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Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
Ryo : 1350

Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Empty Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only}

Sun Feb 16, 2020 1:38 am

There was rumors of a new system of missions that was spreading like wildfire throughout Kumogakure. The missions was used to gathering a new type of materials that had it's own special uses. They could be used for adding unique properties to both weapons, items, and puppets. The news was indeed intriguing, but only the ones that held the passion for either of the craft skills required to use the augments actually showed interest. For the time being there wasn't much update as to whether Kumogakure had a shop up to provide any of these services for anyone that lacked the skills. Although such a shop would indeed be very helpful. Maybe that would be an idea for the future.

Anyways, Aroma was curious about these sorts of missions. The idea of hunting down a certain material and gathering it sounded satisfying to her. Plus the materials could be beneficial in the future. Either for profit or for some sort of item with special properties. The lavender haired woman didn't have a specific type of material that she was hoping to collect at the type, so she just randomly plucked one of the mission parchments that was available. Giving the opportunity for her to be surprised. Aroma turned the parchment within her hands and read the scripted details. "The gathering of Chameleon scales. . ." The words rolled along her teeth. Chameleons. . . from what she knew, they was lizards who had the ability to camouflage themselves by altering the color of their scales. Her thoughts wandered for a moment. The lavender haired kunoichi was a passionate reader, so she took pride in her intellect.

From what she knew, chameleons did have the advantage of camouflaging themselves to hide, but there was a little trick to it. Something she will wait to discuss with the other individual that would be particularly in the mission. Aroma would wait by the mission board for someone to be assigned with her, before making plans to begin the hunting objective.
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Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Empty Re: Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only}

Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:21 pm
The boar wore naught but a white T shirt and black sweatpants, bare feet pattering on the ground lightly with the grace of someone prepared to spring forward at any moment. A hunting knife sat at his left hip, wickedly sharp and serrated, and his black eyepatch rested in its usual place over the empty right eye socket. He proceeded through the village- mostly destroyed, but slowly repairing. He arrived at the mission boards with an impassive expression, eyeing the much smaller woman before him. Long purple hair- covering over eyes, yet no issue navigating- kekkei genkai? Unconfirmed but possible. He made no effort to conceal his presence, and as such she was likely alerted to his approach. He ran a scabbed and scarring finger through his messy blonde hair and tilted his head, letting the strands fall into his remaining eye. Chameleons were rare in Kumogakure due to its harsh climate, but they still appeared from time to time- he had found a few in the northern forests around bodies of water. "...C'mon. They're... Further up north." His deep baritone rang easily throughout the area. In truth, he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to say in this situation. Small talk? He barely spoke a sentence a day. No, he was much more comfortable focusing on the mission itself. Everything else was secondary.

Should she follow him, he would proceed at a quick pace through the village's numerous pathways and alleys, coming out at a forest trail that he occasionally used- he wasn't as familiar with it as he was with the one around his cabin, of course, but due to its lower altitude more cold blooded creatures such as chameleons were likely to appear. He would proceed with the silence and confidence of someone who was more comfortable in the wilderness than they were in the midst of civilization. The lizards they were looking for tended to stay nearer to the forest floor- higher up were other risks, such as better lighting and natural predators- that he assumed would be instinctive for them to avoid. He knelt down towards a large rock, lifting it up with one hand and seeing the bugs wiggle underneath as their shelter was overturned. Good. Their natural source of food lived nearby. After a minute or two, he would proceed off trail to the right, ambivalent to whether or not the woman would follow him as long as she didn't make noise.

Eventually, a swiftly running brook came into view. He pulled out a thin cloth bag from his belt with one hand and began to search around earnestly, inspecting leaves, ferns, and sunlight speckled rocks. A spot of movement- his hand shot out quickly, grabbing the scurrying lizard by the tail and hoisting it up. After identifying that yes, this was indeed a chameleon, he would quickly snap its neck and toss it in the bag. He needed around two or three- hopefully his mission partner was having luck on her end.

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[Total WC: 501]
Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
Ryo : 1350

Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Empty Re: Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only}

Thu Feb 20, 2020 3:09 am
As she read over the mission details and was forging up how she wanted to follow this objective, a deep voice of a man brought her back to the world around her and out of the kunoichi's little trace of thoughts. She moved her attention from the mission and turned her head towards the individual that spoke out. From behind her eye bindings, her purple hues took in his appearance with a quick gesture. What intrigued her was the eye patch that positioned itself over his right eye. She couldn't help but wonder about it. Then it finally dawned on her on what he had said, at first she had been oblivious but now it made sense. Aroma nodded her head to indicate that she understood, and then follow suit of the stranger. As the lavender haired took the same foot steps as the blonde man. she made sure to follow slightly behind him as she took in the rest of his details as a mute.

One benefit the woman had to her eye bindings that she couldn't help but notice. Was that she was capable of having her attention on an individual without it being too obvious. If she felt the need to examine them in detail on what the carried or how they carried themselves, she was able to almost freely. There wasn't much that stood out besides the eye patch, a knife at his hip, and the rough texture of his hands. He was obviously an outdoorsy type, but she still could be mistaken. The slight crunch of a dry leaf suddenly brought the kunoichi's attention to the changed environment around her. Realizing that the had found themselves along some sort of foresty trail that she had never witnessed before. And the fact that he found it so easily as if the man had been here plenty of times to memorize the location. . . "Definitely outdoors type. . ." her voice spoke, hardly vocal at all from underneath her breath as she took in the surroundings.

