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Asuma Uchiha
Asuma Uchiha
Ryo : 2950

A Shadow and A Viper! (PVT) Empty A Shadow and A Viper! (PVT)

Fri Mar 06, 2020 2:32 am
The sun was shining bright in the Land of Lightning today, the clouds were thin and scattered leaving much of the blue sky visible to the people of the land below. The distant mountains making a beautiful atmosphere as always, soon to be sparring grounds were calm and clear. A circular clearing within a small forest about 30 meters in diameter cut in two by a winding little creek about a meter wide, which had little to no strength to it’s current as it trickled on from treeline to treeline.

An average height teen with black hair stood at the edge of the water with his onyx colored eyes looking down at the water, his normal blue colored clothes hanging on his body as he stood calm as always. A slight breeze would cascade by making his clothes and ponytail dance in the wind, the clan fan symbol exposed to any who may be behind him though Asuma would more than likely notice them due to how quiet the woods were as he stood alone in the clearing. His arms resting with his hands on his hips he sighed, it was true he came out here looking for peace but instead found himself overwhelmed with boredom.

(206 Words)
(Sorry I couldn't do more to start, I'll pick up as we go)
Aroma Viperis
Aroma Viperis
Ryo : 1350

A Shadow and A Viper! (PVT) Empty Re: A Shadow and A Viper! (PVT)

Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:27 pm
She seen the young man standing before the soft gentle creek, that snaked along some of the silent wooded treelines. And she also saw the symbol that was portrayed upon the back of his blue attire. A symbol that every ninja should he able to recognize. The mark of an Uchiha. Why would someone so easily give away their clan? This was something that the female Viper silently thought to herself, as she made her way closer to the scene. There was a slight dance within her piercing eyes as she gazed upon the prey from behind her black eye bindings.

No she had no ill intentions, the woman was just merely curious. Dressed in her fitted violet dress that complimented her blessed mature curves. Flexible soled boots came all the way up to her mid thighs along with fingerless gloves that ram up to her mid biceps. Over her dress would be a black flak jacket that zipped up to her protruding breasts. As for a weapon, one could see two large stake daggers with the length of two feet from hilt to tip that was strapped to her waist. Along with linked chains connected to the hilts. One glance would easily give away that she was no ordinary woman with the weapons at her hips and the jacket around her torso. And just everything about her whispered deadly.

The Viperis unspoken tradition of silent footwork left her approaching behind the man, more softly than the quiet footworks of a hidden deer. The tradition was burned into her brain after all the years of training. So it came to her as instince to move about with such delicacy, while not caring whether or not that her presence became known to the stranger. Stopping 35 feet from the man and feeling a silent breeze tickle her nose just beneath the covering eye bindings. She stood waiting, calmly and quietly, for him to turn around.
{WC: 324}

OOC: No worries I never judge, sorry for late reply
Asuma Uchiha
Asuma Uchiha
Ryo : 2950

A Shadow and A Viper! (PVT) Empty Re: A Shadow and A Viper! (PVT)

Sun Mar 08, 2020 1:27 am
Asuma was calm and focused on his surroundings though looking into the streaming water in front of them, though his ears perked slightly at the faint near unnoticeable sound of someone approaching in the distance. If it wasn’t for the sound of the grass laying down beneath the person approaching Asuma may have never even noticed their presence, guess luck would be on his side today. The sounds of metal swaying as the unseen person grew closer, almost as though chains were worn by this figure and the links were shifting with the movement. Though the sounds all stopped suddenly, this made Asuma decide to engage the individual by turning to his right and now facing them directly.

Asuma’s eyes scanned the woman before him without even realizing what he had done, starting at her feet taking note of her long boots that stretched up her thighs only a small bridge of exposed skin to the skin tight blackened dress. He realized he had been looking at the curvature of her body and quickly regained the control of his eyes looking to her face and seeing the bandages over her eyes and long lavender hair, he could feel the temperature rise in his cheeks as he looked at the older woman and quickly regained his normal composure and demeanor. He had noted in his uncontrolled vision the daggers on her hips that dangled the chains he had heard upon her approach, he decided to speak having regained his normal cold and detached emotions “Rather silent aren’t you?” Asuma was standing facing the woman with his feet spread shoulder length apart with his hands resting by his sides, he awaited her response wondering just what she was doing out here in the forest outskirts of Kumogakure.

(295 Words)
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