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Okeru Uchiha
Okeru Uchiha
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Training ground in despair Empty Training ground in despair

Thu Sep 26, 2019 9:45 am
Assisting the academy

Ah the nice ol’ training ground. Who would’ve thought that she would visit such a place once more, after graduating from the academy a few years back. Okeru remembered how crappy she was at fighting. It was like trying to look at a tiny bird flapping its small wings, as it put all of their effort in flying but would fail because of how under developed their wings were. That was Okeru back then and even now, she isn’t the greatest when it comes to fighting. When she ascended from her bed this morning and got herself up, just a few hours before she went to the training grounds. She didn’t expect to see such a place that looked like someone soiled it. It  looked like it needed a whole new makeover. It seems like staff required some assistance in order for the Academy's training grounds to return back to its rightful form. Okeru didn’t think that this task won’t be an easy one, and the job demanded a lot of hard work and effort. While she wasn’t down for the task, Okeru expected that she won’t be doing this for free. She only worked for money, and as long as money is involved--she wouldn’t mind getting her frale, delicate little hands dirty. Despite how flimsy and scrawny she appears to be. She knows how to make herself useful.  

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Okeru Uchiha
Okeru Uchiha
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Training ground in despair Empty Re: Training ground in despair

Fri Sep 27, 2019 1:42 pm
While okeru was outside of the Academy's training ground. Starring at it as it was under disarray. Staff members and volunteers alike, we're pitching in. Attempting to tidy up the place so that students that go back, and do what the training platform was met to be used. Okeru stood there and watched as many people filled their hands with tools, some held papers in hand in order to keep track of the tasks that must be completed. There were a few individuals that used their unique ninjutsu skills, in order to further help the development process. She started to think about the things she can do to help, rather than idle about, and daydreaming. Okeru could be doing the little things to get by, because of her small build and the lack of awareness she has in regards to what she can do. Maybe helping the others by putting up the fences, around the field. Painting them and placing them to where they belong, sounded like it would take a while. Okeru pondered in thought at she moved over to where there's fences lind up. Ready to be taken and put to where they need to be placed. Buckets of paint of various color sat and waiting for them to be picked up. Brushes were already filled with the paint, as they looked like they were previously used for other reasons. 

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Okeru Uchiha
Okeru Uchiha
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Training ground in despair Empty Re: Training ground in despair

Sat Sep 28, 2019 9:09 am
Okeru expected to get herself into a working mood. She was only here to get some easy pay out of this job, but she had thought that she can become capable of doing other things. Things that aren't too easy, but she didn't plan to push herself for one measly task. That wasn't who she is. While she was prepared to put herself to work, a fresh young man. About a few inches taller than her, with a flake jacket, and a konoha headband on. Approached the young Uchiha, with a few papers in hand. Oh.... Great, what does he want? His smile could be seen from a mile away, she was curious as to what was he happy about. 

"Oh, hey--youre here to help, right?" The man placed his documents to the side. "Good, we needed as much hands as possible. The more people, the better our chances in finishing up this training ground" The man said with a cheerful tone. Okeru must be thinking that he was happy, because there were people willing enough to do some small work. 

"While it does look like a trash heap--" Okeru pushed her glasses back to her face, before continuing her sentence. "I don't mind lending a hand or two, it's the least I can do" With that being said, it put the young jonin in a happy mood, and looked forward in the young Uchiha's hard work. The two bowed at each other as the man walked back to where he originally was, and continued to survey the field. Making sure that things are in proper order. 

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