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Ikari Senju
Ikari Senju
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A typical ?Irish evening.  Empty A typical ?Irish evening.

Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:07 am
Ikari for the first time was not in the quarry, destroying his body for his own sick personal gains. He was finally deciding to change his course of training to focus much more on the ninjutsu side of things, trying to master the control of his chakra. While meditating, he picture his chakra being a swirling typhoon of water, looking beautiful, while also being deadly the closer you got to it. The breeze coming off of the mountain brushed against his face, causing his crimson hair to sway like reeds in the field. He was getting only slightly better with his ability to sit and focus, so he gave up after a few minutes so he could keep his muscles warmed up and his body ready for a fight. 

He stood in his fighting stance, breathing deeply three times, then he let out a yell. His chakra would explode out of his body, his hair would begin to glow and sway like a bonfire, and his eyes would glow with the fire that burned within his soul. He ran to the quarry once again, he was in the mood to start lifting some rocks. 

When he entered the quarry, his chakra would be visually swirling around his body with a calm pattern. When he walked up to the rock he chose, his chakra would begin to swirl a little faster. Ikari wanted the biggest rock in the quarry. It was 19 meters tall and 9 meters wide. Due to the sheer size of the rock, he had to put some holes in for his fingers to fit inside. He walked up to the rock and he began to breathe deeply once again, focusing and visualizing the rock lifting out of the ground. 

He leaned against the rock, chest to the hard surface. His breath would then slow as he placed his fingers within the hand holds that he had put into the rock. He would count his breaths, to his eighth breathe. The moment he would begin lifting, his chakra would go from visually swirling around his body, to exploding off of his skin. Looking as though he was on fire. He would yell out as the carbon monoxide escaped his body. The rock would vibrate, then it would shake, rumble, until finally it would begin to lift as the dirt holding the stone would begin to loosen, allowing it to lift out of the ground. 

After the rock was completely out of the ground, Ikari kept going, pushing his boundaries. He lifted the rock up to his waist, but he was still not satisfied. The chakra coming off of his body would grow in its intensity. Looking like a never ending explosion as he continued to lift the rock higher and higher. He finally had the rock to his chest. Being that this was his original goal, he thought that he was going to slam the rock to the ground at this point. He was going to do this, until he decided to step it up one more time. 

Ikari got more under the massive stone, changing his stance. Ikari had the stone resting on his chest as he took a quick breath. He then took in a deep inhale, before giving the stone his absolute all. His chakra ripping off of his body, his shirt beginning to tear apart as the chakra continued to explode in the way that it was. Ikari pushed the rock up over his shoulders, passed his neck, then his face. The final moment of truth came, getting it over his head. Ikari continued to push, his skin feeling as though it was on fire. The shirt that he was wearing was completely torn to pieces. Ikari finally let out one last push and cleared the entire stone over his head and his arms had pushed it as high as he could as his arms straightened. 

Ikari then slammed the stone back to the ground, making the entire area of the village shake and rumble, a small piece of the cliff that was next to the training area crumbled and fell away. Ikari fell back on his ass and he leaned against the stone that he had just lifted into the air. His breathing began being hyper, hastened in its pace. But he sat up and he rested his hands onto his legs, taking in a few deep breaths to reset his body back to its base. He then opened his eyes and his chakra would return to its calm swirling around his body with the crimson hue. His eyes went from looking as if they had caught fire, to being calm like the lit wick of a small candle. His hair, calmed in its swaying. 

He would continue to practice his breathing as he recovered from the strenuous exercise he had just performed. 

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