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Asami Miyamoto
Asami Miyamoto
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Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha] - Page 2 Empty Re: Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha]

Sat Apr 20, 2019 10:32 pm
Wrinkling her nose in mock distaste and shrugging, Asami tried her best to play off the Minato's compliment as nothing. It did, however, make her heart swell that someone recognized her progress. She never got the chance to celebrate her accomplishments with her parents after they went missing and Kirigakure, as a village, expected only excellence. Thus, her accomplishments were only labeled as adequate; nothing more, nothing less. Such was the life of a shinobi of the mist—to give everything to the cause and expect nothing in return save for the glory of both the Mizukage and his great empire.

"Yeah, strange is definitely the right word for him," Asami said, agreeing with the boy's assessment of the kage.

The conversation then turned to accommodations for the evening, which was fast descending on the village as lanterns were lit and the streets became more boisterous. As Minato led the way out of the restaurant, Asami made sure to settle up with the waitress. She made sure to pay for both herself and her new acquaintance and, of course, leave a sizeable tip—she had to represent Kirigakure well, after all. On the way out, she also grabbed one of the take-out menus. At the very least it would serve as a neat little souvenir to remind her of better days.

The two mismatched figures, one tall and the other laughably short, then made their way through the streets of Konohagakure. They wound this way, cut through an alley that way, and avoided some rather rowdy drunks who had decided to tie one on a little earlier than most. At last, however, they came to an inn near the village wall with an unassuming sign over its door that read 'The Cardinal'. The structure itself looked older than most and seemed to be undergoing some restoration, but it would surely do for the night and those that followed.

"Well," Asami spoke up for the first time since leaving the restaurant. "I guess this is good night, Minato. It was nice meeting you..."

She paused here and gave a shallow bow—manners were important.

"Maybe I'll see you around," she hoped the night covered the red color that now raced across her face. "Or something like that."

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Minato Uchiha
Minato Uchiha
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Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha] - Page 2 Empty Re: Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha]

Sun Apr 21, 2019 12:12 pm
It seemed like Minato's kind words had affected Asami even though she was trying her hardest to hide her embarrassment. No matter how strong or proud a person was, or how much they had already accomplished, it was always nice to receive any type of acknowledgement. Hearing such words would be a sign you were on the right way and improving. It would motivate someone to keep up the good work even more. The young Uchiha remembered how he felt when he received a compliment. Things like that would keep him going and were crucial to reach his ultimate goal. 

Taking their leave to go on their search for a sufficient place for Asami to stay a couple of nights Minato noticed the young girl had paid for both their meals, a gesture he wouldn't forget and would make sure to thank her for. "Thank you for that. Please allow me to treat you to dinner next time" he would say while both his cheeks softly turned red. Walking next to each other Minato noted the height difference between the two of them which he found rather amusing. Now that he saw how adorably short the girl was he started to look at her in a more cute kind of way. He never really paid any attention to people from the other gender like that but he was glad he was able to walk and talk to a girl in such a casual way. 

They would finally arrive at one of the inns Minato had mentioned before, The Cardinal. Granted, it didn't have much of a spectacular establishment where people from the higher class would reside but it would do just fine. He was sure the young girl would feel perfectly at ease at this place as it was rather cosy on the inside. It was one of the main reasons he picked this one for her to stay. TIme had come for the two of them to say their goodbyes and go their separate ways. Bowing almost at the same time as Asami he promised to check up on her once in a while to see how she was doing. "It was nice meeting you Asami, I'll make sure to drop by once in a while to see if you're doing well. And maybe we'll run into each other again sooner than we think" he would say with a big smile before he took off, looking behind him one more time as she entered the inn.

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Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha] - Page 2 Empty Re: Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha]

Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:19 pm
Approved unless interrupted Minato <3
Asami Miyamoto
Asami Miyamoto
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Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha] - Page 2 Empty Re: Uncle Gao's BBQ Part III [Open, Konoha]

Sat Apr 27, 2019 3:20 pm
"Sure thing," she smiled a weak smile. "I'd like that."

The last thing she saw over her shoulder before slipping into the inn was Minato fading away into the darkness. And, though she couldn't quite put her finger on what she was feeling, her stomach felt warm and fuzzy. Not even the surprisingly curt innkeep could keep her buoyant spirits down now. For some reason she just knew; she just knew this was going to a be a good trip—for once the last thoughts on her mind before drifting off to sleep were not of her parents. Instead, her thoughts were of the days ahead and adventures yet to come.

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