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Ryo : 13300

Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training Empty Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training

Sat Nov 09, 2019 2:54 am
Akarui spend the last week intensely training and he felt it prudent to keep up the pace but he knew it were best to take it easy this morning and get studying some techniques to improve himself. He was aware that his arsenal seemed to be lacking compared to other genin of his day. More than half the class mates from Leaf Academy were chuunin or higher. He had fallen behind due to old emotional wounds. He had fixed himself, but in the process his skills became stagnate. Every time Akarui visited the academy he would reminisce.

Akarui sit in a cloud of nostalgia shifting through old memories. After what seemed like hours he shook off the thoughts with a shake of his head. Jumping to his feet, Akarui made his way to the kitchen bench where he had left some Technique Scrolls he had borrowed yesterday from his old sensei. He wanted to get reading the scrolls before he would be too lost in nostalgia to do anything today.

Seating himself on the floor in the living area, Akarui placed down the scrolls with all titles visible. There were a total of four scrolls neatly in a row. 

The first was genjutsu release 
The second was generic sealing Jutsu
The third was generic medical Jutsu
And the fourth and final being rope escape Jutsu 

Akarui sat there looking at the scrolls for a solid 20 minutes mentally deliberating on which Jutsu to learn first. His old sensei gave them all to him saying a good Shinobi should know the basics and that these would come in handy. Before Akarui left, sensei also said after he brought them back he had a few more basic Jutsu for him to learn if he were interested.

Finally choosing to go with Rope Escape Jutsu as it seemed the simplest of the four. Akarui picked up the scroll, turning it over once before opening it. Contained within was an introduction to the Jutsu followed by a quick history and relevant information. He was right, it was simple. One only had to use their chakra on the rope causing it to untie and fall off the user or target. 

“Well that is simple but effective. Let’s test it out" Akarui announced to himself after reading though the scroll a couple more times to make it stick. Setting the scroll aside he got up and found some rope around the apartment, it was curtain cord but it will make do. Tying a knot in the cord after wrapping it around a chair tightly.

Concentrating, he held his hand against the knot and emitted chakra in the way the scroll instructed. A moment passed and the knot loosened and the rope fell to the floor. 

Happy yet not excited, Akarui appraised the results of his handy work. It was acceptable for his first attempt but he needed to practice it more. So he reset the knot and repeatedly used the Rope Escape Jutsu until he was happy with his efficiency at it. 

After spending a good three hours playing with ropes, it was time to move onto the next of the four. Genjutsu release was the next one to study. Seating himself back down Akarui replaced the rope escape scroll back and picked the genjutsu release up and opened it.

The scroll containing the genjutsu release technique is easy to understand and use though the problem was how to tell whether or not one was actually in a genjutsu.

“Okay, I understand all that and how to do it but I can’t really train that without being in a genjutsu in the first place. I guess that comes down to experience too. Then I’ll remember it for when I need it.” He spoke to himself while holding the scroll up. He reread it multiple times before closing it and putting it down.
Immediately he picked up the basic medical Jutsu. Upon seeing all the scrolls sensei had given him, this one caught his attention straight away. When he asked why that was included, his sensei replied; 

“Son, if you’re ever in a pinch, this Jutsu could be the difference between life and death. No matter what path you follow, it’s an extremely useful tool all Shinobi should have.” While patting Akarui on the shoulder. It is solid advice. Better to know and not have to use it than not knowing it when you need it. 

After reading the lengthy scroll on medical ninjutsu and basic wound treatment several times, Akarui got a grasp on the Jutsu finally and after a few trials on some cuts and bruises from the last week of training was able to make basic use out of it. It was complicated and while reading Akarui decided that he really didn’t enjoy medical ninjutsu and definitely wasn’t going to pursue that line of profession.

It took him a few more hours to get at least knowledgeable enough about it to not need the scrolls directions anymore. So he closed the scroll and kept it with the others. 

Akarui was now up to the final scroll of the four, generic sealing Jutsu. Opening it up, He saw the value of it straight away. The ability seal items and objects away greatly interested him. It could be useful in many situations when one had too many things to carry or had things to hide.

