gone for so long on a mission she knew nothing about... She was worried for him! It had been weeks since she saw him and she doubted he received news of her admittance into the academy...

...A small smile crept onto her lips as she walked, slipping on her gloves.

He probably wouldn't be happy about it either! He was always so protective of her in everything she did! He might have a complete meltdown upon hearing of her presence there... though she never quite understood why he would... After all, wasn't it important to be useful to one's village? Wasn't being a ninja the best way to do that and stuff...? Heh... He'd probably sit her down and try to convince her to run a store or something, maybe be a fire-fighter or something rather than a ninja... She wished she could explain to him the way she felt, that she wanted to be like him and his brother, to stand tall as someone as useful as they!

...She just wanted to help...

Instantly, her shoulders began to sag and her enthusiastic smile turned downwards, the young ninja stopping in her tracks, attempting to focus as much attention as possible inward... to keep her emotions in line. Just the thought of her sibling trying to stop her... it kind of hurt in a way... he just wouldn't listen to what she was trying to do! He didn't understand what it was like to be the one at the bottom, barely able to get into school and learn! He didn't get the hopelessness, surrounded by prodigies that made the village proud as part of their daily routine, who are the epitome of heroes within the village! He didn't understand the feeling of helplessness, watching as the people you care about drift further and further away and all you can do is watch from the sidelines...

She just couldn't accept what he was trying to do: protect her. She didn't WANT to be the one always hanging back, waiting for her family to come home from every mission. She didn't want to be the kind of person who fears for the lives of her loved ones because she was too weak to help! She wanted to be the one beside them, their weapon, their shield, whatever she had to be to know for a fact that the ones she loved were going to be alright! She wanted to be strong enough to go with them...

...And even if her brother didn't know it yet, her training would do the talking for her. He would see what she was accomplishing and he would have no choice but to approve! She could see it all now... where they would save the village together against those that would attempt to harm it...

"Just you wait, brother..." Yamakura whispered as she entered the training grounds. "I'll impress you yet..."


WC: 537
Wan Senju
Wan Senju
Stat Page : The Wayfarer
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Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan Empty Re: Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan

Wed Jul 08, 2020 3:19 am
"And over there is where they decided to place the Uchiha District. If you ask me they should've placed it in the fucking ocean. Can you believe this place doesn't even honor my clan enough to bestow our district?" Wan would scoff at Velve as the two walked together through Konohagakure, the Senju pointing in various directions as he showed off a few areas he had began to become accustomed to during his recent arrival there. "It's clear why this village is in the condition it was. There was no form of true leadership here. Even though I hate to say it but an Uchiha would've made a fit candidate than the former Hokage. Popping up on roofs and whatnot during an dare he." Caught in his train of the Wan would continue along through the village with the newly met Velvetine, a woman with an ambition within her that Wan took a heavy interest in. She was the type of person he wanted and needed to surround himself since she had the mindset of someone who knew what it took to succeed in life. "To the left, that huge, ugly tower is the Hokage's Building, well, my building. I'll probably renovate it to make it look more pleasing. This place is a pig-sty compared to Sunagakure, oh what a beautiful village that is." Taking the time to explore the village helped him soon realize that it was much larger than Sunagakure in size, but that didn't matter. The population was troublesome, and quite frank there weren't too many around to help usher it into a new age of existence other than him, Velvetine and Ghost at that time.

Slowing down the pace they came across an area the Senju had yet to reach, an area that was labeled as the 'Training Grounds' but didn't look as such. There wasn't much 'training' going on, rather deserted for quite some time it seemed. Looking back and forth over the area he searched for any signs of life, wondering if he'd see a proud Konohagakurian training their ass off to ready themselves for the best of their village. Nope, that wasn't the case. There was nobody there, except what appeared to be a girl who was ever-so passively standing in the middle of the training grounds, her back towards the Senju. She was wearing an all-black shirt that bore a fan-like logo, the one used by the Uchiha Clan as their symbol. Locking eyes with the apparel the Senju's blood began to boil, realizing that he was in the presence of an Uchiha who appeared to be doing nothing to benefit the growth of the village, let alone themselves. "And this..." he'd point towards the girl, taking a look at Velvetine as she probably wonders why the Senju has begun to show such anger in his voice, "is the Training Grounds where we have pathetic Uchiha vermin slacking off while their village plummets into the abyss. Aren't you surprised?" he'd say mockingly, truthfully disgusted and angered by the presence and actions of the Uchiha. After giving his small statement he approached the girl from behind, leaving Velve in her position to either follow through with him or watch from the sidelines.

Taking quick and hastily steps he began to huff menacingly as he got closer. His chakra began to irradiate slowly, before spiking to its maximum peaks, the hair on the Senju beginning to stand up as his clothes flutter with the vibrations of his aura. The wind picks up around them, with each step the Senju taking his hatred for the Uchiha growing as a never-ending feud between the two clans continued. "You." he'd say, being just a few meters from the girl. She didn't seem to respond, keeping her back towards the Senju as he waited briefly to see if she'd at least provide him some form of attention. Balling his fist he grew madder at the thought of being ignored. Quickly taking more steps closer, he closed the distance between him and the girl with a slight jog, he makes his way right behind the woman, taking his right hand he'd cock it back as far as he could, bringing it forward with maximum momentum and precision as he cuffs his hand into a 'slap' position, making contact with the woman's upper face from behind with intensity.
Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan Tenor10

The intensity of the slap was fierce, applied with enough force to cause intense trauma to the head of the girl, causing her to lose balance as she would more than likely be rendered unconscious on the ground, if not dead from the blunt trauma of the Senju's brutal slap. "Your village is in shambles, possibly the worst it's ever been since the obvious absence of my clan, and you spend your time daydreaming on the very grounds meant for training? That is not how I will allow you, people, to continue to operate." After bitch-slapping the woman, he'd turn his attention back towards Velve, calling her over if she had not already arrived at the scene. "Velvetine, please come here. It seems like we found the first needed for our population control."

[WC: 862]
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Nuraihyon Shinkou
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Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan Empty Re: Uchiha Interactions: Life with the Clan

Wed Jul 08, 2020 12:57 pm
Okay first im going to let you know that this thread and your post is void. You are not going to be allowed to jump into a 3 month old thread. Not only is this a scummy thing to do, your character wouldn't even be in Konoha during the time of this thread being made. Do not do this in the future please.
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