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Jakku Uchiha
Jakku Uchiha
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Quite The Walk (open, nk) Empty Quite The Walk (open, nk)

Wed May 29, 2019 5:55 pm
90 SPRING, 419 AV

Jakku stood up, rising off the wooden bench he had been sitting on. He looked around, taking in the stone buildings around him. The Uchiha saw the leaves, slowing growing on the branches of the tree. The village had been hit by quite the snowstorm a few months ago. The snow had covered the ground for almost a whole month. The birds were chirping and the buds were blossoming on the trees as he walked down the quiet street.

He looked at the flag of Konoha, which was a stylized leaf on a white background. The flag was beautiful, dancing in the wind. The beauty of this village was breathtaking. Jakku took a deep breath in and a deep breath out, breathing the scent and air of Konoha. The pollen in the air caused him to sneeze, breaking his focus on the beautiful nature around him. He heard a whisper, coming from an unknown location, saying, Beauty is temporary. The only permanent thing in this world is death.

Jakku, looking around, saw no one that was near him. He shook it off, he was probably just hearing things. The black-haired Uchiha continued his walk down the street. Jakku came to another bench, and decided to do some of his daily meditation. He sat cross-legged, feeling the nature around him. He let the peace come into him, filling him with energy. As his mind became tranquil, the peace was disturbed by a whisper saying, You held me at bay for almost two years. I want that time back. Jakku quickly looked around, looking for the source of whatever this whispering was. The grass around him was blowing in the wind, carrying the pollen around, causing him to sneeze, once again.

A little scared of what was happening, he got up and walked further down the street. His sandals muffled the noise he made as he walked down the flagstones. Walking was an understatement. You could say he briskly walked. Or you could just say he jogged. Either way, Jakku was not moving slowly. As the wind whistled in his ears, he picked up the pace, eventually moving at a full run. After he distanced himself quite suitably from the bench he had been sitting in, he slowed down, and he eventually stopped to take a breath.

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Jakku Uchiha
Jakku Uchiha
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Quite The Walk (open, nk) Empty Re: Quite The Walk (open, nk)

Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:15 pm
Jakku looked out at the forest, seeing the beauty of the village. As he walked home, he listened to the wind rush through his ears. Jakku loved the wind. It was such a powerful, yet beautiful thing. He opened the door to his home, and relaxed.

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Quite The Walk (open, nk) Empty Re: Quite The Walk (open, nk)

Fri Jun 07, 2019 11:55 pm
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