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Minato Terumi
Minato Terumi
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Sun Feb 02, 2020 1:56 am
E-Rank: Assisting the Elderly

It seemed things never changed, Here he was again staring at a big wooden board with little to no missions on it. Minato sighed, it was ridiculous to him that no matter what he did, he never seemed to find any good mission. This time his selections were narrowed down for him and only one mission was available, but it was the worst most degrading one he had to do yet. ‘Assisting the Elderly’ he was to be a house maid or even an escort to three clients on the page. He hated this, but took the flyer anyways and began to read:

‘Shinobi of Kirigakure,

It’s time to respect your elders and do something good for them, the following village elders need individual tasks completed:

Shin needs his groceries picked up
Kiba needs to get to the bingo tournament
Temari needs her house cleaned

So do us all a favor and help the elderly, remember they were once active village members so treat them well.’

Minato sighed again showing how even reading this made him hate the day he had coming, but decided the easiest way to do this would be to get it all done at once, so he turned towards the market district of Kirigakure and headed out. The market stalls were easy enough to navigate, but the list of groceries was going to require more than just one set of hands. Minato signed the seal of the tiger and within an instant 4 water clones appeared behind him, each was handed a select set of items from the list and within seconds they all had the items needed. Having now arrived at Shin’s home Minato and the clones put away the groceries, Leaving the house Minato released the jutsu and headed for Kiba who was sitting with his cane at a crossroads. Minato showed him the flyer and then picked the little old man up in his arms, quickly dashing through the village dodging the inhabitants as he picked up speed. Sliding to a halt as he reached the double doors of the bingo hall, setting the old man down and telling the attendants of the current situation with the old man. Now all that was left was cleaning Temari’s home, Minato was standing outside the closed door of her home at this point. The horrific smell that protruded from behind it was enough to make Minato turn green, he stepped back after knocking and waited for her to answer. Moments passed and Minato knocked again this time with more force, to which the door opened slowly exposing the hurricane affected home. Minato smelt the rancid smell again though this time he could tell it’s origin, the bedroom. Deciding his job wasn’t to get that personal he signed the tiger once more creating 4 clones and jumped on the cleaning, One folded and washed clothes, one washed and dried dishes, the other swept and mopped, One cleaned the toilet and shower, all finishing when Minato released the horrible smell was poor old lady Temari who had passed away in her bedroom. Minato returned to the administration building turning in the mission and informing them of her untimely death, that is when he learned that it was the neighbor who had made the last request to clean her home as she did not know Temari had passed away but instead thought it was just her home that stunk up the neighborhood. Minato collected his money for a complete job and went on about his day, of course reading the book he had recently started.

(597 Words/ +1 Stat/ +500 Ryo/ +100 Ryo for Rank/ Claiming 597 Words Towards: One Thousand Needles of Death)
Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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E-Rank: Assisting the Elderly (Solo) Empty Re: E-Rank: Assisting the Elderly (Solo)

Mon Feb 03, 2020 5:44 pm
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