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Chisana Kiseki <3
Chisana Kiseki <3
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Late Evening Empty Late Evening

Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:48 pm
It was late, she'd spent the day burning herself out at the training grounds trying to gain as much strength and stamina as she could physically muster. She felt like her steps had lost the will to bounce, her sweater felt lumpy and covered with dirt, and even her hair had twigs rather than braids. But she had a mission this evening, a tracking one. 

So here she was, back on the roof, upside down, her knotted, dirty hair hanging over her like a curtain and her sweater just the same. She held out a tiny balled fist and rapped on the window. Knock...Knock...Knock.. to be continued until he opened up. In which she would swing down, uninvited to sit on the sill with her legs swinging sorely within his home. 

"I've had a thought." She begun. She pulled her long, knotted hair about to one shoulder, thinking carefully of how she should say this. It burned like acid in her brain. Every fiber in her being screamed for her not to do it. But it had to be done, it had to be said. 

"I..." She hesitated carfully. It wasn't often she needed to pursue delicately, it was almost becoming against that of her natural nature. "I need your help." She let out the breath she was holding. "We have a lot to get done and I've been so overwhelmed with everything I've been studying that I've completly and utterly neglected the very order put in place around us, in that what I'm saying is I need your help getting missions. It's come to my attention, by a rather exuberant grocery lady, that my manners are....sub...par. Ultimately I need your voice. And if we're to continue our cooperation together as a team, we have a lot to get done and little time to do it in. I've considered much of your use to me and think of you highly for this position and that of a position aside me, aiding in what i do not have to supply. So, what is it that you need to do to be emotionally prepared to continue as my companion? Our last encounter didn't end so well, and I'm not sure if I had modeled what ever it is neccessary to ensure your level headness." Her ramble was a bit, well, rambly but she hoped the point had come across. She was in wanting of help for missions, but their last encounter.. "It has come to my attention that you aren't as prepared as myself in handling emotional affairs or dramatic histories. And I'm here to offer my sevices for thus or, as a second notion, allowing you to offer your understanding for the handling of these... I have no other words for it, emotional affairs. To be completly honest I have no use for them, but nor have I the history of family unit as you. I'm meant to learn all i can of this village, I'm just not sure how family units even matter so much to you in your career."
Kaen Yuki <3
Kaen Yuki <3
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Late Evening Empty Re: Late Evening

Tue Dec 13, 2016 12:08 am
Kaen groaned as he got out of bed and opened the window, and to his surprise, he found himself staring into the beautiful eyes of Chisana.

She instantly started speaking not letting Kaen get a word in to respond. It seemed as if she was still blunt - as she had always been - but Kaen couldn't continue being mad at her.

"What-whatever Chisana," Kaen said with a sigh and pinching the bridge of his nose. "I'm sorry for my 'emotional affairs' it's hard for me to think about my deceased mother. I hope you can forgive me."

Kaen sighed, "I'll help you in whatever you need Chisana, as a friend, teammate, and overall shinobi of Kumogakure."

"I'd be glad to do some missions with you as I lack funds," Kaen stretched as he jumped on the window sill. "Let's go take a mission."

He didn't know what to feel. He wanted to be mad at Chisana, and he wanted to forgive his friend, but Kaen could hardly care anymore as he raced to the place where he could earn missions. He wanted to take out his anger and get this mission over with so he could go back home.

The boy conflicted cause he didn't know how to respond to her. She wasn't like others...

OOC: I'm going to make the topic for the mission. The Trashman mission first! Very Happy


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