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Timmy the idiot in a well [E-Rank] Empty Timmy the idiot in a well [E-Rank]

Thu Dec 03, 2020 7:10 pm
Mission Name:Is Timmy stuck in a well?
Character Requirements:N/A
Mission Location:Konoha, Village
Word Count Requirements:500

There is a large dog that seems to be looking for something in the village, it is barking towards the villages as if pleading for help. Find what the dog is looking for so it will get out of the village, and do not kill or hurt it.

‘How the fuck do i end up in these situations’ hojiro would think to himself as he stood roughly two meters infront of a well , a large dog sat at his side whimpering. One might wonder why hojiro was even doing in this situation , well our dear little hoshigaki had decided after cutting the kage’s front lawn with a pair of old rusty fucking scicors to the two inch specification he deserved a mother fucking break. He still wanted words with the kage about that mission. Made no sense why with a whole treasury some of the tax money couldnt be used to hire a damn gardener , “i swear this damn tax from kiri is killing me” he would sigh aloud as he could speak freely seeing as no one was around.

He would raise his hands and begin massaging his temples as he walked twoard the old well , the smell of the fresh spring water in the well put his mind at ease slightly.  As he looked down the well his eyes would pear into the darkness , quickly adjusting to darkness within the old well. The walls of the well were coated in what appeared to be extremely slick and wet algee , and towards the bottom was a little boy , grasping the slick algee covered rocks to stop himself from simking even deeper into the well.

Hojiro would squint his mouth slightly open as he gazed down the dank ass well , not in aww but in sheer dumbfoundness ‘how...just do you get stuck in a well just who in their right mind even plays by a damn well unattended at that!!” he would think to himself as he stepped away from the well falling back landing on his back side cushioning his fall so he could sit down properly.

He would begin taking off his shoes revealing his feet to the world along with his webbed toes ,  he would place his shoes next to the well as he slowly began his descent into the well. He would dig his claw like nails into the sides so as to not get himself into a similar situation as the child who he was already in the damn well. Once he was with reach of the child who was sniffling his nose away holding onto the stone for dear life.

Once within range of the child he would giff a little huff as his heart melted a bit at the sight of the poor child any resentment he once held faded , “hey kid hold still im gonna reach down and pick you up”’ he would say in a soft yet firm voice almost fatherly in a way. The child would stop crying as he reached down and situated the child on his back and began to cimb up the well once more. When he was finally back on the surface he would gently set the child down patting him on the head before grabbing his shoes and walking back to konogakure.

+5 stats
500 ryo
1500 Ryo - christmas event

Water Trumpet [675/1500] [previously learned]
Roy Goka
Roy Goka
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Musu Uzumaki(RIP)
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Timmy the idiot in a well [E-Rank] Empty Re: Timmy the idiot in a well [E-Rank]

Mon Dec 07, 2020 9:21 pm
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