She couldn't help but admire the nature view. She was the type of woman who loved to meditate with the world's surroundings at it's purest form. As they came to the proper location that the man sought to search Chameleon, watching as he trailed off the path to the right, Aroma would glance towards his way for a moment before proceeding down the path a few more feet. She knew that the little lizards liked to rest on the lower level of branches when it came to trees and bushes. So that's where she started to look. She took the time to gaze upon the low branches of surrounding lush trees that was closest to ground level. Her eyes scanned the branches from behind her bindings, and every now and then the woman would shift some leaves or vegetation out of the way. To her luck she was able to find two chameleons, the second one was just out of luck as it was fairly camouflaged within vegetation a good ways away from the first one she had found. Aroma held the captured lizards within her grasp, and bit sharply into the back of their necks. Hearing the sickening crunch of their bones as their neck snapped between her teeth. Then she proceeded to place them in some sort of bag to turn them in with later after the mission was completed. She wondered how many the other man have managed to find, before continuing her search on some lower ground.
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Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Empty Re: Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only}

Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:27 pm
The Boar silently stalked the clearing, listening to his temporary  mission partner but otherwise not offering a response to her statements... Or the fact that she seemed to kill the small reptiles with a swift bite to the neck. It seemed rather unsanitary- as they could potentially be carriers of disease, and... Well, he wouldn't speak up about it. To each their own, and in truth such a conversation would likely be long and drawn out, and there was nothing he hated quite more than small talk about things he wasn't interested in with people he didn't know how to feel about. Another flash of movement, and his hand shot out to grab another lizard- likely the last in the area- cracking its neck with a swift movement before placing it in the canvas bag. He tied the drawstring, attaching it to the same leather belt as his knife. A pause, and a tilt of the head. Then he would turn around, beginning the hour long trek back to the village. He pushed back a particularly large branch before he felt a strange weight in the back of his mind- something like a cross between a headache, and a sickening sensation of being watched. A pause. Was it...? A scowl overtook his features and his pace quickened. This wasn't the time to be bothered by anyone, much less a disgusting, bloodthirsty Entity who sought naught but his attention through the crudest means possible. If it were to lash out here, well... Other people could potentially be caught in the backlash.

Unconsciously, his right, scabbed hand drew closer and closer to his belt, wrapping around the hilt of his knife before he caught himself. No. Such behavior is unbecoming in company. He quickened into a light jog, noisier than his normal walk but better for the moment's notice. He sped through trees, leaves, and outcroppings of violent rock before returning to the mission desk, handing over the bag of dead chameleons before swiping his reward- the scales would be mailed to him eventually, so... A grunt escaped his mouth as he made his way to the training grounds. He drew his hunter's knife before lunging into a wild, breaking swipe, nearly carving a log in two with the brute strength reminiscent of a beastly animal. He coughed into his hand, shaking his head as if trying to clear his mind of the fog which seemed to layer thicker and thicker in front of his eyes.

Should the kunoichi he met earlier attempt to find him, or approach, he would refuse to offer her a single word from his mouth, much less an explanation. No, this was his problem alone, and attempting to interfere, in his eyes, was disrespectful. Another lunge and swipe. The blade in his hand cracked- he'd likely need a new one- and the log splintered into two even pieces. A single piece of splintered metal rested evenly on the top. He didn't need help. He was fine.

[WC: 499]
[Total WC: 1,000]

Claiming: +2,100 ryo, 5 ap, 1x chameleon scales, +2 stats
+500 words to Genjutsu Release + Mastery
+250 words to Spanking
+250 words to Ventriloquism
Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
Ryo : 1350

Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Empty Re: Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only}

Thu Feb 20, 2020 7:03 pm
Aroma proceeded in her search for the chameleons. At first she was starting to worry that there wouldn't be anymore for her to find around this area. She had finished checking the lower branches of numerous trees and bushes, amd even proceeded to look around within vegetation along the ground. Luckily enough she was able to spot one more. While executing it quickly with a quick bite with only her teeth making contact, and spitting upon the ground afterwards. Then wrapping it up with the other two limp lizard bodies.

It was then that she heard an odd disturbance of the woods around her. Sounded as if something was charging away? Her attention suddenly darted towards the raucous that was slightly more than what she was used to hearing. Just in time to see her mission partner darting away from the area. This caused her to tense all over as high alert spread through her body. She didn't know what to expect from his sudden exit. Quickly ducking behind a nearby tree as if she was supposed to be hiding from an intruder of some sort.

Moments had passed and nothing else happened. She was unsure of what had taken place, but it seemed that there was no reason to continue hiding. There didnt seem to be any attacker around. Still on high alert, the woman slowly made her way back to the civilization of the village. Taking great care in where she was heading. Wondering to herself what had taken place to cause just a reaction in that man. Now was the time to turn in the mission objective though and collect her reward, as she wondered what the man's name was at least. |END|
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Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Empty Re: Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only}

Fri Feb 21, 2020 9:22 pm
Chameleon Scales {Closed, Invite only} Approv43
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