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Stat Page : Seiichi Kittaru
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Sun Oct 13, 2019 3:53 pm

Walking along the border of Yumegakure Seiichi was humming a light tune. It was something he remembered from his childhood. A light and lovable tune. He only remembered somethings from that age. He could recall his mother's long hair. His fathers amber eyes. The food he ate all the time, fish from the nearby river. And this tune, though, he couldn't remember exactly where he had gotten it.

The road he was on wasn't a busy one. He was heading away from the main village at a slow pace, about two days from there now. If he was right he should be hitting the borders of the fire country soon. Maybe in a few days. From what he could see there was a village up ahead. It must have been small, there wasn't much of a warning of its presence. Usually when he walked into a town he could tell the difference between the outskirts and the main area. It wasn't so here.

As he walked up the dirt road curved and twisted, the thick woods on either side was hard to walk through. It didn't matter if you were in the trees or on the ground. So, naturally, Seiichi was on the road. It had it's own challenges, deep pot holes, large puddles, and people. Seiichi hated having to deal with the people. They were always so needy or kind. Oblivious to what the world was really like. And here they were...

Two kids ran up to Seiichi. For a second he thought about just jumping into the woods, staying out of site. The kids could be heard from a distance, running and talking like they were at a party. But because of the nature of the wooded area he chose to stay on the dirt path. When the two children saw him they ran faster and started to shout. "Mister! Mister!"

Seiichi kept walking. He tried to ignore them. They kept bickering about something.

"Mister. Mister!" One of them pulled at his robes. It caused him to tug them back and look down. The scar that ran down his face was in full view, he hopped that it would make them run. But the little boy seemed to not notice. "You need to help. Timmy. Timmy fell down a well. Please help." They both looked up at him with tearful eyes.

Seiichi didn't want to get involved. The kids were starting to get to him. Their tearful eyes were full and begging. He continued to walk. Entering the town there wasn't much people around. Seiichi wondered where these kids came from. "Go back home. Tell your parents. He said." The town was tinny, he would be out of it in a few minutes if he continued to walk at the same pace.

"Right there. Right there!" One of the kids yelled and pointed at a well. Seiichi could hear the kid crying at the bottom. He sighed. "Fine." Looking around he saw a nearby shed. Kicking in the door he looked around. There was a rope hanging on the side, about 50 feet of regular rope. He gave it to the kid, "Tie this onto something and pull him up."

"I can't even tie my own shoes mister." He said with a cute face.
Seiichi sighed. He walked over to the well, tied off the rope and tossed it down. "Now climb up little one." He yelled.

They all sat there and waited. The little kids were yelling instructions down to the one in the well. Trying to give him strength to get up. Their calls were starting to get annoying but Seiichi thought he would wait, pulling up a log to sit on. He watched as the little ones struggled a bit.

"Hurry up. Will you?" He said as he sat there and picked at the dirt under his nails. The road was rough and dirty. It's been a few days since he took a shower or cleaned himself.

Finally the little one climber up and over the well's wall. They were all about the same height, about three feet tall. One of them was blond headed, the other two could have been brothers, both with red hair and a lot of freckles. One of the red haired kids was in the well. Upon his feet hitting the ground Seiichi spoke, "Ok. Now that I saved your lives, go and get money from your parents."

The kids looked confused.

"Nothing in life is free. Now go, before three kids end up down a well." He spoke like any serious adult would. He was lying though, he wouldn't really throw them down a well. Though, he might just rob them by force.

They all ran back home. Seiichi sat there and waited. The kids could have went and told their parents. He wasn't worried though. There was a shovel in the shed he could use to beat them with. So, he just sat there watched for the kids and let his mind wonder a bit.

When the showed up they all had full pockets of Ryo. Seiichi really started to wonder what was going on. Where were these kids family? But none the less, "Where is my money?" He asked them.

"Here you go mister.." The handed him the money.
"Thanks" He shoved it into his pocket and stood up. "Now get." He said and they ran off.

Back on the road again, pockets full of cash. It was about time. He had been living from handout to handout. It was nice to do a little work now and again, something to take is mind off all the hatred that liked to float around. It was difficult holding it back, especially dealing with kids that kept whining, but he did what he could. The kids didn't deserve to die. It wasn't like they lived in Yumegakure.

Next stop, the Black Market. He needed to get back to the restaurant. Maku had him running tables once in awhile, though, it moved a lot. Finding it was difficult sometimes. Luckily Seiichi knew the signs to look out for. Overturned rocks, Marked trees, Marked buildings, Marked doors, the right people to ask. It was all part of living his kind of life style.


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Screw Timmy (D Rank MN Contract)  Empty Re: Screw Timmy (D Rank MN Contract)

Tue Oct 15, 2019 10:41 am
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