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Satoru Nara
Satoru Nara
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Missing-Nin (D-rank)
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Satoru Visits the Nara Compound Empty Satoru Visits the Nara Compound

Mon Dec 16, 2019 10:55 am
Satoru begins his day early so that he might have as much time as possible to go about his business. In a foreign place, one must first look around and become accommodated to the location before trying to get done anything specific. It is for this reason that Satoru is driven to see the market place and walk down some streets this morning. Aside from this, he must also know what to expect from the people and ninja of the village in case things go sour. He knows not if the Nara compound is a restricted area, so he will be sure to ask where it is and whether or not it is open for visitors.

Less importantly, Satoru has little money with which to pay rent for his room. During the past few days, going from Hoshigakure to Forest Country and then to Konohagakure, he took no shinobi contract jobs and thus gained no money. In order to remain in Konohagakure, he must pay for a room or lodge with someone he barely knows. The latter is out of the question given his nature. His goal must be met within the day. Otherwise, he will have nowhere to sleep and be forced to return to the lodge in Forest Country without accomplishing his goal.

So the Nara readies himself before exiting the motel. He opens the door and closes it behind him. The first thing he notices about the village this morning is the air. He noticed this upon first arriving, but the atmosphere is different from Hoshigakure or Kumogakure. Although he cannot decide if it is an improvement, it is certainly different. The sun is shining in the east as it just barely peeks over the horizon. At this time, people are out and about. It is not so early that most of the village is asleep. In terms of temperature, Satoru has no need for anything more than his normal attire. It is warm but not overly hot.

Satoru heads out from the complex of the motel, having paid the owner for the room the night before. His first destination is the market place. As stated before, he has little money to his name, so he does not plan on a shopping spree. However, food is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Some fruit will do nicely. At the same time, Satoru will be able to see how the people of Konohagakure interact. This errand kills two birds with one stone.


Upon arriving among the markets, Satoru counts his money. There is more on him than he had previously thought, but not enough for three meals and a night at the same motel. He decides to do his best at saving his funds and walks up to one of the stands. The man here sells fresh produce for what seem to be reasonable prices. Before buying anything, Satoru predicts how much money he will have afterward and finds that the deal before him is fine. Essentially, he can buy breakfast for only a tenth of his total funds.
Through the course of talking with the man running the stand, the Nara finds him to be reasonable and easy to interact with. Satoru dislikes engaging in small talk and this man is all business. From the stand, he decides to pick up two apples. As for drinks, he decides that a nearby fountain can fill his empty canteen. With this, Satoru leaves the market place and fills his water container. He is now set to accomplish his primary goal here in the village hidden among the leaves. To begin, the Nara looks around.

While walking the streets of the village, Satoru spots a gentleman who seems to be respectable. He asks the man where the Nara compound might be found. At first, the man doesn’t seem to know what Satoru is asking about. The Nara elaborates on his question in order to clarify. While Satoru finds it unlikely, the man may not know of the Nara clan.

“Maybe a symbol like this.” Satoru quickly draws the symbol of his clan on a random piece of paper and shows this to the man. “Where would I find this around the village?”

With this, the man seems to understand.

“There’s a forest with that symbol at its entrance. The nearest gated compound also has that symbol on its wall.” The man explains. He points east and continues to speak as Satoru is readying to leave. “I know they’re some kind of shinobi clan, but I haven’t seen any of them lately. Nobody really enters or exits that compound either.”

Satoru thanks the man for his help and continues on his way.


With the aid of the man’s directions, Satoru has arrived at the Nara compound as well as the entrance to the forest. The gate to the compound is locked. He looks around to ensure that nobody is looking at him in particular before jumping over the wall. The landing is soft and nearly silent. Within the compound, Satoru finds a building with a main door and multiple floors. He begins to search the area and then moves into the building. The place is truly abandoned.

The interior of the building is very dusty. Every step lightly kicks up particles from the floor. As Satoru begins moving things around in order to find anything of interest, more dust enters the air, causing him to cough and cover his eyes. After a few minutes of searching, he leaves through the back of the building to get some fresh air. However, his drive to know what secrets might be held on higher floors drives him to make this break brief. Satoru continues by performing a high jump up to the second floor. He enters through an open window.

On the second floor, he finds little that seems to be of interest at face value. The Nara opens some drawers and lifts some floor boards but finds nothing. That is, until he reaches the stairs to the next floor. The first step creaks with an unusual echo, as though the entire staircase is hollow. To investigate this, Satoru tries pulling up some of the boards of the steps. None of them budge except for the last one, just as he reaches the third and final floor. Beneath this, an entire section of the house is hidden. The room is dark, it's only entrance being the one opened by Satoru. He lowers himself down beneath the steps and finds footing where the floor of the second level would be. He quickly concludes that this is the hollow area beneath the steps. There is no dust in this portion of the building. The room has been kept mostly airtight, causing the atmosphere to become stale.

Unable to see and knowing that this room must hold importance, Satoru uses lightning chakra to spark electricity between his fingertips. This creates flickers of light that make this compartment visible for a split second before going dark again. This flickering continues every now and then whenever Satoru needs to see something. He uses this to approach a chest in the corner of the compartment. Upon opening it, he finds multiple scrolls. Satoru removes one of them from the chest and lays it out on the floor. He then increases the frequency of the sparks between his fingertips in order to read the scroll. He finds that written upon it is an explanation of chakra manipulation which constitutes a jutsu or technique. With the seal of the Nara clan in the top right corner of the scroll, Satoru has found what he is looking for. These scrolls act as a template through which the reader can learn to master hidden techniques.

Satoru takes a moment to decide what to do from here. There are multiple scrolls in the chest. He takes a look and estimates that there must be around fifteen scrolls. To take all of them would be unwise, as he will have to answer to shinobi of the village when he leaves for Forest Country. The scrolls would be considered contraband and Satoru would be arrested. It then occurs to him that this building is abandoned. There may not be any members of the Nara clan in Konohagakure.  On that note, Satoru comes to a conclusion. He will take two scrolls with him and seek an audience with the Hokage in order to ask for possession of the scrolls as a member of the clan.

The Nara rolls up the scroll that is opened on the floor. He takes this scroll and one more from the chest. Both are stuffed into the shinobi pouch on his hip. Satisfied with his findings, Satoru jumps out of the compartment and places the floorboard over the opening. He then exits the building the same way he came in. At the gate of the compound, he undoes the lock and walks out. The gate is closed behind him but remains unlocked. Satoru’s next order of business is to ask for an audience with the Hokage.



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Satoru Visits the Nara Compound Empty Re: Satoru Visits the Nara Compound

Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:41 pm
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