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Risako Akara
Risako Akara
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Thu Oct 24, 2019 6:38 am
Crickets were busy comprising a chorus of chirping in the dimly lit lawn of the Hokage Chamber. She couldn't see a single one in the sea of grass before her, but neither was she trying. Instead her gaze was fixated solely upon her own reflection within the front window. The longer her gaze lingered the greater the feeling of inadequacy began to engulf the mind. This state of mind was one she found herself unable to evade recently, and it usually took form in the thought that the Mizukage should not have spared her. The village needed a leader, and she was only masquerading as the Hokage during the invasion to distract their invaders away from Ayumi, whose fate was unknown to her. So why, after being so easily dispatched and disposed of, why was she offered not only life but the title of Hokage? The respect of her peers was a factor for certain, but that alone didn't make one worthy. She lacked the strength necessary to defend herself, let alone those she cared about. Xyxer never managed to hear her ask why, not once.

These weren't answers you'd easily find moping about in a reflection. She entered the building and penned a letter to her BFF. It read as such:

"Lord Mizukage, I'll be arriving in Kirigakure in one week. Hold onto this letter until then.

- Risako Akara"

At the bottom of the page was a symbol most would find peculiar, but to Risako it was her means of travel. The letter was rolled up into a tiny scroll, then attached to a raven before being sent off to Kirigakure.
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