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Takumashi Senju
Takumashi Senju
Ryo : 500

The Milking of Scales (Mission) Empty The Milking of Scales (Mission)

Wed Apr 08, 2020 6:47 am
Chameleon Scales

Kusari was taking on a mission today. He woke up early enough this morning to have a hearty breakfast, got dressed in his gear. He had cut his hair and now had it shorter. He headed off to the mission office to collect his mission for the day. It was not very detailed on rather help would be coming with him on this journey or not. He however did not really care. He read the mission, today was farming Chameleons for their scales. The Scales was not far from where the village was, this was fortunate for Kusari. He decided to head out himself and get started without others yet.

Kusari decided to take the longer route however to the farm for the chameleons, He took it as a chance to grow his abilities further. Swinging from Trees and launching himself off of rocks, a lot like something that was called parkour.  Then Kusari would think of something cool, but would not do it, if he could use his chains to swing around, Maybe even to launch himself forward, that would be really amazing indeed. It would be awesome to use vs things like Bijuu. The Monsters of legend and myth at this point.

It was a thought he had, but it seemed like something out of a tv show to even think of. Propulsion from being pulled, able to move around in mid air with a different direction from another chain. Using the tactics to get up high and counter large beast pretty hard, maybe even slicing at the necks of these beasts. Would be amazing and lots of fun right!

It took some time for Kusari to arrive at the destination. when he finally got there, he responded that he was the one here to accept the mission, and which time he was lead around back to the chameleons. after being shown the chameleons he was then directed to the person who would train him on how to collect the scales from the reptilian beasts. It was tricky, you could only collect the scales that were loose, do not pull on scales not ready to go.

So at this time the boy with short red hair would roll up his sleeves and move to the next chameleon, it was a lot harder then the person made it look or seem. it took him quite a bit of time to get a hang of telling what scales was ready and which ones was not, and the chameleons would let you know if you pulled a on a scale that was still solid in their hide.

Kusari would take a break, turning in a good number of scales for now, wiping his brown and letting out a sigh looking up at the sky, wondering if someone was joining him, or if he will be assigned this one again. Honestly he did not mind this, but he craved and urned for a real adventure, sigh all in good time ya know.

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Takumashi Senju
Takumashi Senju
Ryo : 500

The Milking of Scales (Mission) Empty Re: The Milking of Scales (Mission)

Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:19 am
Kusari had been growing weary of the plucking of Chameleon scales, this was a ardous task. Kusari needed to take a break however, so he would turn in what he had collected and got up to stretch a bit, headed off into the woods for a walk, he would be chilling under a tree for a moment resting his eyes. they were starting to hurt a little bit from all the hard staring he had to do with this job. however before he knew it he had fallen asleep, taking a nap. it was only a short time later before he woke up, causing him to jump up and then stretch. giving out a loud yawn before he collected himself up and headed back down to the chameleon farm.

Kusari had went back to fine combing over of the chameleons , testing each and every scale , pulling the ones that was loose, they were starting to come far and few between now, taking much longer till he found a loose scale, even on the other chameleons. this was such a drag honestly, why did this have to be the mission he was given. Honestly Kusari would have prefered to have been given a job working in the mines. Maybe making weapons and Armor again, he rather enjoyed that. Kusari could not help but to wish and dream of that day once more.

Kusari kept working even while in his partial trance, thinking about what he would build and how to do it. it was not until the chameleon had given him a nip did he releize he had pulled on a good scale,woops well at least there was no blood, and other scales all check out to be perfectly fine. However he had to stop day dreaming about that, so he would go back to focusing while he picked the scales off the chameleons. He wished however for a bandit attack or something, just to break the monodrome life style that seemed to have taken over them.

at this point he could only help but to wonder what was going on in the world, while he sat there plucking the scales off of about every other chameleon now instead of getting at least one scale off of each chameleon, others must have came by already to pluck scales as well, this had to be why it was getting harder to find scales.

Kusari would once more take a break, this time it was time for lunch, he worked hard up to this point, turning in once more the number of scales he had collected while he went out on a break, he had brought a good amount of food for lunch, he just hoped it was enough to get him through the rest of the day. He would pull out the first sandwich that he made earlier and began to eat that while he kept an eye out for anything that could be dangerous, he would get some water next.

