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Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
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From The Heart (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: From The Heart (Open)

Mon Apr 01, 2019 3:55 pm
Sugimoto seemed to just eject himself from the meeting without being dismissed at least emotionally thus far, the meeting had even yet to end yet. In all honesty Jiro saw it as disrespectful, he was determining his role in the battles to come and no one would tell him otherwise. It took massive balls to do, but the kid needed more of a poker face. It was one thing to admit one's inabilities in battle and hope not to be pushed into one. But to outright deny participation when required why did you sign up for military work? With Kyson being there it wasn’t his place to set the genin right, especially in front of others maybe he would talk to him later about it.

Kyson seemed to acknowledge Jiro’s explanation, it was probably a test of their own strength. They had to be some tough bastards. Though the true fear of Kumo was gone a shell of its former power with Maku gone. The Suna ninja could have left without issue and went back to their homelands, yet had not. Maybe the unproven Raikage had a thing or two to cause fear in his subordinates.

Jiro acknowledged that Kyson would be in command it would seem the ninja had a lot more questions to answer and complaints to hear. What a miserable way to spend ones day. If this was the first meeting and someone had already determined their role and disposition toward authority the kage would have to get used to this.

After Jiro said he wasn’t much of a ninja, Kyson acknowledged the Uchiha’s deficiencies and looked to him to help with the evacuation. To which Jiro would give a slight nod. He was slightly disappointed his weakness was so apparent, that would just be a waste of time however. It was best not to dwell.

Important information was distributed in the next couple of seconds. The name, former village, and attack methods of their attacker. “If this is an ex-anbu of Hoshi why are they doing nothing about him. Maybe if we tell them where he will be they could send ninja to aid. After all this Kenshin’s capture could tell us vast secrets of their village.”

Hearing Sato, Jiro changed his mind on what he would do in the coming battle. “Maybe, my genjutsu will serve us better on the battlefield than among the civilians. I will enter and do what I can.”  He would say nodding to the girl. Why he had chosen now to form a spine was beyond him. Maybe he was just looking for something to bond with among the ninja present and I am going to just run away wasn’t as appealing as sure I’ll get my ass beat.

Kyson finished with stating that titles did not matter, it was the truth. What point were words without meaning. Kage in this village was a strange title. For Mortarion it meant tyrant, Maku meant conqueror, and for the current it meant invisible. He wouldn’t be kage until he proved himself as such. The results of a kage instead of merely the title good words to live by.

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Jiro Uchiha
Jiro Uchiha
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From The Heart (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: From The Heart (Open)

Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:48 pm
Mid-thread claims: 7 stats, 1k toward 1st tomoe sharingan, 487 WC toward Temple of Nirvana
Duncan Crawford
Duncan Crawford
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From The Heart (Open) - Page 2 Empty Re: From The Heart (Open)

Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:45 am
Approved exit for Sugi

Approved Mid thread claims for Jiro.
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