Reading the seal formula pleased Akarui, he understood it far better than medical Jutsu. It was almost like drawing with ones mind and chakra. It came easily to him causing him to study harder than with the other technique scrolls. Losing himself in the sealing Jutsu sparked a curiosity within. From then on, Akarui decided that he would learn more Fuinjutsu in the future when he could spare the time. 

By the time Akarui put down the scroll it was well into the night. He had spent all day studying Jutsu without realizing it. 

He got up for a stretch and decided to get some sleep. In the morning he would return the scrolls and head to the mission board. 

It was time.

WC 1022
Rope Escape Jutsu  250/250
Genjutsu release  250/250
Basic Medical Ninjutsu level 1 250/250
Generic Sealing Jutsu 250/250
Ayato Hyuuga
Ayato Hyuuga
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Mission Record :
Summoning Contract : Forest of Dreams Ravens

Living Clones : Natsuki
Familiar : Maneki
Legendary Equipment : Raiment of Eternal Fortune
Stone of Gelel
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Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training Empty Re: Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training

Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:03 am
Stat Page : Shujin Clan Files
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Clan Specialty : Weaponry
Village : Konohagakure
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Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training Empty Re: Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training

Thu Nov 14, 2019 12:08 am
Ever since learning the generic sealing Jutsu, Akarui wanted to look into more Fuinjutsu. He figured it would come in handy someday and really, he just enjoyed working on the Fuinjutsu techniques. After he had returned the last set of scrolls, he asked his old sensei about it and he gave him all he had on the subject.

It may be only 2 scrolls but it was a start. He could expand upon it later after he had the basics down pack. Akarui would need to go to the Hokage building Jutsu repository to find anything stronger. But that will come later. 

Akarui again arranged the both Fuinjutsu scrolls neatly on the ground in front of him. He pondered on which of the two scrolls to study first like a child choosing between their favourite sweets. 

“I’ll go with The Mark seal first. I’m rather interested to see that in action and I can think of a few missions I’ve seen that require tracking and such. This will be useful I’m sure. So that leaves Invisible seals for later.” Grabbing the left scroll, Akarui opened it eagerly to begin reading.

After spending a good portion of the morning reading and rereading the scroll, Akarui was ready to test it. He picked up a pillow from the ground and performed The Mark Seal technique. Upon contact with the pillow, a seal formula extended from Akarui’s hand. 

Pulling away his hand away from the pillow, he admired his handy work. The Mark seal flashed before fading. Akarui knew he succeeded  when it faded. This was going to be very useful in the future. He practiced it a few more times before rolling up the scroll and replaced it.

“That is a definite asset to my arsenal.” He grinned and stretched. Satisfied he grabbed the second scroll, Invisible seals and unfurled it. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t dissimilar to the mark seals formula for disappearing except weaker. It didn’t effect powerful seals or fool Doujutsu but it did fool Civilians and low powered Shinobi.

“Well that wasn’t as great as I’d hoped but still useful.” Akarui lamented but considering its an E-rank technique. He shouldn’t have been surprised. He began to practice it anyway. He reread it several times to get it right before beginning to test the seal. 

He managed to successfully activate the technique on his first try unlike the medical Ninjutsu he learned previously. Clearly he had better aptitude for Fuinjutsu than he did for medical Ninjutsu and he was fine with that. He liked to study the seal formula. 

He spent a few more hours toying with the invisible seal until he got bored with it. He began to think about what type of seals he could make invisible which lead the idea, did he want to continue down the Fuinjutsu path. He did enjoy studying the technique scrolls. Perhaps he will but for now he did have to focus on his Taijutsu. 

“I’ve been putting it off but I’ve got to get back to training.” Akarui declared before settling in for the night.

+5 Chakra 1000/1000 on last post
+2 Stamina 400/400
250/250 Mark Seal   
250/250 Invisible Seals  
17/250 Fuinjutsu Breaking
Stat Page :

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Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training Empty Re: Expanding a Shinobi's Arsenal - Technique training

Thu Nov 14, 2019 1:17 am
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