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Takumashi Senju
Takumashi Senju
Ryo : 500

The Milking of Scales (Mission) Empty Re: The Milking of Scales (Mission)

Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:06 pm
Kusari finished his lunch and gotten some water from a nearby river. he would use his hands to scoop the water out of the river. drinking the refreshing cold liquid, and splashing some on his face, he was ready for the day to be over already. kusari would head out back to the facilitiy, and would pick up the next chameleon, obviously people were getting through the other chameleon's that they were starting to help each other out. one holding the reptile down, the other searching for scales and even one more pulling the scales. eventually they were all out of chameleon's so they went back through some of the other chameleon's double checking the scales.

Kusari would eventually head out. he was all done now at this point. he would stop by and begin a conversation with the people of the farm. He talked with them about their feeding styles and breeding styles, how they kept the lots from cross breeding. and they even talked about when the best time to gather the scales really was. other subjects of conversation included what the scales could be used for. Seems they were chakra sensative familiars skilled in the ability to not just blend in but to be able to go invisible.

That was a useful trait indeed. and seems the scales keep those properties after beign plucked, thus why it was so important to have so many people helping to more or less milk the chameleons of their scales. these scales were apprently highly sought after for their unique traits, that was indeed interesting.  Kusari would definatly have to look into that effect of the scale cause it would be quiet helpful he would have to keep that in mind. Kusari would stretch out a bit and yawn, man he was getting tired. This was quite the boring however.

Kusari would give his goodbyes, and as a thank you for all his hard work they gave him a chameleon scale, this would make it easier to get to study its effects.that was for certain. Kusari would take the long way home. through the woods again. it was certaily a nice day for it. While taking the walk however, seems a couple of people caught wind of being given a nice gift for a job well done. Cause suddenly Kusari was surrounded by some rouge ninja it seemed. they were demanding the scale from him. well at least he knew now that it was well worth the work if the was being attacked for it.

Kusari would get ready for a rumble. there was eight of them, and they circled him completely having cut his way off back to the village or back to the farm of the chameleons, seems this group was on their way to attack either a caravan carrying the scales off. or the farm itself to try and get the scales.

well to each there own it seems, it was easier then plucking the scales off yourself.

Takumashi Senju
Takumashi Senju
Ryo : 500

The Milking of Scales (Mission) Empty Re: The Milking of Scales (Mission)

Fri Apr 10, 2020 11:40 pm
So last time on naruto role playing game. We left off with Kusari on a mission gathering chameleon scales. now while this was a rather boring task yet very detail oriented. it was also rewarding, he found out that the scales was very valuable, they could turn invisible when chakra was poured into them, he wished he could utilize that and would eventually find a way to do so. However on his way home he was suddenly jumped by eight rouge ninja. Well this was going to get rather rough huh. They wanted the scale he had just been given for a job well done, well seems they were on their way to attack the farm to get a bunch of them, why one was important he did not know, but he feels they underestimated him.

all Eight men suddenly attacked all at once, when before they seemed to know it, each of them was suddenly wrapped up in a chain that was produced by Kusari. He was apart of a very prostigious clan with an amazing ability to summon chains out of their tenketsu. special points in their body that controlled the ebb and flow of anyones chakra system. With that, Kusari pulled out a Kunai and began to draw all eight of the bandits in towards him, then he watched the face of the guy in front who seemed to be the leader when the spear head tip of each chain would drive themselves into the necks of their victims then they would release the bodies, and they would come off of Kusari's back like a bunch of tentacles.

The final guy of the group was pulled to Kusari's face, his face reflected the fear that kusari ment to put into him. Kusari would smile as he placed the Kunai up to the mans throat. and he began to inform the man "You have had the unforutnate mess of runing into the Jounin of kumogakure, Kusari the Chain. Now you will live for now, just to remember this day, and your level of utter failure. Next time remember to check for the obvious signs of ones prowess and think to yourself, if you yourself could not take me on, why would anyone in your troop who was likely weaker then you be able to take me on?" and with that Kusari would throw him across the way smiling.

Kusari would watch the man scramble away with only his life and a lot less pride, as Kusari shouted out to him "And you better leave this farm alone" and with that Kusari would finish making his way back to the village, he would let out a sigh as he turned in his mission report, including the location of the seven bodies of the people who tired to attack him. After collecting his ryo for a mission completed Kusari made his way back to his house. Walking in through the door he would head straight to bed and fall asleep.

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The Milking of Scales (Mission) Empty Re: The Milking of Scales (Mission)

Sat Apr 11, 2020 2:07 am
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