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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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A Whimsical Departure[Travel] Empty A Whimsical Departure[Travel]

Sat Dec 14, 2019 7:42 pm
Unfortunately, Lord Raikage- I mean...Maximillian received severe trauma during the battle with the battle against Nobunaga Hiyu before you arrived, Raikage. He’s currently in critical condition, and we’re unsure the estimation in which he’ll regain consciousness.” A foul aura would overwhelm the untidy office as the doctor stood in the midst of the room under scrutiny, enveloped by the malice fuming from the most recent Raikage to be. A deathly gaze would constrict the doctor as she was overcome with stricken fear, knowing the calamity soon to ensue due to her own incompetence, be it that or the Uchiha’s impossible requests. A furrowed brow would be the only applicable feature to describe the man’s emotional state, before rising from his position abruptly and dismissing the hyperventilating girl, likely expecting to meet the same fate as the ones who laid in his path a short while ago. She’d scurry off with a quick jump before the tyrant changed his mind as he turned to look towards the view of the village and the ever growing crowd of subjects below.

Kutari had been in office for a few days after arriving in the village, and in such a small time frame obtained wealth, stature, and even a chakra beast. He barely looked forward to coming to Kumogakure and taking it over, though came out with a high profit which put a lucrative smirk upon his face. Though the time had come for him to begin his plans to undermine the people of Kumogakure while protecting himself simultaneously, thus what caused the mass of villagers to arrive. While alone in the Kage office, he’d turn to set an array of scrolls on the table before retrieving the contents within, the various nude corpses of the ones he killed days before now being centered on the table with no one to see his actions. He’d retrieve his organ cooler and begin to cut into the various bodies to obtain their DNA for further study later on; the warrior being the first to have his organs taken as the two kidneys were taken from his being and placed into the cooler. He’d then go to the Uchiha that tried to escape via teleportation, extracting his Mangekyou eyes which since retracted to the average sharingan, placing them into the cooler as well in safe keeping, none of the items within ever being harmed or crushed. Then he’d get the dna from the Uchiha as well being a kidney and a liver. The spiteful woman would be next, obtaining a kidney and pancreas. Finally the young boy that got in the way as well, both of his kidney’s being extracted along with one of his eyes as well, the studying he did do so far showing he was in fact a member of some sort of dojutsu.

Kutari would put away the bodies after such and put them back in his pocket dimension, knowing full well his next intent. Having packed away the cooler and placing it in the dimension, Kutari would rise from his position wearing his typical outfit, though the Raikage garments he wore as well. He’d be prepared to go about his final act in the village, or so it may seem. Having studied all of the past knowledge of the Kages before him and being brought up to speed even more with updated information regarding the Shinobi world unlike Sunagakure and their outdated state, he now knew what his next plan of action would be: the departure of Kutari Uchiha.

Leaving the office, Kutari would come to greet the mass villagers for his announcement as he suppressed his own chakra to remain incapable of being memorized, coming outside to speak with them all, “Good day Kumogakure. As you are all aware, this village has undergone quite the change with my appearing here, however I want to make one thing clear: I am not your true leader nor Kage. I was sent here on behalf of one of my colleague's I serve, and will continue to do so until my dying breath. He is a much more powerful and fearsome fighter than I, and is your true 9th Raikage. I’m not going to depart on a journey to inform him of the success here, and he’ll travel here to greet and lead this village on behalf the glory our group represents, and I expect you all to prove to him you’re worth sparing. Until his return, fend for yourselves and survive, see this as a test to start off on the right foot and show you can function without a figurehead, it seems as if that’s what you’ve been doing anyway looking at the terrible state of this village. He’ll return to you with these garments I wield now, and hopefully bring out some form of strength out of you.” With that, Kutari would activate his ring’s ability before the people as he was consumed by darkness, deconstructing as he withered away to travel towards his partner in crime: Kenshin Uzumaki.

[Exit and Travel via Ring of Miasma]

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Mizuki Ohta
Mizuki Ohta
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Missing-Nin (S-rank)
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A Whimsical Departure[Travel] Empty Re: A Whimsical Departure[Travel]

Sat Dec 14, 2019 10:19 pm
A Whimsical Departure[Travel] Approv31
Watch out Suna, 
Here comes trouble.
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