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Chimon Visits the Painters Guild Empty Chimon Visits the Painters Guild

Fri Apr 08, 2022 2:39 am
Mission Approval: Painter Guilds Plus One (E-Rank Universal)

Chimon Uchiha Stat Sheet

The water under his hands was relaxing as he scrubbed the tips of the brushes, such a lighthearted mission helped him feel like he was helping at home. It was nice to sit and help the painters with some basic tasks. He was so used to pushing his body to its limit that this break was feeling like he wasn't working. Chimon wore a fairly tattered apron while he was working in the studio. A lot of the people here spoke of their art as though it was the thing that made the world spin, he politely would listen and nod along, wanting them to feel heard. It wasn't that he didn't believe them, but his opinions didn't matter at the time. He was on a job and making the person mad who was going to fund the mission wasn't the best idea. 

"Chimon-Kun!" One of the leaders of the painters guild began yelling to him, "We found some more brushes!" She seemed to want to keep him focused on his work. Grabbing the new bucket, he went and found a stool and started to work on scrubbing the paint out of the tip of the brushes. His mind would wander to his future missions, or to new ways he could use his jutsu to become a better ninja. One thought he circled his head was how he could learn to do better Genjutsu. A majority of his clan spoke about the fireball jutsu and how to use fire with ninjutsu. Chimon felt like the best way to get through a ninja's defense was to take away their ability to think correctly. Genjutsu mind tricks would do just that and more if he could get his jutsu strong enough. 

An older woman came and dropped off more brushes as she hung her work to dry. Chimon looked up and noticed that her painting was of a married couple that sat on a dock overlooking a pond. He smiled at her artwork, "That is very pretty." She smiled at Chimon as a thank you before walking back to her station. All of the painters were extremely busy, always having something in their mind's eye they had to place onto the canvass. Miya, the one who was in charge of him today, came over and saw the clean brushes. "Thank you for the help, I know it was trivial." Chimon shook his head, "Anytime." The day seemed to go by quicker than he expected, he looked down and realized that his daydreaming had kept him busy as he had finished cleaning around one hundred brushes. He stood up and bowed towards Miya and went to collect his things. The simplicity of working in an area like this amazed him, it was so different than what he grew up understanding about the shinobi lifestyle. The painters guild lived a very different life and it was their job to ensure that it could continue.

Chimon hung his apron up as he grabbed his bag and put his mask back on. "Thank you all, have a good day!" He waved to them as the door closed behind him. The smile under his mask stuck while he was walking back to turn in the mission. Sometimes the simple things in life give the best rewards. In this case, it was some peace and quiet that brought a smile. 

TWC 562

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