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The Lucky Dragon (solo) Empty The Lucky Dragon (solo)

Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:28 am
It had been awhile since Hato had been to a bar. Last time she went was when she was attacked at the bar back home in Kumo. What fond memories. But the blonde haired Konochi was in the mood for a couple drinks and maybe some fun with the locals.

It took awhile but Hato was able to stumble upon a local pub called the Lucky Dragon. It was towards the edge of the village of leaves. Upon entering the small building that was holding a bunch of drunk or become drunk men, she was greeting with silent gazes. She didn’t care, she walk up straight to the counter. “Strongest sake you got.” The men snickered, even the bartender. “This isn’t a place for fragile women. Are you sure you wanna be here?” Hato turned around as if he was speaking to someone behind her, only to find that there was no one. “Sorry, no meek women here.” She said in a playful tone. He slide down a glass of a clear liquid in a shot glass. Hato lifted up her head to take that sucker down in one gulp. It was strong for her. She exhaled after putting down the empty glass in a sign of enjoyment. “Shall I make a tab?” The bartender jokes. “Nah, I’m a one time guest.” “I can tell, you have a Kumo headband.” The bartender pointed to her headband.

After a couple more drinks, Hato was finally getting tipsy. She wasn’t alone in her drunkenness. The whole bar was in the spirit of drinking. Some of the big guys started singing some folk songs together, sounding so out of tune. Soon everyone was in on the choir of the drunken. Not to brag, but Hato was definitely the better singer than most.

For many year, Hato would sing for years while in the academy. She was a belting soprano. Now the only time she sings is at parties and bars. Hell, if she was auditioning for an opera, there would be no competition. However, it seemed the local pub didn’t enjoy it as much as she would’ve hoped. The bartender liked it though, giving it some nice compliments.

As they had their own party, more people entered the bar. It was getting pretty packed and soon people were bumping into each other and getting angry about it. The bartender had to usher a few people out in fear of getting a bar fight started. After they left the bar, the tender didn’t care what they did. It was pretty humorous seeing two grown men ,drunk out of the their minds, give mindless insults to each other and then the other taking offense to it.

“Hey…” a man tapped Hato’s shoulder as she was sitting at the counter. “Aren’t you that Genin and lost at the semi finals?” “Yeah? And what if it?” Hato gave a drunken response. “Ha! You were so bad! You made me win a bunch of money. I knew that a GIRL could never win a Chunin exams.” The man was hefty and looked like he was a regular here. He wasn’t attractive in the slightest so she wasn’t about to let that slide without a punch to the face. The blonde vampire silently drank her drink. “Hey I’m talking to y…” before he could speak another word out of his disgusting mouth, Hato elbowed his belly. He went flying into a couple other men, unconscious. This cause those men to bump into others. From there, it was a domino effect. The bartender was hopeless to stop it now. Hato joined in, after all, she’s the one that caused it.

Fist flew around and making contact with bodies. Some of the men got knocked so hard they were knocked unconscious. But they were nothing compared to Hato. One of them tried to strike her with their fist, but Hato was fast enough to catch it, strong enough to break it and smart enough to throw his almost weightless body to the other men, knocking them all down. Their drunkenness was enough to numb their pain though, so Hato wasn’t worried about their well being. One of the men then tried to grab her in a choke hold. The wrapped their arm around her, but Hato kept it from going around her neck by putting his hand in the way and gripping his hairy forearm just  in time. She tore his hold off her and then with her heel went into his groin. He was on the ground rolling and tears formed in his eyes. Two men that have been doing really well on their own, turn to look at Hato and the disgrace he had performed against a man. They pulled out a kunai each. “Come on boys, you don’t wanna fight me playing dirty, do ya?” She said, getting into a defensive position. Since they didn’t want to put their weapons down, Hato took it as a yes. The first one to try and strike her was to her left. He was attacking his his right arm, the one furthest from her. This gave her the opportunity to strike his defenseless body with a swift kick to the chest with her heels. He flew backwards into a chair, forcing him to take a seat.Then the other one to her right tried to attack with a swipe of his kunai. The vampire was able to step back and let the kunai pass her face. Before the man could recover from her dodge, she take a step forward again and slip her arm right under his chin, delivering a nasty uppercut. She wasn’t done, after the upper cut, the man’s head jerked up, leaving him with yet another opening. She’d also kick him, but this time he’d run into the wall and be knocked unconscious. The man that had been kicked into the chair had recovered and was preparing to get up and attack Hato but she knew that he’d get up. So she took the nearby stool and smashed it against the side of his head. He was, like his accomplice, knocked unconscious.

The bar had been ruined, wooden furniture part scattered the floor. Hato got out of there, as she was the only one standing now. The vampire had to step over some unconscious and drunken bodies to even get out.  Before she went out the door, Hato would throw the money she owed at the bartender. He caught it without even looking. What a badass. She guessed that she could claim this as a victory. The bartender just sighed and went to grab a broom from the back room. Hato felt bad for the guy because he didn’t cause the mess but she wasn’t sorry enough to actually help or anything.

Hato was walking down the street, starting to sober up. The hangover hurt like hell but she was able hide it. She was able to slip into a cafe and get some tea to help clear her headache. After she got her tea, she sat outside and looked out onto the street. It was really early in the morning, the sun was starting to rise. The village was quieter and a lot more peaceful. After taking in a deep inhale, she was able to relax.
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The Lucky Dragon (solo) Empty Re: The Lucky Dragon (solo)

Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:34 am
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