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Training for Chakra Cleanse Technique  Empty Training for Chakra Cleanse Technique

Mon Jun 18, 2018 2:01 pm
Upon dawdling around in the dirt, Suzume grew irritated how dirty her hands became. "Well of course, should've worn gloves or something if I'm going to complain about getting my hands dirty..." she'd say to no one in particular. She did well to keep her nails looking fine and pristine, with that being said it wasn't her most favorite thing to have them unclean. But, remembering a technique she had seen from her academy days, Suzume replicated it to easily and quickly get it all off. Though, that was a while ago... she would end up messing around with a few hand seals before getting the right one. First ox, then boar...and now the dog hand seal. None of those channeled her chakra right to get the results she wanted. Yet, the tiger hand seal, that's the right one! Suzume formed her hands to make the tiger, which allowed for her to manipulate her chakra for the Chakra Cleanse technique. Still, she wasn't adapted to using her chakra in this manner. It was one thing to use it for a technique to make her energy swords, or to temporarily change her appearance, but to make an entire cloak to bind to dirt all around her self? That would take some training. It took some time for her to figure out what would work. So, the only way to get this technique to work was to get even dirtier! Suzume would roll around on the ground, now looking more like a peasant that had never experienced bathing before.

To start, she made her chakra become bonded with the dirt. Picking up the dirt from her clothes and skin with it like some kind of sticky substance, she would afterwards also release the bond so that the dirt would fall from her and away from her chakra. It was working so far, so now Suzume would need to get her chakra to do that but in one go. She spread her chakra on herself in a thin veil, attempting to get it to act the way it did when she was first figuring out the skill. Though, with this try she got the opposite effect...she just pushed the dirt into her clothes, making it even more difficult to get it out. "Screw it, I may as well stick to a normal bath..." she'd say, once again to no one in particular. Once she was about to leave the area, she realized how strange it would be to walk back into the village looking like the way she was. She turned back, where hopefully no one would notice the oddball, to truly get this skill done so that she could go back to the village embarrassment free.

Suzume then shook her hair to loosen up the dirt, as well as her clothes. Although, it wasn't very effective... instead, she'd once more have her chakra completely surround her, and this time would do the opposite of what she did last time. Surly by doing so, the dirt would come off rather than seep in. Doing what she had did from the starting attempt, Suzume did the same manipulation of her chakra as when it did pick up the dirt. The dirt once again attracted to her chakra, finally getting off her after giving a harsh pull to it. She even looked cleaner than when she first went to the training fields. "This could be useful in the future...if I ever need to kill someone, and their blood gets on me, I can use this...and it'll be as if I hadn't done a thing!" she keep these thoughts to herself.

[WC: 605 - Claiming Chakra Cleanse Technique and 3 stat points]
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Training for Chakra Cleanse Technique  Empty Re: Training for Chakra Cleanse Technique

Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:56 am
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